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#167 Fixed SciTe4AutoIt3 8-3-2008 Installs beta Aut2exe.exe Jos JayMan

When installing SciTe3AutoIt3 released on 8-3-2008 (with definitions for & Beta it also replaces the Aut2exe.exe & Aut2exe_x64.exe in the installation with the versions.

This means any au3 files that are writting using the definitions, actually get compiled with the beta au3 version. Meaning commands like RunAsSet() now fail.

Uninstalling everything & then installing just AutoIT3 & NOT the full SciTe4AutoIT3 gets this working correctly again.

I have confirmed this on XP Sp2 & Vista x64.

#168 Rejected RunAsSet() for 3.2.11.x JayMan

Is it possible to leave the RunAsSet() function in 3.2.11.x?

I understand this was replaced with RunAs() & RunAsWait(), but i really prefer the functionality of the RunAsSet() command, as it means i don't have to specify the username & password multiple times in the script.

Surely its possible to have all 3 commands available?

#169 Duplicate GUIRegisterMsg return value Valik Valik

Investigate whether GUIRegisterMsg()'s return value is being honored.

Creating ticket because I almost forgot about this.

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