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Welcome to the AutoIt Wiki,
Currently 1,240 pages, 56 articles
Get started
Au3icon.png Introduction
An introduction to AutoIt and a summary of what AutoIt is.
Au3icon.png FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Au3icon.png Getting Started
A complete guide that describes downloading AutoIt to running your first AutoIt script.
Au3icon.png Tutorials
Some step by step guides to scripting with AutoIt.
Au3icon.png Documentation
An online copy of the AutoIt help file.
Au3icon.png Support
Excellent free support offered by the AutoIt community with a very fast response time.
Au3icon.png AutoIt Snippets
Small pieces of AutoIt code that you can add into your script.
Au3icon.png User Defined Functions
A listing of user libraries and user defined functions.
Get involved
Au3icon.png Forums
Excellent community forum to share scripts.
Au3icon.png Gift shop
Buy cool products with a cool AutoIt logo.
Au3icon.png Source Code
The AutoIt source code and code for potential contributors.
Au3icon.png Donate
Donate to the cause of AutoIt.