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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, We all know that we can customize Notepad++ with python, BackEdit with VBscript, FaMe with Lua. (Info form this link) But is there any text editor which we can customize with AutoIt ?.
  2. Hi folks, this is a simple little program I whipped up, due to losing two postings in 24 hours some days ago. Normally, like many of you, when I know I'm gonna write more than a few lines, for safety, I do my writing in Notepad, and then paste into a post. Same scenario for Facebook, etc. Sometimes, I forget or I end up writing far more than I initially foresaw ... or like those two incidents, I was pretty tired as well. I also had an issue where my Netbook was giving my Mouse lag from time to time, so that when I thought I was only clicking on a Firefox tab, it moved at the last millisecond and I clicked on a button, that took me to another site. Once upon a time, when not tired, and with a big red STOP button in the browser, I could react quick enough not to lose everything ... unfortunately that is no longer the case. Anyway, enough dribble. Here is a little simple basic Text Editor program/window, that has several advantages over Notepad for Forum posting, etc. No doubt it could be improved by clever enterprising minds, but it has enough nifty features to suit me, and possibly be useful to others. Source is included in zip, but be aware, it was crafted with AutoIt v3.3.0.0 so will need updating if you want to modify and not use my exe. Also be aware, that UPX was used to reduce the size of the EXE for here. The program has Autosave and remembers it's size and position, plus a floating button for quick access. Text is exported to clipboard or an active field with a few clicks. See Info menu. WARNING! WebPad uses the clipboard, to achieve elements like Case Change, Quotes, Code, Link & Tab insertion or surround. This is to speed up the process and look less clunky than using SEND. This could potentially interfere with any fancy multi-entry Clipboard program you may actively use. This issue could be coded around. NOTE - v1.3 has two more buttons (TAB and COPY), one each side of the ON TOP one. Floating restore button. Web Pad v1.3.zip 318.98 kB (76 + 422 downloads previously) NEWER VERSION (v2.5) also available - See below. See Post #14 for update detail. NOTE - If you want to keep things simple, then probably stick to the version of the program above, though there are some important bugfixes. Later versions increase in complexity, and are more targeted to my requirements. WARNING - Created and updated with AutoIt v3.3.0.0, so the script may have issues running or compiling with later versions of AutoIt. Web Pad v2.5 downloads (open the re-direction html page with your browser, don't save) Web Pad v2.5.zip Web Pad.au3 Details here. Later Screenshots (v2.0) (v2.5) Latest
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