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Found 12 results

  1. Hello. Is it possible to set the mouse move speed to a value between 1 and 2? MouseMove(x, y, 1) is too quick but MouseMove(x, y, 2) is a bit too slow. Context: My son is playing a single player fishing game and he asked me for help. The faster the mouse cursor moves when casting his "fishing line", the further the fishing line goes. When MouseMove(x, y, 2) is used, my son is able to move his cursor faster than autoit can. When MouseMove(x, y, 1) is used, the mouse cursor moves too quickly, and the game does not register the mouse move action. I would like to find that "sweet
  2. This one has me baffled. I can't seem to get MouseMove to work properly with scaling in some windows. Run this program and use the arrow keys to move the mouse Up, Down, Left, Right at native (100%) scaling and it works as expected. Now go to 125%, for example, and move Up, Down, Left, Right on the desktop and it works. Now open the MouseMove help window (cursor on MouseMove then F1). Move the mouse into the MouseMove help window and try Up, Down, Left, Right and the movements are diagonal! If you move, for example, right from desktop into the MouseMove window it goe
  3. A few days ago I'd written an AutoIt program that drove a Target program to open/modify/save pictures. (Don't want name it, looks like a normal windows application, has a ribbon the little shortcuts appear when you press alt.) Everything working well on a VM (WServer 2012 I think.) Then I moved it to a real computer, Lenovo Think Center Windows 8.1, and the MouseMove stopped working. The MouseMove worked as normal if anything else had the focus (Explorer, Paint, TaskMgr). If Target had the focus the mouse did not move. I tried all 3 values for MouseCoordMode. Tried 32 bit and 64 bit com
  4. Can anyone tell me the default parameter to input into, GUISetOnEvent($GUI_EVENT_MOUSEMOVE, "") to disable a previously set user defined function? help file example says empty string ("") which works for other events but doesnt seem to on mouse move. Ive attached some of my test code to select icon by clicking and click on screen where needed to create an icon the same or cancel by right clicking and then escape the window with the keyboard escape key. best solution i have come up with after a few hours of trying different things is to create a DoNothing() function any h
  5. So I'm trying to make a script that will move my mouse when I scroll. I know that's weird, but I have my reasons. What I have so far can detect when I'm moving my mouse, but then when I tell the script to make my mouse move whenever it detects scroll activity it freezes. probably because of some feedback loop. Anyway, If anyone on here wants to help, I'm at a loss of how to solve this problem. Like maybe when it is about to take the action of moving the mouse it could stop detection for a bit, idk. but I don't know how to do that. #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #i
  6. Hello I got this script works below and I want to do not move cursor on screen when action is performed. Opt("MouseCoordMode", 1) ; cause it gets whole screen coords Local $x, $y Local $search = _ImageSearch('item.bmp', 0, $x, $y, 0) If $search = 1 Then MouseMove($x, $y,0) MouseClick("right", $x, $y)) MouseMove($xMiddle, $yMiddle,0) MouseClick("left", $xMiddle, $yMiddle) EndIf I changed this above to this below and what happen is. It clicks right button and then left b
  7. #include<img/img.au3> #include <AutoItConstants.au3> Func Skype() $coords = imageSearch(0,0,-1,-1,"Skype.PNG") MouseMove($coords[0],$coords[1]) [when it find the skype icon i want it to move from these coordinates, but of insted of moving to an expecific coordinate i want it to move down from these coordinates, (there is multiple images so i cant move to an specific image)] -- Kinda having trouble telling what i want cuz english isnt my first language, sorry about that. ;X MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT)
  8. Hey, so I was trying to create a script which clicks an option of a dropdown menu but can't find a solution to move the mouse from the current position 50 units down... If someone knows how to do this pls help me [EDIT: MBY the solution is to just use MouseGetPos and then use MouseMove(MouseGetPos[0],MouseGetPos[1]+50)? but idk... mby there is a better solution... Global $aPos = MouseGetPos Sleep(10000) MouseMove($aPos[0],$aPos[1]+50,10) ] Edit 2: NOPE Isn't working... Thanks in advance Jannik
  9. Hi, i wanna creat an _Imagesearch / Mousemove script for an 3D/FPS Game and have Problems with the mousemove. In the game like Curveball(2D) its still works but in games like Battlefield (3D) are the absolute coordinates not really helpfull. Someone have an idea or an Example for me ?
  10. Hi, First of all I would like say infinite thanks to the team involved in designing this great tool. Here is my problem 1. Press windows button 2. ESC 3. TAB 4. It will take me to the first pinned icon in the taskbar 5. If I I do SHIFT F10 which usually opens context menu like right click of the mouse. 6. For one of the application I am using it does not support Shift + F10 context menu rather it listens to only mouse right click event. 7. I do a search in a tree view of my application and the search item is selected or focused 8. For eg
  11. Hi, I am trying to create an automation script that will realistically mimic a users input suitable for recording in a repeatable manner. I am able to use the MouseMove command to hover an icon on the desktop, double click it, and open the software. I searched these forums for a reliable way to use MouseMove to move to a control on the new window and found this article: I have modified the code to look like this so I can see the movement of the mouse: Func _ControlMouseClick($iTitle, $iText, $iControl, $iButton = "left", $iClicks = "1", $iSpe
  12. Dear all, I'm creating this program where the goal is to automate some mouse -click and dragging on an external application. Now the problem is, this external application is blocking every automate mouse moves, clicks or anything related to using the mouse. So I figured autoit uses postmessage and user32.dll to move the mouse and that this application blocks these attempts. Now I'm wondering if there's a different way to move the mouse so it'll go undetected by this external app. Any other suggestions are welcome to. Thnx in advance
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