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Found 17 results

  1. Hi All, So I have created a small autoIT script to enter pin into a RSA token(app which generate new code every 30 second), and copy the generated code. I have a java application which requires this code so every time my java-code requires this RSA code, it runs the autoIT script and the copied generated code is then used in my java application. I have deployed this code on a windows server and it works fine when I am logged in and the window is on focus, But as soon as I schedule task and disconnect the server (not logged out only disconnect), or even minimize the server window, the autoIT scripts fails and its not able to copy the value. Please find below the code for AUTOIT. WinActivate("rsa - RSA SecurID Token") ; activates the window that has old in the tilte bar WinWaitActive("rsa - RSA SecurID Token") ; waits until the window is the active window Send("1111") ; simulates pressing the Home key, enters password to get the code Send("{ENTER}") ; simulates pressing the Enter key Sleep(1000) ; Send("^c") ; simulates pressing the CTRL+c keys (copy) Also I saw some post regarding that WINACTIVE only works when window is active. But my below AUTO IT script to handle windows pop up works perfectly fine when the server is disconnected. Opt("WinTitleMatchMode", 1) WinWait("https://url","","10") WinWaitActive("https://url","","10") Sleep(2000) Send("userid") Sleep(1000) Send("{TAB}") Sleep(1000) Send("passwrd") Send("{TAB}") Sleep(500) Send("{ENTER}")
  2. Hello I am a first time user of AutoIT with little coding experience and I would REALLY really appreciate your help. I work in a warehouse where I am responsible for data entry along with a slew of other different tasks such as auditing and managing paperwork. Most of my time is tied up entering info to close receipts of product orders (8-12+ hours for thousands of products). The quantity actually produced by the warehouse is sometimes different from the quantity listed on the reciept (in this case 20). I need to change all the build qty for sublocation "1-WIP" from 20 to the actual quantity 22 and set all other numbers as 0. The form is an iframe coded with jQuery and freezes for 1-2 seconds after every entry and refreshes. As such, it doesn't allow me to use tab and I need to click and type every incorrect field. I have attached an image as an example from the webapp, FinaleInventory. I'm thinking that I probably need a macro that has a message box entry where I can type the corrected number entry I want. Then it uses image/character recognition (Tesseract?) to find "WIP" sublocation =, Move the mouse over to the right to "Quantity" relative to location of WIP If quantity number = entry, then move to next "WIP" image (Not quite sure how to make Tesseract "find next") Elseif quantity number ≠ entry then click quantity number of "WIP" and type corrected entry Scroll down Loop until bottom of page I would greatly appreciate any help, ideas or pointers for this project. Thank you! -A newbie scripter
  3. I'm trying ot use controlClick to click on button. So I'm using the Window Info Finder tool. But I noticed that the control ID in windowInfo changes each time I restart the app. Am I doing this wrong.
  4. Hi all, Below is my script, Pls advise me if any wrong on that....File exit in location but the return -1. FileOpen($file, 0) $line = FileReadLine($file) MsgBox(0,'',$line) FileClose($file) Local $aArray = _FileListToArrayRec($serverpath, "*|*.txt", $FLTAR_FILES, $FLTAR_RECUR, $FLTAR_SORT, $FLTAR_NOPATH) If @error Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, "Ooops!", "No files found") Else ;_ArrayDisplay($aArray, "Sorted tree") Local $hSearch = FileFindFirstFile($line) MsgBox(0,'',$hSearch)
  5. Hi, I am trying to use the ControlClick in a "save as"-window to select the path of where to save the document. I found out that when in press the icon in front of the path, i select the path. So I am trying to press that button (i have attached a print screen of this window). While trying to figure out how i had to use the ControlClick, it said somewhere that i could us Au3Info to find out what title,... i should use with the ControlClick. The result of the Au3Info I have attached aswel. The ControlClick that i tried are these: (and none of these even move the mouse) ControlClick("[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:4]", "", "", "Left" ,1 ,10,10) ControlClick("[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32; INSTANCE:4]", "", "1001", "Left" ,1 ,10,10) ControlClick("[CLASS:ToolbarWindow32]", "", "", "Left" ,1 ,10,10) ControlClick("Save project as", "", "", "Left" ,1 ,10,10) I don't know what I am doing wrong. Should I use a controlID? is my windowtitle wrong? Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance, Theo
  6. I tried (using AutoIt) to automate a scenario where i have to open IE with specific URL on my extranet(Xen Desktop or Citrix ) ,from there i need to download file and then through WinSCP; I have to move that file to another location that can be access from my Local system using VMWare. I did as far as the above step. Now i want to navigate from my extranet to my local desktop system. But i am not able to move from there.Mouse click is also not working.Please find the below screenshot highlighted in YELLOW.
  7. Browsers seem to have a built-in feature to insert a check box (Prevent this page from creating additional dialogues) into the message box created by an web site. This check box seems to appear when the same message box is triggered in succession within a short span of time. My problem is that AutoIt cannot read the text of the IE11 message box when this check box is included. I started to experence this after my Windows 10 was updated to Anniversay Update. I would like to know if anyone has experienced the same thing and if there is a solution to let the AutoIt read the text.
  8. I need to select an item from a SAP combobox, could anyone help me or did something like that? I tried to use some AutoIt functions but without success. When i try to identify the combobox with au3Info, this is the return: Could anyone help me with this challange?
  9. Hello, I'm starting a script in AutoIT to automize a task in a software. I need to click a several Controls. I'm just starting to learn AutoIT, and discovered that we can use the Window Info tool (au3info) to identify controls precisely and targetting safely a specific button. However, when I try it, I realize that most of the controls in my toolbar have the same Control Info (No ID, same class, same instance, ...). The only thing that changes is the ControlClicks Coord but I don't think that it's interesting, I don't see the difference with the Mouse Coordinates. Besides, I was aiming to write a stable script that would work even if the button changes a little bit of place for example. Should I use another tool that Window Info tool to detect this Controls ? Is there another way to identify a Control ? Thank you in advance for your help
  10. AutoIT AU3info doeas not detect all gui objects uniquely for .NET GUIs developed in C#. this is not working now i am using COM windows approach for this, But its very difficult. Please let me know if anyone has done it before.
  11. Hello, I'm developing again (everybody ruuun! ) I would like to develope a script that goes through basicly every user control on a window, and log things that happens, and maybe do some screenshots. I did something like this before. My problem, which I would like to avoid this time (to improve my understanding and skill) , was that when I was unable to get a ControlID or handler or anything, I simply did some math and clicked on the coordinates it should have been (for example, maxing the window, and knowing the initial set up I was ablo to calculate given control position). I know that this is a bad solution for a number of reasons. Now I got authorization to install autoIT here, and i started to the work, AU3Info was unable to find anything on the window (this could be a problem, since autoIT doesn't see anything on it then, if I understood the help file) So I got the SimpleSpy script (source: ) I added a bit of code to the original to display ID as well, what I received is this: Mouse position is retrieved 115-207 At least we have an element title: [ADD] class: [Button] ID: [50000] (<-- coded this to display ID here as well) Having the following values for all properties: Title is: <ADD> Class := <Button> controltype:= <UIA_ButtonControlTypeId> ,<50000> , (0000C350) 10;187;120;35 *** Parent Information top down *** 3: Title is: <Compass> Class := <Window> controltype:= <UIA_WindowControlTypeId> ,<50032> , (0000C370) -8;-8;1936;1056 "Title:=Compass;controltype:=UIA_WindowControlTypeId;class:=Window"" 2: Title is: <> Class := <MainView> controltype:= <UIA_CustomControlTypeId> ,<50025> , (0000C369) 0;23;1920;1017 "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_CustomControlTypeId;class:=MainView"" 1: Title is: <> Class := <TileNavigationView> controltype:= <UIA_CustomControlTypeId> ,<50025> , (0000C369) 0;23;1920;967 "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_CustomControlTypeId;class:=TileNavigationView"" 0: Title is: <> Class := <AreasView> controltype:= <UIA_CustomControlTypeId> ,<50025> , (0000C369) 0;132;1920;858 "Title:=;controltype:=UIA_CustomControlTypeId;class:=AreasView"" so far I wrote this script: WinActivate('Test') ;It works!! :D first official interaction Sleep(1000) ;1 sec sleep to be sure ControlClick('Test', '', '50000') If @error Then MsgBox($MB_SYSTEMMODAL, 'Error', 'ControlClick error') EndIf Sleep(1000) MsgBox(1,"Tracer message", 'ControlClick has happened') ;MouseClick() ;ControlCommand() AutoIt activates the window, but the click on the given button doesnt happen (I tried to write 50000 without ' ' on ID). M'I doing the @error part correctly ? (no error Msg has been displayed), sorry I rarely use AutoIT and seems to forget less and less after each neglect, but still I'm far from a proffessional Any help or suggestion is welcome, thank you for your time and insight!
  12. Hello everyone, I have been beating my head against the wall all day today over this and am hoping someone can help. I work for a company who makes assistive technology and I have multiple consumers who want to use the Mail app included in Windows 10. Most of these consumers are using eye tracking technology so the MouseClick is not an option since their eyes are constantly controlling the mouse cursor so it would be a battle between that function and their eyes. And hence I need to use ControlClick. I'm having problems with it though, I can't get it to click anything in the app. I've been left clicking on things with no apparent luck. However, when I changed it to right click, something very interesting happens, the window menu (the one you get when you hit ALT + SPACE) opens every time the ControlClick runs, regardless of the X,Y coordinates as if it is right clicking at the top left of the window every time. Based on the Window Info, the entire app is one big control whose position is 0,40 and the size is 1440,838. Does anybody have any ideas why I can apparently only click on the top left corner of the app? Any direction is greatly appreciated! Opt('MouseClickDownDelay', 100) Opt('WinTitleMatchMode', 2) Local $hWnd = WinActivate('Gmail') $inc = 30 For $hi = 1 To 10 Step 1 $hadj = $hi * $inc For $i = 1 To 10 Step 1 $adj = $i * $inc $j = ControlClick($hWnd, "", "[CLASS:ApplicationFrameInputSinkWindow; INSTANCE:1]", "Right", 1, $hadj, $adj) MouseMove($hadj, $adj, 3) Next Next
  13. I want to automate a client application but auto it info tool is not detecting the GUI components. I don't know what to do. please help me out. Screenshot of first login page of application is in attachment
  14. Hello all! Quick question that I couldn't find in the forums. Does anyone that uses AutoItx4Java have any insight on using outside functions(non-standard AutoIT) in Java. I can't find anything in the forums that explains how this might be possible, but I feel like it probably is. An example would be that I am trying to use the OCR functions from an outside library in AutoIT. This works fine in the AutoIT environment, but it would be amazing if I could also use these functions in my java code to keep it all in one place. Any help or nudge in the right direction would be great! Thanks! If you need any more information, please let me know!
  15. I found this Control viewer which looks promising, I'm just curious what other windowinfo tool variants do you guys use? (sorry if this should have gone to Chat)
  16. Please help! I am using Autoit version to automate a task where I need to click on a control on a window of a third party program. I am having a problem with the ControlGetPos function. When I call it with the correct information about the contol and its parent window, it reports the wrong value for the Y position, though the X position is correct. When I run AU3INFO.EXE it reports the correct position, though. Please see the attached screen shot to understand what I mean. Here is the source code for the example code that I am running in the attached screen shot. These are the only two lines in my example program, for simplicity (it assumes the window is already up on the screen in this example): $ControlCoordinates = ControlGetPos("Diagnostic Report", "", "[NAME:m_Details]") MsgBox(0, "Output from my AutoIt Test Script", "Autoit code believes the control to be at this location: " & @CRLF & $ControlCoordinates[0] & "," & $ControlCoordinates[1]) (Note: I have tried putting Opt("MouseCoordMode", 2) at the top of the code and it does not change the value, regardless of whether I do 0, 1, or 2 for the mode.) As you can see from the screen shot, AutoIt is getting "140" for the Y position. But the same control, when use AU3INFO.EXE to obtain its location, reports 164 for the Y position. I'm sure we're talking about the same control here. When I hover over the control with AU3INFO.EXE it reports the name "[NAME:m_Details]" for that control, and that is what I put into the code. There are no other controls on the window with that identifier, it is unique to that control in the example I have shown. The reason this is a problem is that I need to send a MouseClick to that place on the screen (ControlClick doesn't work for this program, I don't know why) and with MouseClick it's imperative that I get the position correct. It's not coming out correct this way and the mouse is clicking 24 pixels too high to register. What's wrong with the ControlGetPos function, and more importantly, why does AU3INFO.EXE get it right when it was written by the same people? What is AU3INFO doing right that AutoIt's ControlGetPos function is not doing right? How can I fix this so my code works correctly in all cases?
  17. Heya guys. I've been pumping out a ton of scripts to help me at my little IT shop here, but I'm having issues with TDSS Killer. When I run au3info against the active window, it returns almost nothing, which I'm sure is intentional to keep malware from attacking it. I get no Title, for Basic Window Info Class, I just get #32770. No basic control info, although I do get a button ID if I click scan. Here's what I'm trying to do. It opens tdsskiller and throws no errors. Run("../Ketarin Apps/tdsskiller.exe -tdlfs -l -qsus") WinWaitActive("[CLASS:#32770]") ControlClick("[CLASS:#32770]", "", 1002) Exit I've also tried without the #'s. I can't seem to find applicable documentation pages, any help is appreciated.
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