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Found 16 results

  1. Hello guys I think Stackoverflow Documentation is a really good idea and i want to contribute to my favourite language. We need 4 more contributors to get it accepted in the documentations forum. You need a Stack Overflow account and at least gained 1 positive awnser in the topic AutoIt. If thats the case, you can read more about stackoverflow documentation here: http://stackoverflow.com/tour/documentation And contribute here: http://stackoverflow.com/documentation/autoit
  2. There are three ways you can posts scripts, these are: Inline code Attachments Download system Each has different advantages and disadvantages. In general you should use: Inline code - for short code snippets Attachments - for more complicated code larger than a page. Downloads system - for projects or complex libraries Inline Code Best for entering short snippets of code Easiest for other users to see May be accidentally modified by forum upgrades or when re-editing your post - it's happened before... Inline code i
  3. Forum Rules You can read about forum rules here. Announcements and site news Additional information about forum you can read here. Forum etiquette Here you can read about a proper forum etiquette.
  4. The rule against game automation is misguided and unhelpful for the following reasons. I am a developer, using AutoIt to automate testing for a game that I am developing. Singleplayer games can be mundane and sometimes cheating can be overlooked. Multiplayer games usually have anticheat against repetitive robotic actions anyways. People want to override the control schemes of games with bad customization. Eg. Axiom Verge, Fortnite (Crouching). Game automation is not always bad. If the user feels the need to automate a singleplayer game for boring or mundane task
  5. Hi everyone, I was previously a member of this forum under the username Wombat. It's been years and multiple email accounts closed since then so I decided to start fresh and take a moment to thank you all... (Admins/Mods let me know if we need to discuss this...) I started programming with AutoIT while working as a scrap catcher for a machine that chopped scrap into pieces for easier moving, I learned styles and gained strengths from some of the best members on this forum by reverse engineering their code. I gained the confidence of our IT manager by making a boast that
  6. The forum is currently being upgraded - this post details the status. Content may look badly formatted at the moment. This is normal until the background rebuild tasks have finished. There is no need to re-edit your old posts or signatures to fix them, this should happen automatically. Please resist the urge to do so The post rebuild is estimated at 9 hours - it's not a quick task. Current Status: Forum upgraded - 100%AutoIt code boxes rebuilt - 100%Double-spaced paragraphs fixed up (as best I can) - 100%Forum to Wiki Access - 100%Signatures rebuilt - 100%Posts rebuilt (emoticons, bbcode, att
  7. Hi people, Sorry to post this Topic in this section, but I don't find any Section about the Autoit forum/website. (Moderator fell free to moved it to the right place) I have notice that under Opera 12.17 the Richtext(html) toolbar of the forum do not appear. Cheers, (btw: I still use Opera 12.17 Because I don't find other Browser with is all features !)
  8. When I search something then the results are not up-to-date. E.g. if you search for "UEZ", sorted by Last Update Time, then the first result is from 23. Feb. 2015. Seems that the indexing or something else not working properly.
  9. Hi folks, this is a simple little program I whipped up, due to losing two postings in 24 hours some days ago. Normally, like many of you, when I know I'm gonna write more than a few lines, for safety, I do my writing in Notepad, and then paste into a post. Same scenario for Facebook, etc. Sometimes, I forget or I end up writing far more than I initially foresaw ... or like those two incidents, I was pretty tired as well. I also had an issue where my Netbook was giving my Mouse lag from time to time, so that when I thought I was only clicking on a Firefox tab, it moved at the last millisecond a
  10. I'm having a hard time trying to set a value in a specific JavaScript textarea... And I think, this is the right time.. Is it possible to set a value in the "Join the discussion…" textarea and simulate the mouse click of the "Post as {USERNAME}" button of the web page that have added a Disqus forum? If they are possible then: How can I set a value in the "Join the discussion…" textarea? And how to simulate the mouse click of the "Post as {USERNAME}" button? Note: Before you can see the "Post as {USERNAME}" button, you must be sign in with Disqus first! This is the (NULL) previous test w
  11. Is there any possibility how to make the notification features such as: sorting, grouping, filtering e.g. sort by date, name, thread, a notification type grouping by date, name, thread, a notification type filtering, only one date, a name, a thread, a notification type I think it would help many members manage the information coming every day.
  12. I read many threads. I follow to many of them. Very often I have that problem. I open Notification / VIew All Notifications Browser open in new tab - Saved Notifications - a list. So I click right mouse button and selecting "Open in new tab" And here I expect it will get a specific page that is relevant topic. Well, it happens. But why did not always open the page is not open to the right post? For example, if I have 10 responses to a post I want to open the first answer. So I click on the first visit, and in the meantime opened last.
  13. Today I want to check script from this post '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> pointed out a script copied to clipboard and I try to paste into SciTE Here's what I have seen in SciTE Func _GetAVInfo() Dim $lArray[4] $oWMI = ObjGet("winmgmts:\\localhost\root\SecurityCenter2") $colItems = $oWMI.ExecQuery("Select * from AntiVirusProduct") For $objAntiVirusProduct In $colItems $lArray[0] = $objAntiVirusProduct.displayName $lArray[1] = $objAntiVirusProduct.productstate $lArray[2] = $objAntiVirusProduct.pathToSignedProductExe
  14. Wondering about the possible ways to find a particular forum topic solely base on a given topic-number. Not working for example: (Space in '/ /' is intentional.) - http:/ /www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/<number> - http:/ /www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic?<number> - 1) Using the BBC ... tag in forum editor and previewing the message. -- Pro: works. -- Con: only available to registered forum users. (major con in my view.) - 2) ? --- Note: remove the space in 'http:/ /www...' part. --- Topic Solved, and considered closed.
  15. This is a Torrent Browser that should only be used to download legal torrents. It helps you to look up and download movie trailers. It should never be used to download copyrighted material. It is an awesome program that any torrent downloader will absolutely love. Neither the AutoIt community nor anyone associated with AutoIt condones to the misuse of this program. Don't do it! That being said download your copy while you can! Before you download this program you must read this first: U.S. Copyright Infringement and Remedies or Understandable Version I suggest everyone read this just for inf
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