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    How to Format Scripts and Code


    There are three ways you can posts scripts, these are:

    • Inline code
    • Attachments
    • Download system

    Each has different advantages and disadvantages. In general you should use:

    • Inline code - for short code snippets
    • Attachments - for more complicated code larger than a page.
    • Downloads system - for projects or complex libraries


    Inline Code

    • Best for entering short snippets of code
    • Easiest for other users to see
    • May be accidentally modified by forum upgrades or when re-editing your post - it's happened before...

    Inline code is entered using the "Add Code" button in the toolbar and after posting appears with syntax highlighting like this:

    ; This is some AutoIt code
    MsgBox(4096, "Message", "Hello there!")

    Code over around 50 lines will appear in a scrollable box. At this point it becomes more difficult for other users to work with and you should consider an attachment instead.



    • Best for long pieces of code, entire programs, or multiple files
    • Unlikely to be accidentally lost or modified by forum upgrades or when re-editing your post
    • Counts against your global attachment allocation
    • Can be seen in the "username / My Attachments" part of your profile, along with the number of downloads

    Multiple attachments can be added to a post. As attachments are stored as complete files in the filesystem, they are more robust than inline code snippets.


    Downloads System

    • Best for very long and complicated projects or libraries that are of significant use to the community
    • Uses a different part of the forum that is optimised for file downloads and features screenshots, change logs, download counts, etc.
    • Does not count against your global attachment allocation

    This can be accessed here: Downloads System.


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