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  1. Help! The mouse clicks I'm sending to a control on a dialog box produce no response. The dialog box in question handles advanced display properties. The tab page my script interacts with is created by Trident Microsystems. It allows the user to enhance or attenuate the screen's RGB values. (See image.) My script automates the process of changing these in order to adjust the screen's hue or, when the red, green and blue values are all the same, the brightness. Producing a script to change the brightness has been quite straightforward. I use ControlClick() to send a mouse click to one
  2. #include <Constants.au3> Func Install()    ConsoleWrite("Install EasyLog" & @LF)    Local $handle = WinWaitActive("EasyLog USB Device Driver Installer")    ConsoleWrite("Install EasyLog2 " & $handle & @LF)    Local $blah = ControlClick($handle, "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]", "Left", 1)    ConsoleWrite("Install EasyLog3 " & $blah & @LF)    WinClose($handle) EndFunc Install() ConsoleWrite("End of Install!" & @LF
  3. I am clicking on a button on to submit o form UI. Problem is, the code working on windows 10,7, server 2012 r2 but not on windows server 2008. I checked the IDs also on that OS, they didn't change. Even the ControlClick is returning the status as success only but button is not getting clicked. But controlsettext on other fields are working. ;$MartConfigWindow is window object ControlClick($MartConfigWindow, "", "[CLASS:WindowsForms10.BUTTON.app.0.378734a; INSTANCE:2]")
  4. #RequireAdmin AutoItSetOption('MouseCoordMode', 0) If WinExists("newtitle") Then ControlClick('newtitle', '', 'Button1') EndIf a Simple script to click Button on GUI with title "newtitle". this script is working fine on my laptop on [windows 10, windows 7] but on a different laptop. script is not clicking this button, is there any alternative to control click then please tell. don't want to use mouseclick Thank you
  5. Hello, and apologies if this have been discussed before, but I googled and couldnt find anything relevant. I have a problem where I try to send a control clink into to a window. Part of window I try to send clicks to looks like this . The black border is showing when I mouse over it Au3Info, I get following information: I am testing its interaction with code The result I get is that it makes control clicks trough first line, opens and closes menus, as expected. When It gets to second line, it does not click a single icon. I can tell that coords are correct as t
  6. Afternoon! This is my first post, so I apologize if this is in the wrong place. I've created a while loop to click in a certain area of an application, and have the y axis change at the end of each loop. My loop continues to click at x:27, x:10, even though the $y is adding 15 at the end of each loop. I did a Send($x) and Send($y) into a Notepad to see if the $y had changed after each loop, and the 15 was being added to $y each loop. (If this makes sense) I'm unsure where I'm going wrong, and would be extremely grateful if someone can point me in the correct direction to
  7. #Include <WinAPI.au3> local $ClassName = _WinAPI_GetClassName(WinGetHandle(WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]"))) ControlClick(WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]"), "", "[CLASS:"&$ClassName&"; INSTANCE:1]", "primary") When I am running this script it just gives me a ConsoleWrite output of "0x001D04A8" When using "AutoIT v3 Window Info" all the info I need for the ControlClick is there and displayed perfectly as if I typed it in normally. Upon click the button it should be clicking it, I see the following inn the console window:
  8. Hi everyone, I have a problem with ControlClick function. It doesn't work no matter how I tried all the possible combination of the parameters. Below is the scripts of possible parameter combination: ;ControlClick("title","text","controlID ","button","clicks","x","y") ;title= Title, Class, Handle ;controlID= Class, ClassNN, Instance ;Title here is empty when I check it with AutoIt Info ControlClick("", "", "[ScreenKeyboard::Button18]", "left", "1", "
  9. I need to automate a specific GUI from a legacy system written in C. The spy tool gives me this I use this code Local $swintit = WinGetTitle("[active]") ConsoleWrite("active Window " & $swintit & @CRLF) If $swintit = "FILES NOTES" Then ; If $swintit = "FILES NOTES" Then ; got Window, now atomate ConsoleWrite("got Window " & @CRLF) ; now focus, then click :) ;EditPaste ;ControlCommand("FILES NOTES", "", 404, $acno) ; paste acno GUICtrlSetState(404, $GUI_Focus)
  10. I'm trying to use mouseclick in a panel above. I want to click on a list item, such as 'Estimated'. (I've given up on trying to use control click for this). I'm using window info coordinates from 'Control' tab. ; click 'Columns' WinActivate("Innovaya Studio with Sage (Archtectural 2017_V1.invx") MouseClick("primary", 292, 88, 1, 1) WinActivate("Select Browsing Properties") Sleep(1000) MouseClick("primary", 27, 70, 0,0) Sleep(2000) Send("{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}{TAB}") Sleep(1000) Send("{ENTER}") ControlC
  11. Hello I got this script works below and I want to do not move cursor on screen when action is performed. Opt("MouseCoordMode", 1) ; cause it gets whole screen coords Local $x, $y Local $search = _ImageSearch('item.bmp', 0, $x, $y, 0) If $search = 1 Then MouseMove($x, $y,0) MouseClick("right", $x, $y)) MouseMove($xMiddle, $yMiddle,0) MouseClick("left", $xMiddle, $yMiddle) EndIf I changed this above to this below and what happen is. It clicks right button and then left b
  12. I used the window info tool to get what I've got below, but it just doesn't click the button. I run the script, nothing happens. WinActivate("SELECTION") Sleep(200) ControlClick("SELECTION", "", "[CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:2]") i think maybe the autoit cannot detect the windows. So what i do: MouseClick( "", 503, 500) local $blanktitle = WinGetTitle("[ACTIVE]") If StringInStr($blanktitle, "SELECTION") Then msgbox("","", "got") WinActivate($blanktitle) Contro
  13. Hello, I am currently trying to automatically click the "Yes" button in the ActiveX prompt/popup message after opening the IE (html). At 1st, I encounter the "Allow Blocked Content". I already resolve it just by changing settings in the IE Options. But after resolving the "Allow Blocked Content", there's a popup message appear. I have attached the ActiveX Prompt. Here is the 1st code that I try to use. #include <IE.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> _IECreate("C:\Users\april\Documents\Logo\JRB\AutoIt\AutoBOT\AWD10\samp
  14. I am unable to access an annyoing pop-up window an press the "No" button. So far I have tried a combination (including using coordinates etc.) of the following: ControlClick("[TITLE: Worksite; CLASS: #32770]", "&No", "[CLASS: Button2]") Doesnt seem to be working :C >>>> Window <<<< Title: WorkSite Class: #32770 Position: 786, 471 Size: 356, 162 Style: 0x94C801C5 ExStyle: 0x00010101 Handle: 0x00000000000209E2 >>>> Control <<<< Class: Button Instance: 2 ClassnameNN: Button2 Name: Advanced (Class): [CLASS:Button; INSTAN
  15. Hello, I'm developing again (everybody ruuun! ) I would like to develope a script that goes through basicly every user control on a window, and log things that happens, and maybe do some screenshots. I did something like this before. My problem, which I would like to avoid this time (to improve my understanding and skill) , was that when I was unable to get a ControlID or handler or anything, I simply did some math and clicked on the coordinates it should have been (for example, maxing the window, and knowing the initial set up I was ablo to calculate given control position). I
  16. if ControlClick("[CLASS:MsiDialogCloseClass]"," ","[CLASS:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE:1]") Then $htreeview=ControlGetHandle($hwnd,"","[CLASS:SysTreeView32; INSTANCE:1]") ControlTreeView($hwnd," ",$htreeview,"Select","#4") The above code worked well to enable the martupgrade feature on windows 7. As part of our Installation Testing Automation before delivering the installer to end user.To confirm whether all the screens are working good. But it is not working on windows 10. $h= Contro
  17. Hey everyone!! I'm trying to make a program in VB.NET that click inside a picturebox of an app without moving the mouse (using ControlClick). My code is this: 1) ControlClick("Form1", "", "[CLASS:PictureBox; INSTANCE:12]", "left", 1, 5, 5) 2) ControlClick("Form1", "", "[CLASS:PictureBox; INSTANCE:1]", "left", 1, 5, 5) The code is correct but the problem is that 1) works perfectly and 2) doesn't work. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
  18. Hi guys! I'm working in a Android app, and emulating in Nox. I make a little script to send mouse clicks in location settings, to constantly change my GPS position. And it's working with MouseClick. But... My ControlClick does not work! And I need my cursor free! ControlClick("[TITLE:Nox; CLASS:Qt5QWindow]","","", "left",3,1247,384) ;~ <- This is NOT working ;~ MouseClick("left",1247,384,3) ;~ <- This is working Sleep(300) ClipPut($eLat) There is no >>>Control<<< info. There is no ID. Ju
  19. I'm currently wondering if there is somehow to actually make autoit click inside a minimized program? & sent keystrokes ? 2nd question, how can i make it do a mouse click at e.g. x200,y200 while the are at like x354,y313 (This is purely an example.) would love to be able to do other shizz on my pc while the script is running if possible. If this ISNT possible can u recommend a language / other scripting program which are able to do this ? willing to start over learning a new coding/scripting language. -Dequality.
  20. I have an install that I'm trying to deploy on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines. Trying to move more to 64 bit but still curious about making this work for both at the same time. This is the 32 bit version of the script. I tried to make this same script work for a 64 bit install but realized the button IDs were different. Same install exe though. What's the smart way to detect the buttonIDs based on the OS architecture? I thought possibly having the button ID as a variable with case selects but I wasn't quite sure how to pull it off. #Region #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_requestedE
  21. I've been searching these past few days for anything that would help me automate in the background, I've made a few things work but for a couple decade old programs I can't get the control IDs, which is resulting in difficulties. I've tried using the _MouseClickPlus method which calls the user32 dll sendmessage with the mouse opcodes, this worked like a charm for a new adobe apollo runtime environment I was checking. In that case, it didn't have any control IDs or anything else, and somehow all it needed to work was the title to obtain the winhandle from. However this doesn't work for many w
  22. I’m trying to click the “assign a playlist” url in this application (see info.png) I don’t know if it is flash or not. The control ID changes on every launch. I can’t use mouseclick because it needs to be scheduled at night on a server. So just ControlClick is left as an option. I can find the handle to the window but not to the control, be it through text or classname, clas or advanced mode. The mouse cursor doesn't even move after these commands. $handle = WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]") ControlClick($handle, "", "[CLASS:TFlickerFreePaintBox.UnicodeClass; INSTANCE:1]",'left', 1, 54, 138) Contr
  23. Hello guys, I am quiet new here and most important only beginner in scripting. One part of my work in my job is inserting pretty much the same information into Web Application of my company. So I made simply mousle click script and it kinda worked. Few colleagues saw it and they want this script too, so I decided to improve it and make it more suitable and better for other computers. Mostly i removed mouse click and things that can make some errors for other users. I made it slowly but quiet good, but i have one problem on the end of process. In Web app i have 3 bookmarks (Page 1,2,3 -The gr
  24. I've run into something peculiar, which I haven't been able to find more info on with the search. The issue is a dropdownbox-control which I want to click, in a .NET program. The Class changes for everytime it is run. When I do a normal ControlClick, nothing happens and it exits with 0. I tried ControlClick referencing the control with [NAME:] and/or with [TEXT:] but that does not work. However, if right before the ControlClick, I do a ControlGetHandle statement, then the ControlClick will suddenly work after all... The window title stays the same, and there is only 1 control with that text
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