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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, So I was searching through the internet and found a plethora of information to learn C#. However, some are way below par and does not explain very well. So, anyone can suggest a proper website or eBook or video course explaining C#? I've learnt AutoIt (still I'm learning it) by making small programs, reading the forums, going through the F1 guide (huge help, seriously this helps alot) and reading the Wiki. Any direction would be appreciated, just not off the edge of a cliff..
  2. I have a project in mind that I would like to share. I would like to create example windows with standard elements like ComboBox, ListView, some Button, some text, some edit field. Nothing special just simple Window.Net form that can be created with this following UDF: or this one: The main idea is to easily provide possible modifications to the "Testing GUI Window", and no need for any other tool than the AutoIt + SciTE kit. Such "Testing GUI Window" will be very useful later on topic/threads/projects like: As I am not very familiar with NetFramework, I wou
  3. The following files are provided to allow .NET use: AutoItX3.Assembly.dll - The .NET Assembly for using AutoItX.AutoItX3.Assembly.xml - The Visual Studio Intellisense help file for the .NET Assembly.AutoItX3.dll - The main AutoItX DLL (x86)AutoItX3_x64.dll - The main AutoItX DLL (x64)Using the Assembly from VB/C# within in Visual Studio is very easy: Add a reference to AutoItX3.Assembly.dll to your projectAdd a using AutoIt; statement in the files you want to use AutoIt functionsWrite code like this C# example:using AutoIt; ... // Wow, this is C#! AutoItX.Run("notepad.exe");
  4. Hello, I was looking for a way to use the CLR functions to check a SQL 2016 database state, but I've been unable to find an example that I can get to work. Any help would be appreciated. Here's what I have, which always errors when I try to set the connection string and I'm not sure why. Thanks! #include ".\Includes\CLR.au3" #include ".\Includes\CLR Constants.au3" JustATest() Func JustATest() Local $oAssembly = _CLR_LoadLibrary("System.Data") ConsoleWrite("$oAssembly: " & IsObj($oAssembly) & @CRLF) Local $oSQLConn = _CLR_
  5. WHAT : is .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) Framework The Common Language Runtime (CLR) is a an Execution Environment . Common Language Runtime (CLR)'s main tasks are to convert the .NET Managed Code to native code, manage running code like a Virtual Machine, and also controls the interaction with the Operating System. As part of Microsoft's .NET Framework, the Common Language Runtime (CLR) is managing the execution of programs written in any of several supported languages. Allowing them to share common object-oriented classes written in any of the languages. HOW : To access th
  6. Ever wondered how to interact with your compiled .NET assembly and AutoIt script using COM? Then look no further, as I try to explain in simple terms the approach at which to achieve this. The code (AutoIt): As quite a few of you know, I am against the use of Global variables, as more often than not a simple approach such as encapsulating a Local Static variable in a wrapper function is just as good. Some may point out the use of the enumeration, but this is only for the purposes of doing away with "magic numbers", with the chances to expand in the future and not having to remember which numbe
  7. This baby can do almost any language! I found Gleany on this site and set it up on a fresh win10 install. all i would need to do to make it build an exe of the search files app we discovered is the .NET Target Framework download to build 100 % but the exe works and generates! You also need to add the path the the version of csc.exe that you want to run. MSBuild is part of .NET and can read your .csproj file. YOU can develop .NET OR C/C++ on this baby! Super lightweight (fit for crappy laptops), and you can use any dev compilers you wish, Ming, MS, etc, whatever. To use the build
  8. This is a repost from http://www.d3scene.com/forum/development/82572-tutorial-use-autoit-vb-net.html that I came across today. I don't think it is cross posted here already doing a search for .NET related stuff here. Please move to appropriate forum if posted to wrong one (e.g. ActiveX/COM Help and Support (AutoItX) or General Help and Support). If already duplicated here, please delete. Thought it deserves a copy here w/o having users to register over at the source forum to see it. I've yet to personally try the example though, plan to soon. Perhaps a good idea to later on provide the C# v
  9. AutoIT AU3info doeas not detect all gui objects uniquely for .NET GUIs developed in C#. this is not working now i am using COM windows approach for this, But its very difficult. Please let me know if anyone has done it before.
  10. Hi everyone, I was previously a member of this forum under the username Wombat. It's been years and multiple email accounts closed since then so I decided to start fresh and take a moment to thank you all... (Admins/Mods let me know if we need to discuss this...) I started programming with AutoIT while working as a scrap catcher for a machine that chopped scrap into pieces for easier moving, I learned styles and gained strengths from some of the best members on this forum by reverse engineering their code. I gained the confidence of our IT manager by making a boast that
  11. I turned to Autoit from AHK just because it support WinForm Application so well. The problem often haunts me that all the application in my job is WinForm. And it indeed help my work so much. Great thanks in advance. However, I can't get the ToolTip text in the application of my company. Specifically´╝înow I want to get the information about some data, however the information is all displayed in the tooltip on the scatter diagram which is made of those data. Is there any advice ? Relative topics I have searched can't get any information about the winform tooltip...
  12. Hello! I have a script in autoit which I made yesterday and Im still getting the hang of autoit My question is, is there anyone here who would be able to explain how the convertion would go between AutoIt and C# when it comes to these lines of code, would I need to declare an array to show the $x & $y position? Also The LC is a function I have a bit down the code While (Not($it_full)) $pixels = PixelSearch(257, 181, 276, 202,0xA19695,10) ;Check color If NOT(@error) Then LC($pixels[0],$pixels[1]) EndIf $pixels = PixelSearch(693, 479, 729, 50
  13. Want to call .net func _Help::ShowHelpIndex.Here is the link in msdn:https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us//library/system.windows.forms.help.showhelpindex. I wrote the script below: $dll = DllOpen("C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\.NETFramework\v4.0\System.Windows.Forms.dll") $result = DllCall($dll, "none", "ShowHelpIndex","HWND", 0,"wstr","D:\Program Files\AutoIt3\AutoIt3CHS.chm") _check_result() DllClose($dll) Func _check_result() If @error Then ConsoleWrite(">--|error:=" & @error & "|--<") ConsoleWrite(@LF) E
  14. Hello everyone! I would like to know (with a AutoIT function/UDF) if an executable is coded in .Net or not. I know that is possible but I don't know how. May you help me?
  15. I've run into something peculiar, which I haven't been able to find more info on with the search. The issue is a dropdownbox-control which I want to click, in a .NET program. The Class changes for everytime it is run. When I do a normal ControlClick, nothing happens and it exits with 0. I tried ControlClick referencing the control with [NAME:] and/or with [TEXT:] but that does not work. However, if right before the ControlClick, I do a ControlGetHandle statement, then the ControlClick will suddenly work after all... The window title stays the same, and there is only 1 control with that text
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