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#3189 No Bug "Run" and "RunWait" functions call an A3X multiple times with an compiled file phongkhanhbinh@…

Hi team,

I got a critical issue with these step below

  1. Create a new file named "wait.au3"

  1. Compile "wait.au3" to "wait.a3x"
  1. Create a new file named "main.au3"
Run(@AutoItExe & ' wait.a3x')

  1. Try to test the "main.au3" script from SciTE. The result is passed.
  1. Compile "main.au3" to "main.exe"
  1. Execute "main.exe"

Observed: the process calls "wait.a3x" multiple times until the RAM is run out of space (my machine has 08 GB RAM)

Expected: this process will run like we have tried on SciTE.

I have tried to add "/AutoIt3ExecuteScript" to "main.au3", then everything is good.

#2574 Rejected "Switch...Case...EndSwitch" anonymous

In the "Switch...Case...EndSwitch" construct, if a "case" check is true, then only the corresponding statements of that case are executed (Or also the following statements if the "ContinueCase" clause is used. However No further case checks are performed). The case checks following the first "positive" check in the construct are ignored, and the program flow exits the "Switch" construct, branching to the end of the "Switch" body. What I ask is if could be implemented a new statement/clause, that could modify (only on request) the flow behaviour of the switch connstruct, allowing all the check cases to be checked. (for example, in the same way as is the default behaviour of the Switch construct in the C language, where all the "case" are checked (and eventually executed) if you do not explicitly use the "break" clause) In some situations, this continuation may be desirable.

#2753 Duplicate "To" keyword incorrectly parsed in COM object FredAI

The "To" keyword is incorrectly parsed when used as a COM object parameter.

$obj = ObjCreate("Whatever.Object")
$myVar = $obj.To

Error: error: missing separator character before keyword. $myVar = $oAction.To

Hope this gets fixed soon. I can't use the 3.3.12 version because of it.


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