21:40 Ticket #1147 (Comparison of numbers against strings gives unexpected results) closed by Valik
Fixed: It seems like this was fixed at some point. Closing as such.
20:03 Ticket #1974 (Tidy autoit source auto include and global comment) closed by Jos
Rejected: No response so guess not needed anymore. Closing as rejected.
20:01 Ticket #1926 (Support for #AutoIt3Wrapper_outfile_x64) closed by Jos
Completed: Implemented in AutoIt3Wrapper since version


23:43 Ticket #1916 (Dealing with TAdvStringGrid, TPanel, TRichEdit, TFormMain, TTollbar) closed by trancexx
23:10 Ticket #2006 (foreach) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Current syntax solutions are sufficient.


19:21 Ticket #2042 (Windows 8 support for @OS macros) created by Valik
Just a reminder and a blocking ticket to myself that the next release …
19:09 Ticket #2041 (_FTP_ListToArrayEx Datetime Format) created by Albeck
Hi, I want to sort an Array given from the _ftp_listtoarrayex command …


13:49 Ticket #1735 (Ability To Change User Agent String For Embedded IE (will pay)) closed by trancexx
Rejected: […] You can make the payment by following the link http://www.autoitscript.com/site/donate/
13:12 Ticket #1837 (_GUICtrlIpAddress_EnableDisable) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Previous comment explains why this is rejected.


20:39 Ticket #2040 (_GUICtrlDTP_SetRange; MinYear never goes below 1/1/1752 00:00:00) created by anonymous
The minimum date never goes below 1/1/1752 00:00:00. What's weird is …
18:40 Ticket #1927 (Add a macro for #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Fileversion / %fileversion%) closed by trancexx
Rejected: This make no sense. It's either trivial for user to implement or it's not explained properly. Last comment suggests RCS. Either way closed as rejected.
13:54 Ticket #2030 (_WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage - accept specified error code parameter) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Why? Don't reply.


08:30 Ticket #2039 (Fix it on Hex Read & Write) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Live long and prosper, strange entity.
06:49 Ticket #2039 (Fix it on Hex Read & Write) created by aghili_farid@…
I don't know how to explain it but i hope you understand me. …
00:09 Milestone completed


22:08 Tickets #1519,​1694 batch updated by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6308] in version:


18:12 Ticket #2036 (Small error in GuiListView.au3) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6299] in version:
18:00 Ticket #2033 (Helpfile - TCPSend - non working Example) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6298] in version:
17:52 Ticket #2038 (For Windows 7 Java UDF is not working properly) closed by trancexx
No Bug
08:23 Ticket #2038 (For Windows 7 Java UDF is not working properly) created by AshishJ
Please note that, I am trying to use Java UDF for Windows 7 Enterprise …


18:05 Ticket #2037 (COM speed deterioration) created by trancexx
User Ascend4nt reported this. …


18:23 Ticket #2036 (Small error in GuiListView.au3) created by anonymous
There is a small error in GuiListView.au3 located in the function …


20:29 Milestone completed
13:13 Ticket #2024 (Add AutoIt.Error object property for script or file name.) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Some time in the future you will see how meaningless that is.
13:05 Ticket #1950 (Add APIConstants.au3 and WinAPIEx.au3 and APIErrors.au3) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Please use your head. Additionally, format of WinAPIEx.au3 is unacceptable.
12:59 Ticket #838 (Better COM error handling.) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Some aspects of COM error handler behavior have changed. Ticket is no longer valid. Consult the documentation.


18:07 Ticket #2022 (Cross set contants) closed by trancexx
No Bug: Values are correctly set. Microsoft SDK define values inside WinUser.h from where they are taken.
17:48 Ticket #2035 (DllCall() - undocumented datatype "bool") closed by trancexx
No Bug: DllCall data types are case-insensitive.
14:23 Ticket #2035 (DllCall() - undocumented datatype "bool") created by Zedna
In Helpfile for DllCall() there is not mentioned "bool" type for Valid …
14:07 Ticket #2034 (_GUICtrlMenu_AppendMenu - bug when BitOr($MF_BYPOSITION, $MF_STRING) ...) created by Zedna
MSDN link to AppendMenu API …


21:28 Ticket #2033 (Helpfile - TCPSend - non working Example) created by Raik
As TCPNameToIP states, "TCPStartup is needed before this call.", but …


09:46 Ticket #2032 (_ExcelBookOpen 2007 xlsm file (print area gets lost)) created by Xenobiologist
The information is all here : …


23:12 Ticket #2031 (_GUICtrlStatusBar_SetBkColor() not working) created by GEOSoft
_GUICtrlStatusBar_SetBkColor() example does not work and the function …
20:50 Ticket #2030 (_WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage - accept specified error code parameter) created by anonymous
14:22 Ticket #2029 (Array and variable handling / suggestion) created by Shaggi
1. Accessing temporary arrays This could be a cool feature, and in …
02:15 Ticket #2028 (Bit* function examples are too cryptic to be meaningful) closed by Valik
Rejected: Honestly, if you need examples to show you how to use the Bit functions then you probably don't need the Bit functions. The examples are fine. Looking at raw bits is an advanced feature anyway.
00:41 Ticket #2027 (;-)) closed by Valik
Wont Fix: Which planet are you from where it's acceptable to use emoticons as issue titles? Whatever planet it is I hope it's destroyed soon if everybody does such idiotic things. This is a bug but it will not be fixed. It has the same root cause as #376 which means it requires AutoIt's GUI to be re-written in order to fix.


21:18 Ticket #2028 (Bit* function examples are too cryptic to be meaningful) created by anonymous
The examples for BitOR, BitAnd, Bit* are very hard to comprehend for …


18:59 Ticket #1658 (COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found) reopened by Valik
Apparently this may not be fixed so I'm reopening it until I can test one way or the other.
16:08 Ticket #2027 (;-)) created by anonymous
;This programm working correctly... #include <ButtonConstants.au3> …
00:51 Ticket #1952 (Autoit & https & _IEFormSubmit doesnt work.) closed by Valik
Fixed: Oh, so there was a ticket for the form submit issue. It's fixed in and later.


21:23 Ticket #2026 (Improved, clearer, help for TrayCreateItem) created by c.haslam
I propose the following: ; #FUNCTION# …


19:56 Ticket #2025 (TimerInit() return data type change.) closed by Valik
Rejected: If you use the return value from TimerInit() for anything other than an opaque handle to be passed to TimerDiff() then you are asking for trouble. Therefore the type is irrelevant. Ticket closed.
08:39 Ticket #2025 (TimerInit() return data type change.) created by mvg
Request for TimerInit() to return the returned value as Int instead of …


03:28 Ticket #2023 (Windows 98/ME (ANSI) compile support needed again) closed by Valik
Rejected: No. AutoIt is now a UNICODE application. Most of the ANSI conditional stuff is gone. There are also features that would have to be conditionally removed so the binary would even run on Windows 9x. This makes the code a huge mess just to cater to a small subset of potential users. It's not worth the time or effort to maintain. Tell your users to use an operating system that isn't older than their children or stop using a computer entirely.
03:23 Ticket #2020 (request: StringLTrim($str) and StringRTrim($str)) closed by Valik
Rejected: StringStripWS() already has options for stripping leading (left) and trailing (right) whitespace.


07:14 Ticket #2021 (FF.au3) closed by Jpm
No Bug
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