17:05 Ticket #1998 (fileflush bluescreen windows 7 x86) created by MegaGamerGuy
I had noticed that FileGetSize() was not working properly on win7 and …
13:50 Ticket #1997 (GUICtrlCreateDummy(), @error=1 on failure., trivial.) created by mvg
@error support not mentioned in manual for GUICtrlCreateDummy() (or …


16:52 Ticket #1996 (_GUICtrlListView_SimpleSort - no sort ItemParam) created by anonymous
I've posted this as feature request (Ticket #1930). It was no answer …


15:34 Ticket #1995 (Different results on x86 and x64) created by UEZ
When I run these lines […] the result is different to this […] …


14:24 Ticket #1994 (Confusing helpfile info...) created by anonymous
_ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd _ScreenCapture_Capture Both show that …


13:25 Ticket #1993 (Forum [autoit] code abbreviates URLs - it shouldn't) created by Stilez
In normal forum posts URL's get abbreviated for readability. Inside a …


17:06 Ticket #1992 (RichEdit sometimes leaves a "ghost" scrollbar on maximize) created by Stilez
The attached code displays a resizeable window with a rich text …
10:21 Ticket #1991 (Include CAPTUREBLT flag in _ScreenCapture_Capture) created by Chess
In order to capture the layered windows when capturing the desktop. …
08:39 Ticket #1959 (Input foucus bug) closed by Valik
No Bug
08:39 Ticket #1979 (_WinAPI_SetWindowsHookEx() Don`t work with all idHook) closed by Valik
No Bug: You do not know how to use the function, no more, no less.
08:31 Ticket #1986 (FileSetTime() sets wrong the TIMESTAMP when Windows 7 x64) closed by Valik
Works For Me: The following script works correctly for me: […]
08:18 Ticket #1988 (LocalAppDataDir macro) closed by Valik
Rejected: I like how you put "Feature Request" in the title... but don't set the ticket type to Feature Request. Closing as rejected. It's available as an environment variable. It's clearly not something most people need as I can't recall a single request for it until now.
08:14 Ticket #1990 (Is this a false positive?) closed by Valik
No Bug: Its good to see you red the big red box on the new ticket page.
05:55 Ticket #1990 (Is this a false positive?) created by MAGGICBBS
FYI: Norton AV is STill removing this from my computer as BAD! …


22:19 Ticket #1989 (#include fails badly if the included file has BOM) created by anonymous
I had occasion to do something like this: ...get system data ... …
07:21 Ticket #1988 (LocalAppDataDir macro) created by anonymous
@LocalAppDataDir is a companion to @AppDataDir and would work on …
04:13 Ticket #1987 (_GUICtrlRichEdit_StreamFromFile crashes AutoIt) created by User: Stilez
Attached script was being modified to stream RTF from a file rather …


13:49 Ticket #1986 (FileSetTime() sets wrong the TIMESTAMP when Windows 7 x64) created by brunonar@…
When it's used on Windows 7 x64 ( With or without the x64 autoit …
04:36 Ticket #1985 (_IEAction($element, "focus") does not work in IE9) created by anonymous
Please try the following script to reproduce (extracted from the help …


16:18 Ticket #1984 (Multiple SciTE instances) closed by Jos
Rejected: Is already available in SciTE. Forums are a good place to ask questions.
14:47 Ticket #1984 (Multiple SciTE instances) created by anonymous
There seems to be no way to have SciTE launch in multiple instances, …


16:38 Ticket #1983 (_IECreateEmbedded doesn't work anymore) created by Arcker
in beta from, when running the example : >"C:\Program Files …
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