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  1. Hello everyone, I have several signals on the screen that need to be monitored while a program is running. These signals are scattered around an image which is maximized on 4 equal resolution screens - the AutoIT Window Info does not recognize any objects on the program meaning that I'm left with the PixelSearch() and PixelCheckSum() functions to monitor the signals: The signals are as small as a 5x5 pixel area and their coordinates are known. I've been digging around for a while now in this forum about the PixelSearch() and PixelCheckSum() and found some interesting and usefu
  2. Greetings friends! I have been searching the help file and Google, with no success, to find a way to validate images from a folder and mark them somehow in a spreadsheet. My context is: I made a code with the help of the community that captures images from SAP and saves them in a folder. Now I'd like to identify which ones are black, if it's even possible. I read about PixelSearch, but did not get it to work. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. The code I'm using: #include <File.au3> #include <ScreenCapture.au3> $x = InputBo
  3. While IsArray(PixelSearch(100, 100, 300, 300, 0xffffff))     Send("{ESC}")     Sleep(1000) WEnd  MsgBox(0,"Loop exited","") Hi, above is my function that will execute ESC button when white color is present in specific area which is color 0xffffff. But how do I do the opposite like when white color is not present in that specific area? Like this below code which gives me error While IsArray(PixelSearch(100, 100, 300, 300, <>0xffffff))     Send("{ESC}")     Sleep(1000) WEnd  M
  4. Hi I want it to search for a specific color in certain area then excute the loop which presses ESC button and stop the loop when the color no longer present in that specific area. Here is the example of my code. But it doesnt stop when color is disappeared. Pixelsearch(511, 455, 678, 501, 0xFFFFFF) If Not @Error Then While 1 Sleep(1000) Send("{ESC}") Pixelsearch(511, 455, 678, 501, 0xFFFFFF) If @Error Then Exitloop
  5. Sorry if I posted in wrong section but... how can I do something like that? If PixelSearch(660, 30, 670, 38, 0x242424, 0 , 1) <> @error Then Send("{F3}") Sleep(200) ElseIf PixelSearch(800, 30, 810, 38, 0x242424, 0 , 1) <> @error Then Send("{F4}") Sleep(200) EndIf
  6. I find it very weird: if I run like this: Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($posX, $posY, $sizeX, $sizeY, '0xFF455E') works fine! If I run like this: Local $metaColor1 = '0xFF455E' or like this Local $metaColor1 = "0xFF455E" or Local $metaColor1 = "'0xFF455E'" Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($posX, $posY, $sizeX, $sizeY, $color) it doesn't want to work! So something with variable is not working and yes if I print it out like this: ConsoleWrite(@LF & $posX & ":"& $posY & ":"& $sizeX & ":" & $sizeY & ":" & $color&@LF) 771:80:8
  7. I need help about pixel search. The problem with the script below is that PixelSearch does not continue on the coordinates where it has stopped. When the first pixelsearch finds the 1st pixel, it should move the mouse over it and new pixels would appear just like hovering over menus. Then upon hover, there would be another PixelSearch to see if the second red pixel is found. If not found, then it should resume the first PixelSearch instead of starting from left to right again. For example we are doing a pixelsearch on two straight lines with coordinates [x,y] : [0,0] [1,0] [2,0]
  8. Using sample code: #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> ; Find a pure red pixel in the range 0,0-20,300 Local $aCoord = PixelSearch(0, 0, 20, 300, 0xFF0000) If Not @error Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "X and Y are: " & $aCoord[0] & "," & $aCoord[1]) Else MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "Pure Not Found") EndIf ; Find a pure red pixel or a red pixel within 10 shades variations of pure red $aCoord = PixelSearch(0, 0, 20, 300, 0xFF0000, 10) If Not @error Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "", "X and Y are: " & $aCoord[0] & "," & $aCoord[1
  9. Hello, I am new to both Programming and this forum. I have done a few tiny projects that were successful and fell in love with Autoit. So now I am trying to learn new things as I go. I have read the Help docs on my following question, I have gone thru all of that. and I am sure as soon as you see my code you will be saying OMG why did he do that, or OMG how can you forget to add this.. But when your new you take the path of least resistance to get the outcome you want. SETUP: I am trying to make a code that will open a piece of software, then open a browser (which has a handful of tabs
  10. I had this problem with PixelGetColor not giving me the same HEX Color as the AU3Info Tool and searched every were with no luck then had a OH DA moment LoL. The problem is that the "PixelGetColor ($mouseX[0], $mouseY[1])" is looking rite at the very tip of the mouse pointer not under it. So you have to set a -3 after the [0] and [1]. "PixelGetColor ($mouseX[0] -3, $mouseY[1] -3)" to make it search next to the pointer not on the pointer. You may have to adjust this a bit for your display but you should not have to go more then -5. -3 seems to work best for me.
  11. how to find the location on an image color ?? Similar PixelSearch, but in a format bmp image search 0x0806EB and returns coordinates sorry I am not good at English
  12. PixelSearch in a GUI window which state's @SW_MINIMIZE. Is it possible?
  13. Hello, I've wrote a fairly straight forward script that will search an area of the screen and then left click on apart of that area should it find a certain color/pixel. I have a small issue where by within the area, multiple pixels of the same color will appear, the script will continue to click on the same pixel over and over again. Is there a way so that it will cycle through all the results and click on each one for a given time period then move onto the next, as apose to clicking on the same spot forever. I have used timers before and that shouldn't be an issue, its more the ha
  14. Greetings, Func pixelHunter () Local $PixelHunt[2] Do $PixelHunt = PixelSearch (1, 1, 1016, 874, "0xCCE4CC", 0, 1, $sWorkOrderWin) Until $PixelHunt[0] > 0 EndFunc So when I call up this function in my app it fires back "Subscript used on non-accessible variable" Now, if I am understanding this message properly it is trying to tell me that the variable can't be seen by the function asking for it. I replaced "Do...Until" with simply a "ConsoleWrite" the $PixelHunt value and it doesn't throw that error. Any advice would be appreciated!
  15. Sir/Ma'am, I am new to autoit so please bear with me, i need help with this please see attached file, many thanks to all. $color1 = 0xED1C24 ;red $color2 = 0xFFFFFF ;white $color3 = 0x22B14C ;green $color4 = 0x00A2E8 ;blue ;lets say (999,366,1331,566) is the yellow outer square $Scan_Area = PixelSearch(999,366,1331,566,$color1) ;how do i delete the BOX2 & BOX1 but not delete BOX3? while(1) if IsArray($Scan_Area) = ???? then Mousemove($Scan_Area[0],$Scan_Area[1],10) Mouseclick($Scan_Area[0],$Scan_Area[1],1,10) Send("{delete}")
  16. I have a need to make the mouse push down the the left button and trace a shape that goes in all directions . If it can follow the line in a full circle I'd be set. I'm not concerned with the left mouse down, I have that figured out for later. My problem is having the cursor follow a circle in paint. It'll follow some but I think it's going toward 0,0 I'm guessing but falls off once it gets to a certain point. I've searched, I've tried several methods. This code below has been the simplest that works close but won't follow a full, or half circle. It just falls off. More detail tha
  17. hello i'm here again i know im quite annoying because i ask nonsense questions >.< i just wanted to improve my automated autoclicker yahoomail I wanted to check if it is match pink and white color using AND operator && but i cant make it to work im really newbie in programming ,i wanted to learn more, i hope you help me again Func CheckIfMatch() $pink = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopHeight, @DesktopWidth, 0x2f0326) && If PixelGetColor ( 1002 , 236 ) = 0xFFFFFF && If isArray($pink) then Send("{F5}") MouseClick("primary", $pink[0] ,
  18. Here's the goal: Create a handle to a bitmap object using _WinApi_PrintWindow (this is done and working properly, I can take a screenshot of the window even when it's hidden or offscreen, does not work minimized)Be able to search for a pixel color in memory on the handle. I can get it to work if I create a Bitmap from an HBITMAP (_GDIPlus_BitmapCreateFromHBITMAP) and then go through each pixel and check it using _GDIPlus_BitmapGetPixel but it's too slow. I've tried doing the _WinApi_GetPIxel using an $hDC but it's much slower than GDI+ (GD+ takes about 20seconds to search for almost 500,000 pi
  19. i have similar problem pixelsearch. but i found an ahk script solution from google. can anyone help me convert ahk to autoit script? im really new to this heres ahk script MainLoop() { Loop { PixelSearch, X, Y, 0, 0, %A_ScreenWidth%, %A_ScreenHeight%, 0x00FF00, 0, fast if(ErrorLevel=0) { MouseClick, left, %X%, %Y% sleep, 300 RefinedLoop(x, y) } RefinedLoop(pX, pY) { Loop { pX := X + 50 pY := y + 50 dX := X - 50 dY := Y - 50 PixelSearch, X, Y, %pX%, %pY%, %dX%, %dY%, 0x00FF00, 0
  20. sometimes my script just hovering mouseMove to the target continuously.. and not left clicking it ..whats the problem? Func Start() While 1 $pxs2 = PixelSearch(70, 102, 1181, 654, 0x6b2900) If isArray($pxs2) then MouseMove($pxs2[0]+40,$pxs2[1]+40, 0) sleep(100) MouseClick("Left") Else $pxs3 = PixelSearch(70, 102, 1181, 654, 0x6b29a4) If isArray($pxs3) then MouseMove($pxs3[0]+40,$pxs3[1]+40, 0) sleep(100) MouseClick("Left") Else $pink = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0x8a0859) If isArray($pink) then MouseMove($pink[0],
  21. my script is working fine but it mostly clicks only in the sides and corner of green square (which is the first pixels it detects i guess) any idea how can I click the middle area inside of pixelsearch? heres what i done but it wont work $greenbox = PixelSearch(0, 0, @DesktopWidth, @DesktopHeight, 0x00FF00) If isArray($greenbox) then newX := greenbox[0] + 25 newY := greenbox[1] + 25 MouseMove($newX[0],$newY[1], 0) MouseClick("Left")
  22. I want to do several Pixelsearches on my Screen to find out if i can find the Chrome Browser ^^ Instead of one big search on the screen i run $pixesearch1,$pixesearch2,$pixesearch3 etc. on a sliced up Screen. I have done something similar before.. But i wanted to ask if i should use Switch or Select? Do they only run ONE of their cases? or run as many cases that are True?
  23. How can I search for a certain color in a background or masked window by other windows( no minimized ), and get the color's relative window's coordinates ?? Is it possible ? I appreciate any help....
  24. Let’s say I want to do pixelsearch within coordinates 0, 0, 100, 100, but I would like to ignore pixels in area 10,10,20,20. Is it possible to achieve?
  25. While i am waiting for Better Solutions for Finding Multiple @error Cases and React according to them, i am hoping that some1 could explain me what my problem in this (time consuming) function is.. The Idea is that i check for @Errors from the 3 PixelSearch i am doing, and give Message according to it. I am changing Colors In Paint for Every Loop To Test If the Color Searches Are Correct. All Cases are Working Fine, and the Right MsgBoxes are Triggered, Except the Case where all 3 Colors are Missing: HotKeySet("{ESC}", "End") Global $pixelSearchError1 = @error Global $pixelSearchError2 = @e
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