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Welcome To The AutoIt Snippets Page - ( Snippet - A short reusable piece of computer code ).

Snippets are generally single functions or small pieces of code which can be incorporated into a script to add extra functionality. This section covers a wide variety of subjects and uses. Examples may include anything from finding if an internet connection is working to retrieving the date Windows was installed. This page is intended to give easy access to the functions.

Alert2.gif Please always credit an author in your script if you use their code. It is only polite.



Author: guinness

ConsoleWrite("Internet Is Connected" & " = " & _IsInternetConnected() & @CRLF) ; ( Returns "True" Or "False" )

Func _IsInternetConnected()
    Local $aReturn = DllCall('connect.dll', 'long', 'IsInternetConnected')
    If @error Then
        Return SetError(1, 0, False)
    Return $aReturn[0] = 0
EndFunc   ;==>_IsInternetConnected



Author: Valuater

Modified: guinness

#include <Crypt.au3>

Local $sGenericPassword_1 = 'Password@AutoIt', $sGenericPassword_2 = 'NewPassword@AutoIt', $sSavePath = @ScriptDir & '\License.dat'
ConsoleWrite('1. ' & _PasswordCrypt($sGenericPassword_1, $sSavePath) & @CRLF) ; Write the password to a file located in the @ScriptDir. The password we wrote is returned by the function.
ConsoleWrite('2. ' & _PasswordCrypt($sGenericPassword_1, $sSavePath) & @CRLF) ; Since the password has been written already, we now want to check if the user has entered the password correctly. Returns True or False.
ConsoleWrite('3. ' & _PasswordCrypt($sGenericPassword_2, $sSavePath, 1) & @CRLF) ; Overwrite the old password with a new one.
ConsoleWrite('4. ' & _PasswordCrypt($sGenericPassword_1, $sSavePath) & @CRLF) ; Check the password matches. This will fail as we're checking the old password against the new one.

Func _PasswordCrypt($sPassword, $sFilePath, $iOverwrite = 0) ; By guinness, idea by Valuater.
    If FileExists($sFilePath) And $iOverwrite = 0 Then
        Return BinaryToString(_Crypt_DecryptData(IniRead($sFilePath, 'PasswordKey', 'Password', ''), @ComputerName, $CALG_AES_256)) == $sPassword
        If IniWrite($sFilePath, 'PasswordKey', 'Password', _Crypt_EncryptData($sPassword, @ComputerName, $CALG_AES_256)) Then
            Return $sPassword
    Return SetError(1, 0, '')
EndFunc   ;==>_PasswordCrypt


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