23:18 Ticket #2523 (SQlite Doesn't Work) closed by Jpm
Fixed: The pb come from a bad naming of the file to download I fix the webfile and it is OK now
23:10 Ticket #2525 (TIDY Crash - (issue #2)) created by mlipok
Try to Tidy this repro code: […] As you can see this fragmet code …
22:53 Ticket #2524 (#Obfuscator_Parameters=/mo - issue and script line on AutoIt Error message) created by mlipok
Pseudo repro code: […] now #Obfuscator_Parameters=/mo create …
07:01 Ticket #2523 (SQlite Doesn't Work) created by nullschritt
SQLite simply doesnt store or return any data with this beta.


10:37 Ticket #2518 (Static evaluates incorrect) reopened by Jpm
I am sorry in my local dev environment (uppose to be in sync with the next beta) it works fine, that's the reason I close it. I ned now to find out why !!!


21:26 Ticket #2522 (OnAutoItStartRegister - Remarks <> Example - contradiction) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9160] in version:
19:53 Ticket #2522 (OnAutoItStartRegister - Remarks <> Example - contradiction) created by mlipok
now the "Remarks" added: "The function can not reference any …
19:46 Ticket #2521 (_IEFormElementSetValue[5].au3) created by mlipok
now in […] proposal on reflection: Remove: […] …
17:07 Milestone completed


22:09 Ticket #2520 (UPX 3.91) closed by guinness
20:48 Ticket #2520 (UPX 3.91) created by mlipok
http://upx.sourceforge.net/ " 30 Sep 2013: UPX 3.91 has been …
17:55 Ticket #2519 (AutoIt3Help.exe opens help file to wrong page) created by BrewManNH
In the recent versions of AutoIt, when you open the help file with the …
14:03 Ticket #2171 (Inconsistent delay for TCPTimeout option) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9155] in version:
07:55 Ticket #2517 (MustDeclareVars=1 as default) closed by James
Rejected: I'm marking this as closed since there has been no further responses.
06:39 Ticket #2518 (Static evaluates incorrect) closed by Jpm
Duplicate: Already fixed in
05:19 Ticket #2518 (Static evaluates incorrect) created by Taz77 <autoit@…>
[…] outputs: […] ---- properly it would be: […] ---- …


18:09 Ticket #2315 (Server 2012 @OSVersion not correct) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9151] in version:
16:58 Ticket #2315 (Server 2012 @OSVersion not correct) reopened by Jpm


19:38 Ticket #2517 (MustDeclareVars=1 as default) created by Raik
Because i stumbled over scripts again and again, throwing "variable …


23:55 Ticket #2516 (FileGetTime - parameter porposal - filename and dir) closed by guinness
Completed: Changed by revision [9147] in version:
20:09 Ticket #2516 (FileGetTime - parameter porposal - filename and dir) created by mlipok
in FileGetTime in parameter: "filename" please consider to change …


04:33 Ticket #2515 (Force close the std out stream will have memory leak in windows XP) created by anonymous
If we use StdioClose to force close the std out stream, it will have …


20:09 Ticket #2514 (_FileWriteFromArray - Count of elements in 2nd dimension is fixed to 3!) closed by guinness
20:00 Ticket #2514 (_FileWriteFromArray - Count of elements in 2nd dimension is fixed to 3!) created by BugFix
If you write an 2D-Array with more than 3 elements in columns, you get …
06:13 Ticket #2513 (TCPSend() Not functioning with string over 225 characters in length.) created by NullSchritt
Hello I have found a bug that appears to be present in all the most …


11:19 Ticket #2512 (ObjName crash) created by anonymous
$oHTTP = ObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1") $oHTTP.Open("GET", …


08:17 Ticket #2511 (New Macro @SourceName) closed by Jpm
Rejected: @ScriptName relates to the script launched not the include files. as stated by BrewManNH, compiles script will no longer have reference to include lines. so even the @ScriptLineNumber will be irrelevant. We don't intend to modify the way Compile script can use @ScriptName and @ScriptLineNumber


14:11 Ticket #2510 (Empty variable) closed by Jpm
No Bug: AutoIt is doing conversion when variable type are not the same so "" and 0 are the same after conversion NO BUG
13:27 Ticket #2511 (New Macro @SourceName) created by Fulgor
12:57 Ticket #2510 (Empty variable) created by Fulgor
07:53 Ticket #2509 (_FileWriteToLine Bug) closed by guinness


22:44 Ticket #2509 (_FileWriteToLine Bug) created by anonymous
08:36 Ticket #2508 (Proposed amendments to the 50 files: _GDIPlus....) closed by Jpm
00:21 Ticket #2508 (Proposed amendments to the 50 files: _GDIPlus....) created by mlipok
_FileWriteToLine.txt _GDIPlus_ArrowCapCreate.txt …


20:28 Ticket #2507 (Problem with ObjCreate() on a 64bit PC when compiled with AutoIT_64) closed by Jos
No Bug: Why do you say the ObjCeate() has a problem? Do you have the x64 bits SQL ODBC driver loaded? Maybe stick to the forum before you post a bug report to confirm this is really a bug. Closing for now. Jos
15:59 Ticket #2507 (Problem with ObjCreate() on a 64bit PC when compiled with AutoIT_64) created by Tippex
This works on a 64bit PC, but only when compiled in 32bit: […] …


23:51 Ticket #2506 (Proposed amendments to the 25 files: _GUICtrlListView.....) closed by Jpm
Completed: Added by revision [9113] in version:
20:48 Ticket #2506 (Proposed amendments to the 25 files: _GUICtrlListView.....) created by mlipok
_GUICtrlListView_AddItem.txt …
10:18 Ticket #2505 (Array create without declaration) created by anonymous
09:40 Ticket #2504 (GUICtrlSendToDummy to нidden window) created by anonymous
if window is hidden GUICtrlSendToDummy must work.


14:54 Ticket #2503 (Reference Definition Keyword) created by Tasiro
It is possible to create a reference, but only with a complicated …[…]


23:53 Ticket #2502 (COW optimization incorrect) created by Tasiro
[…] Too bad there are references. See http://www.gotw.ca/gotw/044.htm.


21:50 Ticket #2496 (Runing Au3Info BETA) closed by Jos
Rejected: Just copy it manually when you want to be able to always use it as this is not a utility that goes through a lot of changes. Jos


20:19 Ticket #2491 (AutoIt doesn't functions properly) closed by Jos
No Bug: Asked questions in our forum and only report bugs here when confirmed and has a script attached that reproduces the bug. Closing for now as nobug Cheers Jos
20:17 Ticket #2498 (High Memory Consumption) closed by Jos
No Bug: Please discuss in our forums and only report confirmed bug here. Cheers, Jos
20:14 Ticket #2501 (SciTE lexer - syntax coloring - bug) closed by Jos
Fixed: Uploaded a fixed SciLexer.dll and SciTE.exe to the beta directory.


13:08 Ticket #2501 (SciTE lexer - syntax coloring - bug) created by mlipok
SciTe version date 2013/09/28 Repro code: […] How to: …
01:27 Ticket #2500 (_IEDocGetObj Help example $oDoc.fileCreatedDate error) created by oz.mike@…
HI The help example for _IEDocGetObj dosen't work on …
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