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Found 11 results

  1. Cannot find example how to locate taskbar icon coordinates or position by window handle. I want to use PixelChecksum to check only rectangle area over specified taskbar item. Please help. What I already have found and succesfully run for whole taskbar area: $taskbar = WinGetHandle("[Class:Shell_TrayWnd]") $taskbarPos = WinGetPos($taskbar) $tasklistPos = ControlGetPos($taskbar, "", "[CLASS:MSTaskListWClass; INSTANCE:1]")  $iOldCheckSum = PixelChecksum($taskbarPos[0] + $tasklistPos[0], $taskbarPos[1] + $tasklistPos[1], $taskbarPos[0]
  2. #include<img/img.au3> #include <AutoItConstants.au3> Func Skype() $coords = imageSearch(0,0,-1,-1,"Skype.PNG") MouseMove($coords[0],$coords[1]) [when it find the skype icon i want it to move from these coordinates, but of insted of moving to an expecific coordinate i want it to move down from these coordinates, (there is multiple images so i cant move to an specific image)] -- Kinda having trouble telling what i want cuz english isnt my first language, sorry about that. ;X MouseClick($MOUSE_CLICK_LEFT)
  3. I have a script that has to work on multiple resolutions but each resolution has slightly different co-ordinates due to automatic UI scaling. I have had to make separate files for each but would like to implement them all in one script. I have a similar program written for Java which uses else if statements to use different co-ordinates for each resolution after it has been detected. I'm not good with Java so I would like to implement this on AutoIt before later making a Java version. This is a snippet of the autoit code I have. ToolTip("1 - Search") MouseClick("Left", @Desk
  4. This script created by Varian is getting an error saying Obfuscator support has been discontinued and replaced by Au3Stripper. He said: To help you with the coordinates, use this script and browse over the button or area that you wish to be clicked. Exit the script by pressing the Escape key. The information displayed on the exiting message box will be copied to the clipboard for you to paste into a text editor so that you can use it. Just make sure that you use the correct MouseCoord option (window/client). you should also make sure that the window size remains constant...this can b
  5. I am trying to drag and drop an item from listview on one side to the parent element in workspace. From list view I selected the text which I want to drag, but I need to get the coordinates of the selected text. I thought of using MouseClickDrag command. is there any other way to do this?
  6. Hi, i wanna creat an _Imagesearch / Mousemove script for an 3D/FPS Game and have Problems with the mousemove. In the game like Curveball(2D) its still works but in games like Battlefield (3D) are the absolute coordinates not really helpfull. Someone have an idea or an Example for me ?
  7. Can I make it so that when I put MouseClick("left", 300, 200), it will click those coordinates on a window so if I run it on a different computer or move the window, it will still click on the same spot.
  8. I've got a simple little script that is trying to step through data in a datagrid. I have written and rewritten this thing to try and keep it running, but it just keeps coming up with values I just don't think it can get. I've played with the timing and it seems to run a little better when slowed down, but setting my $delay higher and higher gets me less and less improvement, but starts to really drag the process to a crawl. Removing the sleeps entirely isn't even that bad. Every time I send a ^C to copy a value, I verify it, and then when I'm done with it, I reset the Clipboard with a kno
  9. Two small spherical trig UDFs using Airy's ellipsoid to convert between the British Ordnance Survey grid (easting and northing, in metres) and latitude-longitude coordinates (in decimal degrees), with alternative ellipsoids for Ireland and Channel Islands (see annotations at the end). All four parameters need to be pre-declared (as the new values are parsed ByRef). Source was partly gleaned from here. I doubt whether anyone outside of Britain will find this of use, but you never know, so here goes: ; Example OS grid to lat/lon $easting=651409 ; in meters $northing=313177 ; in meters $lat=0 ;
  10. Hi, so I'm currently doing test automation within a program known as Creo Elements. I'm new to AutoIt, and so far I really enjoy working with it. However while I've found automating IE to be really accessible with auto it, I'm having a bit more difficulty automating a program like creo. I want a solution to automating that doesn't involve mouseclick, as that doesn't scale very well... I've already looked to this thread for help on the matter: It seems like specifying the coordinents per each resolutions is a huge hastle, and I would rather get control click working. But my problem with cont
  11. How can I search for a certain color in a background or masked window by other windows( no minimized ), and get the color's relative window's coordinates ?? Is it possible ? I appreciate any help....
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