22:06 Ticket #2970 (TraySetToolTip text set to Chr(0) hides the tooltip.) created by guinness
If the tooltip text is set to null then the tooltip is hidden. If this …


22:28 Ticket #2968 (Add mSeconds to _SetTime function) closed by guinness
Completed: Added by revision [11185] in version:
14:47 Ticket #2969 (label size) closed by Melba23
Rejected: Use my StringSize UDF: http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/114034-stringsize-m23-new-version-16-aug-11/ M23
13:17 Ticket #2969 (label size) created by anonymous
[…] The above code creates label but with the width and height …
09:47 Ticket #2968 (Add mSeconds to _SetTime function) created by anonymous
Add mSeconds also to "Date.au3" library in the function: _SetTime.


03:28 Ticket #2967 (Error in function __EventLog_DecodeTime) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11182] in version:
03:05 Ticket #2965 (Install Directory Structure) closed by guinness
03:04 Ticket #2966 (GUISetHelp[2].au3 - example proposal) closed by guinness
Completed: Changed by revision [11181] in version:


15:09 Ticket #2967 (Error in function __EventLog_DecodeTime) created by landfillmail@…
The function EventLog_DecodeTime in EventLog.au3 report a wrong date …


12:25 Ticket #2966 (GUISetHelp[2].au3 - example proposal) created by mLipok
12:13 Ticket #2965 (Install Directory Structure) created by mLipok
in HelpFile there is "Install Directory Structure" (installdir.htm) …


10:16 Ticket #2964 ($tagWNDCLASS) closed by Melba23
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11174] in version:
08:55 Ticket #2961 (FileGetSize() Documentation) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [11173] in version:


22:59 Ticket #2964 ($tagWNDCLASS) created by Cythor
Hello! :) The $tagWNDCLASS struct in the WinAPISys.au3 is wrong. …


18:44 Ticket #2963 (Macro for file name in included files) created by anonymous
The sitation: 22 source files, even more unit tests and hundreds of …


14:22 Ticket #2962 (GUICtrlSetImage resizes Pic control with $SS_SUNKEN style) created by MrCreatoR
Reproducing example: […] the size of the pic control (with …


04:46 Ticket #2961 (FileGetSize() Documentation) created by Synix <cross.fire@…>
Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to 1. should be Failure: 0 and …


15:26 Ticket #2958 (Keeping AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description blank when explicitly set) closed by Jos
Rejected: Won't happen for several reasons. Ultimately you can remove the total version block. see helpfile. Jos
15:24 Ticket #2960 (SciTE show code abnormal) closed by Jos
Wont Fix: There is nothing for me to check as I can't get the issue to appear and either way when this is a generic issue with SciTE , you need to report this at the official website, since I use the same base source. https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_source=digest&utm_medium=email/#!forum/scite-interest Closed as "won't fix" Jos
05:50 Ticket #2960 (SciTE show code abnormal) created by anonymous
sorry to open another thread since …


18:51 Ticket #2959 (IE and GUI) closed by Melba23
Works For Me: "I didn't receive any response on the forum so I'm writing here" Wrong thing to do - Trac is not for support. Next time bump your thread at least once. And your script works fine for me with none of the problems you describe - so perhaps for everyone else too, which is why you got no response. M23
13:20 Ticket #2959 (IE and GUI) created by grzesiek
[…] When I run this script the GUI is less responsive and what …
08:55 Ticket #2954 (latest version of scite does not show correctly) closed by Jos
Rejected: I am not going to do any further investigation when the latest version is working correctly. ;) We use the source from the official SciTE version by Neil so it could very well be it got fixed in one of his releases. Just use the current Beta, which is based on the latest official SciTE release. Closing this BUG report. Thanks Jos
00:43 Ticket #2958 (Keeping AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_Description blank when explicitly set) created by Mat
Raised on behalf of an SO user after …
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