17:18 Ticket #1981 (ConsoleWrite is too obscure) closed by Valik
Rejected: I just opened the AutoIt help file and searched for "stdout" and the first result is ConsoleWrite(). If that is "obscure" then you have a very strange definition of the word. As for the naming convention, it is consistent. Whenever AutoIt reads or writes to it's own stdin/stdout/stderr handles it uses a function prefixed with "Console". When it reads/writes to another applications it uses StdXXX. Two separate sets of functions which serve two different purposes with two different naming conventions.
17:13 Ticket #1980 (Forum app) closed by Valik
Rejected: Err, what? Did you totally space out and forget your Android/Apple device has a web browser? Really really stupid request that has nothing to do with AutoIt. Don't waste our time with crap like this.
15:57 Ticket #1982 (FileGetShortName crashes when path is too long) created by Pinault
OK for not supporting long paths in most API (see ticket 1795)... fair …
12:33 Ticket #1981 (ConsoleWrite is too obscure) created by new2net
It took forever to find a post on the forums for the correct method to …
10:55 Ticket #1980 (Forum app) created by keithdib@…
Hi I know technicaly its not a feature, but are there any plans to …
09:05 Ticket #1979 (_WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx() Don`t work with all idHook) created by monoscout999
_WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx() only works when the idHook parameter is …


16:50 Ticket #1978 (Problem with Standby and hibernate program written by Bastel123 aka ...) closed by Jos
No Bug: Pls read the information before posting here as this clearly is not an AutoIt3 bug.
07:15 Ticket #1978 (Problem with Standby and hibernate program written by Bastel123 aka ...) created by p.amarnathreddy484@…
When i run Standby and hibernate program written by Bastel123 aka …


14:41 Ticket #1977 (_ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd - wrong capture on maximized window) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
Whe we use _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd on maximized window, there is …


23:31 Ticket #1976 (HotKeySet() - possible bug/conflict with F1) closed by Jos
Wont Fix: This will happen when the script is already running and started with F5/Run from withing SciTE. This is a known issue with SciTE's standard version we use and will not be fixed by me. Jos
23:12 Ticket #1976 (HotKeySet() - possible bug/conflict with F1) created by anonymous
tried a few different keys and the key does not seem to matter. when …
19:07 Ticket #1969 (User files for SciTE abbreviation) closed by Jos
18:01 Ticket #1975 (IE object does not recognized as valid object type) closed by Jon
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6192] in version:


23:45 Ticket #1975 (IE object does not recognized as valid object type) created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
This bug was introduced in the latest betas (not sure in what …


22:34 Ticket #1974 (Tidy autoit source auto include and global comment) created by arustad@…
I think it would be nice if the tidy tool would add a comment next the …


12:23 Ticket #1973 (_IEAttach failes and crashes on some special window constellations) created by Samoth
When there is a Web Browser window open not being a …


23:04 Ticket #1972 (Strange behavior with ControlClick and deactivated button on AutoIt GUI) created by Tlem
I don't know if it can be considered for a bug, but if you use a …


15:10 Ticket #1971 (_GUICtrlListBox_SetHeaderColor) created by JAFN
I'm sure this must have been asked for before but I am not finding it. …
15:09 Milestone completed
10:20 Ticket #1970 (Bug added to internal __FTP_ListToArray()) created by Beege
Very sorry about this but some time back I submitted a request here …
08:21 Ticket #1963 (Ticket 1658 Still Not Working in closed by Jon
08:20 Ticket #1956 ( COM error getting reference to document in frame) closed by Jon
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6187] in version:


17:52 Ticket #1968 (SciTE abbreviation "mb2 " not working any more.) closed by Jos
Fixed: Will be fixed in the next version. tnx Jos
16:54 Milestone completed
15:14 Ticket #1969 (User files for SciTE abbreviation) created by Forumer100
When installing a new version of SciTE4AutoIt, the modifications in …
14:49 Ticket #1968 (SciTE abbreviation "mb2 " not working any more.) created by Forumer100
In SciTE 2.27 there is a mismatch between the abbrev.properties and …
09:46 Milestone completed


11:20 Milestone completed


22:03 Ticket #1967 (Infinite loop) closed by Valik
Rejected: I had to read this ticket twice to make sure I wasn't mistaken. This is one of the dumbest tickets I've ever seen. Let's enumerate! 1. You set the component to Au3Info when it pertains to AutoIt. 2. You ask for an infinite loop to not be infinite. 3. You suggest that AutoIt should determine for the user how to proceed when the situation is ambiguous. 4. You don't seem to realize that in ambiguous cases or even trivial cases like this that it is up to the programmer, not the language, to determine correct behavior. 5. You suggest there is obvious behavior to the code snippet you provide but then the next sentence seems to imply you do not consider the expected and executed behavior to be correct and/or obvious. 6. The code you show is not valid syntax; you cannot access a temporary array using the syntax you demonstrate. That's a mighty fine list…
06:28 Ticket #1967 (Infinite loop) created by roi2860@…
During infinite loop I suggest acting static (obviously only when is …


20:19 Ticket #1966 (Transparent Tree View) created by anonymous
I think this is worth adding because I find myself in need of it and …


23:08 Ticket #1965 (Round() sometimes don't work) closed by Jon
Works For Me
22:19 Ticket #1958 (IniReadSection Problem) closed by Jon
Wont Fix
22:06 Ticket #1946 (_WordCreate Error?) closed by Jon
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6171] in version:
16:17 Ticket #1944 (AdlibUnRegister not working trusty) closed by Jpm
No Bug: I agree that a global is "the solution" but the sleep can work in some case at least on my system. There is nothing with the current implementation of AutoIt that we can do inside AutoIt. You need to use Global to avoid such interaction between Adlib's


11:08 Ticket #1965 (Round() sometimes don't work) created by maerzi@…
I'm using the function like this Round($i ,2). It is working most …


13:15 Ticket #1962 (Au3Record.exe miss MSVCR100.dll) closed by Jon


06:02 Ticket #1964 (can't make zero-length array, array functions messed up) created by jmichae3@…
http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/keywords/Dim.htm I tried …


15:16 Ticket #1963 (Ticket 1658 Still Not Working in created by mejonah@…
This (closed, fixed) ticket: …
05:40 Ticket #1962 (Au3Record.exe miss MSVCR100.dll) created by Anomalism@…
Au3Record.exe miss MSVCR100.dll
00:02 Ticket #1961 (Pixel functions feature/bug?) closed by Valik
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