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  1. I can't be responsible for any impact of your script or services you would run in production. | _Services_UDF v4 | | By Arcker | Run your script as a service | Req. AutoIt min, last beta recommended ( tested in ) |_______________________________________ ++ Preparing v5 !! Checked on 27/04/2015 <> Updated on 10/23/2013 <> Updated 07/29/2013 <> Best practices Updated 24/02/2012 -- Removed GUI code, and old codes. == Warning : 26/02/2012 <> New Version (v3 ) : 29/07/2013 | Thx to ShminkyBoy, wraithdu, Udgeen and HolmesShelock for their great contributions. Special thx to bitboy, Downloads see end of this post : ServiceExample_v4, Services.au3, ServicesConstants.au3 Presentation Here is my _Service _ UDF With this UDF, you can compile your autoit script and run it as service. Any comments are welcome. Hope you'll like it, 1 - changelog Update V4 : 23/10/2013,27/04/2015 Update : V3 on 29/07/2013 Compile the service example to see how to do then you can use the main function for your proper scriptChoose an appropriate location and copy the script here.open a command prompt, and execute the compiled script with option –I ( must be admin right since vista )start / execute "services.msc" . You will see a service called "Autoit_service". you can execute "sc query" in a command prompt too.Launch it : it will run the previous compile script. The main function will be executed after the service_init.stop and relaunch the service as you wish. Examples / Session Change / uses v1 (lock, logon, etc) By HolmesShelock. Awesome work. Edit : this example doesn't use v2 or v3 method SessionChange Service.zip Example output to give you an idea Examples demos Synoptic And for End Users, I've tried to explain the service control manager and the way it works with programs. see below Best Practice, by arcker : /! please read this if you encounter stability issues I've had to rework on services.au3 to reflect threadsafe. Threadsafe means each dll call must be on "dllopened" instead of calling dll directly for example, if you need a function in kernel32.dll, you have to open it and call it after. That's contraignant since a lot of integrated functions in autoit are not programmed this way. If you take my services.au3, at the end, you'll see reworked function to handle this change. I've not tried services for a while, since i don't need it for now, but i can help you only if your provide whole script, to see how you call every functions. I can tell that fix stability issues in callback, but i don't think it's need for your script, as far as you don't use callback. Best Practice, by udgeen : Good news! Probably i've found the working method of integrating service.au3 with other projects I realised it after ASock.au3 project by Zatorg (please, sorry if im wrong) - ASock is asynck socket - tcp on event (uses ws2_32.dll). Asock & sqlite didnt work together. The only reason for that was..._ArrayDisplay() func with gui!!! Ok. I made special sqlite.au3 without dependences. It works, but my udf seemed too be much heavy to use at another project. Few weeks ago I returned to service.au3 and found TCP UDF, Event driven project based on ASock.au3. It seemed to work as example, but didn't work at all as service. In my variant of service_example.au3 i posted msdn words about service_main procedure, that it must contain all global vars of project I'll try to post that project as an another service_example.au3 in some weeks here. If it will works. Some advice: use SysInternals Process Explorer (free gui based), or kill.exe from support tools to stop suspended service process. U can start-stop service even net start/net stop commands. Use file logging while debuging. No need to install-uninstall service after every recompilation: only stop, recompile, start. See, if it was suspended (while stopping) - kill process. The only reason not to stop service correctly i've found for today is unclean exit: opened sockets, maybe some dlls. Edit : Arcker note: too bad, that would be too easy. unclean exit is not due to opened dll, but by some more internal exit checks or something. FAQ. 1 - Hey, I've got error 1063 or error 0, what does that mean ? It simply means that you intend to run your script in scite or directly by executing it. Your script has to be installed as service and run from it. Several ways to do it : You have to combine all Globals in one place: for example at the the begining. You have to make it with other udfs too... silly workThen sort Global Const and other Global statements. If u see something like global $x = 1 do that way: global $x leeve at top. $x =1 insert into module's (udf or project) Init func.U have to do it even with standart udf... or use only necessary functions from it in your own include. Or... maybe u have another plan?Try to build your project with modified udfs - does it works now? Hmm... But it have to Maybe later after everything will work fine i'll say "msdn is wrong, microsoft lies"... But maybe i'll say that microsoft - is not so bad, because autoit works in itnet start "yourservicename"Services.mscUse API provided _Service_start, Service_stop. 2 - I want to make a GUI ! It's not possible in a service. Create another process and communicate with your service by using IPC. 3 - I've to let the main function that way ? That's contraignant. Hey, a script intended to run as service is special no ? Autoit is not C++. The only way to have a "Main" in autoit is to have a function. If you find another way, please share it ServiceExample_ThreadSafe.au3 Services.au3 ServiceExample_v4.au3 ServicesConstants.au3
  2. Hi, Part of my standard template for a new project is including the lines: #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Au3Stripper=y ;Run Au3Stripper before compilation (Default=n) #Au3Stripper_Parameters=/mo ; Use the parameters as listed above I extensively use bookmarks to jump back and forth between sections of code while debugging and I am experiencing an annoyance that I'm hoping someone could steer me towards a "better" solution. The problem is when I go to compile code, all of my bookmarks get deleted. I have determined that if I comment out the line #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Au3Stripper then the issue no longer happens and my bookmarks remain. Are there some other properties I could be setting somewhere to keep the line in place yet not destroy my bookmarks on every compile? Thanks SciTE Version 3.7.3 Feb 16 2017 21:41:17 AutoIT
  3. HI people, I got a questions, I maintain code in autoIT and every time I compile a new version or modification, Scite generate 2 folders. One folder is finish by released and the other is tentative. I try to make some google search, but never find answer would satisfied myself. The dev who was maintain it before were using AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI, and I don't know if it's related. I look both folder, but they seem pretty identical, but I would like to know what it's the difference between those to folder. Anyone have a clue?
  4. I don't have any experience compiling AutoIt scripts or know of any best practices regarding said scripts so I was wondering, what are some of the options for passing data to complied scripts? Here's an example of what I mean by "option": Writing data to a text file, then running a script which reads the data from that text file. Thanks! I apologize if this topic is a little lackluster
  5. Hey All, Yes, this is an odd request. But is there a way to bulk up the size of the compiled program? I know many want to reduce it's size, but I want to increase it. What methods do you suggest?
  6. Is it possible to compile script without any icon resources included? When I make exe it uses default system icon of current OS even if I compile as console application. On other versions of Windows it looks a little strange Update: It seems that the only way is remove icons from exe after compilation using resource editors like ResHacker. another bad solution: Using corrupted 35 bytes icon file. Windows can't load it and shows default system icon. #pragma compile(Icon, broken.ico) broken.ico
  7. Hi, Since today, exe's are being flagged as having a trojan by Windows Defender (Fuery.B!cl) Version: - SciTE Version 3.7.3
  8. So, I have this odd issue happening with UIAWrappers. When I run simplespy.au3 through SciTE, it finds the object I'm trying to work with, no problem. But, when I compile simplespy.exe, it can't find it. Another script that utilizes UIAWrappers is experiencing the same phenomenon. EDIT: Compiling as 32-bit or 64-bit does not affect this behavior. The trouble starts at the very first object I try to get via _UIA_getObjectByFindAll, so I included the $properties2Match array and the object properties that were returned by _UIA_getPropertyValue for that first object both when running from SciTE and when compiled. It always finds the matches for the title and control type properties. But when compiled, it fails to find the Automation ID property. Any ideas as to why this would be happening? Hoping junkew will see this and have an idea. These are the $properties2Match 30005|Screen/PVN - ###.###.##.## - CDK Drive|0|False 30003|50032|0|False 30011|Portal|0|False Object properties when running from SciTE: <propertymatching> j:1 propID:[30005] expValue:[Screen/PVN - ###.###.##.## - CDK Drive]actualValue:[Screen/PVN - ###.###.##.## - CDK Drive]1 j:2 propID:[30003] expValue:[50032]actualValue:[50032]1 j:3 propID:[30011] expValue:[Portal]actualValue:[Portal]1 </propertymatching> Object properties when script is compiled: <propertymatching> j:1 propID:[30005] expValue:[Screen/PVN - ###.###.##.## - CDK Drive]actualValue:[Screen/PVN - ###.###.##.## - CDK Drive]1 j:2 propID:[30003] expValue:[50032]actualValue:[50032]1 j:3 propID:[30011] expValue:[Portal]actualValue:[]0 </propertymatching>
  9. This baby can do almost any language! I found Gleany on this site and set it up on a fresh win10 install. all i would need to do to make it build an exe of the search files app we discovered is the .NET Target Framework download to build 100 % but the exe works and generates! You also need to add the path the the version of csc.exe that you want to run. MSBuild is part of .NET and can read your .csproj file. YOU can develop .NET OR C/C++ on this baby! Super lightweight (fit for crappy laptops), and you can use any dev compilers you wish, Ming, MS, etc, whatever. To use the build, you need to open the csproj file, else, to check your syntax it can compile individual files as well. The warning are because I do not have the .NET 4.6 Targeting Pack installed... LOL, and I could get rid of the Core warning, yes, I did not want to build a .NET Core.dll I wanted a live x64 exe! Told you MSBUILD could handle .CSPROJ, .VBPROJ, and all others Microsoft. Don't let Visual Code or Visual Studio slow you down, although, this works with Visual Code as well but there is only debugging in CORE.DLL projects ListFiles Example.zip
  10. Good evening everyone I was trying to compile my executable, adding #pragma directives instead of #AutoIt3Wrapper* directives, and, I don't know why the #pragma compile doesn't add the Author field to the executable. These are the directives: #pragma compile(Author, 'Surname Name') ; or #pragma compile(Author, Surname Name) and this is the output, in both cases: - #pragma directive Author found but don't understand it so will ignore: #pragma compile(Author, 'Surname Name') - #pragma directive Author found but don't understand it so will ignore: #pragma compile(Author, Surname Name) What am I missing? Thanks Francesco
  11. I get the "Unable to add resources" error related to AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\Aut2Exe when compiling with a large FileInstall of a 1.5GB file. Is there a size limit I need to be aware of? I've also disabled or removed Trend from three different machines and had the same results. I've had issues like this in the past but have compiled after the Aut2Exe folder was excluded in AV. That doesn't seem to be the problem this time around. If I comment out the FileInstall the script compiles successfully.
  12. Hi All, I'm using UseTraySetIcon("shell32.dll", xx) to set my tray icon to a specific icon while running, is there a way I can specify this icon when I compile my script into an exe so my exe icon is the same? Thanks!
  13. Hello Guys, Is there a way to have Auto it Exe messages/line number when you hover over the tray icon just at it shows when you run Au3.? For an example, if I the script has paused due to WinWait or Sleep I could hover over the icon and it shows the line where it's at. Is there a way to achieve the same with the compiled exe? Many thanks for the help!
  14. Hello there, When I compile script and use it out of the map where the source code is. So just moving main.exe to other map, then source code is. It breaks with error: Line10010 Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable So I wonder what kind of file do I need to include with .exe file? Or should I do something else? Because people that are using needs only .exe file just start it and use it, with out source code.
  15. Excuse me, I did not understand how in the function of Main I can include hundreds of functions of my executable code ?? How to implement this?
  16. After updateing SciTE components (SciTE.exe, SciLexer.dll, Tidy.exe, Obfuscator.exe, AutoIt3Wrapper.exe) I have again a problem with the compilation of programs, I think that a similar issue was previously discussed here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> When I try to compile some of my programs, I have this message: ps. System nie może otworzyć określonego urządzenia lub pliku = System can not open the specified device or file EDIT: topic change EDIT: 2013-08-26 add tags
  17. Weird story. Been using Autoit for more than a year now. But recently moved to a new machine, so did a fresh install, and suddenly I saw menus I never saw before in the editor. For example, I Always used to have: Tools>Compile and then it would compile my au3 code. Now, the tools menu has a lot of options but after pressing Compile it goes to a whole new screen specifically for au3 code to select more options, also it debugs my code, which prevents compiling if badly coded. Of course this is fine, but I would really like to recompile some old crappy code I wrote, regardless of the mistakes that are still in there, also I am really used to the old setup I had, so kind of not done, but how do i get this 'bad' configuration back? Does it have to do with the au3.properties file? What should I do with it.... Thanks
  18. This isn't any urgent issue, but more a curiosity on my part. Looking at the Pragma Compile Directives page of the help file, FileVersion and ProductVersion both have "last parameter being optional" in the Parameters description. Is there any documentation on what that last parameter is/does?
  19. I would like to ask you some questions about compiling. I use Autoit wrapper gui 15.920.938.0 1. I would like to delete all comments from my compiled code. If is possible... I am using the version of Autoit, I would like this time to protect my code, without using external tools that are seen as viruses, how do you protect your code usually? Thx
  20. Hello, Just a Little question why the autoit exes also with a very Little Code get when generated around 800-1000kb also would there be anyday away to compile a script to a Dynamic Link Library(dll)? Is there a way to Change to encryption of Compiling to something what makes the compile file a bit Shorter :O? Thanks in advance.
  21. When we compile our code through Aut2exe, version is missing if we check the properties of the compiled executable. Can any one suggest how to set a version number to the compiled exe.
  22. So, I made a script, and I need to compile it so I can use it elsewhere and stuff. Whenever I try to compile it, I get an Error: Unable to add resources. C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\AutoIt v3\Aut2Exe\???????.exe ( - The "??????"'s change each time I try, but it's a .exe.) It's not my Anti Virus, I hope. My Anti Virus is Microsoft Security Essentials. Please help me.
  23. Hi , I downloaded the latest autoIT. I have an existing script that was working fine previously on another setup. But now eveytime i compile the same script, Aut2Exe got crashed. Error - Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: aut2exe.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 538b66aa Fault Module Name: aut2exe.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 538b66aa Exception Code: c00000fd Exception Offset: 000198b7 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 076b Additional Information 2: 076bed14e3ca0113f4b80beb7b49b677 Additional Information 3: 2eef Additional Information 4: 2eefb26b95dd8df84f531fd7cbccf9c9 Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt Help appriciated
  24. Hello, I am having a strange error, here is a screenshot below: Thanks in Advance
  25. Which of the two should I use? It seems pragma compile offers access to resource fields that AutoIt3Wrapper only allows access to via Res_Field, such as CompanyName and ProductName. AutoIt3Wrapper offers help with versioning in the form of automatic version increase, pragma doesn't. (afaik) Should one ever combine the two in one script? Could I e.g. increase the ProductVersion automatically as well with AutoIt3Wrapper? I'm using the Beta, with Scite 3.4.4 Full as well as TortoiseSVN and WinMerge.
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