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#584 No Bug Scite4AutoIt3 reports DLL error on start up Jos danuttall@…

I installed the latest version of Scite4AutoIt3 and tried to edit an existing script that I could edit with the last version. As Scite was starting, the program reported that Scite could not start the DLL. Aborting program. I do not remember the exact wording. The program showed no screen other than the message both with the above message.

I uninstalled both AutoIt and Scite and then installed AutoIt v3.2.12.1, which installs a version of Scite. This version of Scite works fine. After I install Scite4AutoIt3, it stops working.

I am using Windows 98, with AutoIt v3.2.12.1. Any ideas on how to get this to work? I am thinking of installing the seperate components on the download page, but it would be nice to at least have a notice that this version does not work on Windows 98, or have a version that does work.

PS: The version only reports, not

#587 No Bug ControlGetPos array error anonymous

I am trying to use the ControlGetPos() but I am running into problems with an array error. I cut and pasted the example from Scite help index, but I get the same error. "Line -1 Error: Subscript used with non-Array variable."

#590 No Bug AutoIT Script corrupting file names in script directory asfarley@…

After I run my script, the names of the files in the same directory as the script are wrong. Instead of displaying the name, it displays the movie length/file size, etc. However, the names aren't actually changed (can be seen in properties). Also, if you "hover" the mouse over an incorrect file name while dragging a different file, the file name appears temporarily correct.

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