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Found 11 results

  1. Introduction In the course of my research for a project involving, among other things, the transfer of large amounts of data, I came across the BITS service and from that the idea for this UDF was born. For a brief overview, I'll quote from Microsoft's BITS website (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/bits/background-intelligent-transfer-service-portal). Availability 🛒 The BITS UDF can be downloaded from my GitHub repository: 🔗 https://github.com/DonChunior/BITS-UDF Comments 💬 Currently, only an alpha version of the UDF is available. This contains b
  2. I can't be responsible for any impact of your script or services you would run in production. | _Services_UDF v4 | | By Arcker | Run your script as a service | Req. AutoIt min, last beta recommended ( tested in ) |_______________________________________ ++ Preparing v5 !! Checked on 27/04/2015 <> Updated on 10/23/2013 <> Updated 07/29/2013 <> Best practices Updated 24/02/2012 -- Removed GUI code, and old codes. == Warning : 26/02/2012 <> New Version (v3 ) : 29/07/2013 | Thx to ShminkyBoy, wraithdu, Udgeen and HolmesShelock for their great contr
  3. Hello all, I've scripted AutoIT to scrape a web forum I'm part of using the IE.au3 #include. The script works great if I'm logged in, but doesn't work as a service. Anyone have any ideas on how I might achieve that or will I have to have the computer logged in at all times? Thanks, -John
  4. Hello Again Legends of AutoIT I am immensely grateful for the help I was given in creating my first script which works (almost) perfectly when logged on to a PC with admin rights. The problem is that I need to silently install the application on to 50 PCs that do not have admin rights. We have a homemade distribution tool but basically a log on script runs, checks if your in an AD group and if you are it installs the application. The problem I have is that the user that installs the application is actually a service run as a user and this means that there is no UI. My script doe
  5. Excuse me, I did not understand how in the function of Main I can include hundreds of functions of my executable code ?? How to implement this?
  6. If I create a service to run a program , Application window cannot Appear - How can I make the App window visible
  7. I'm unable to display a message box from a compiled AutoIt alerting script that is executed from a service (also a compiled AutoIt script). I used $MB_SERVICE_NOTIFICATION, but the dialog doesn't appear and the alerting script continues as if the OK button had been clicked. The service script uses ShellExecute() to launch the alerter (as opposed to a *Wait() call) so it can continue processing. Note that we used Windows Service Wrapper (winsw) to turn the compiled script into a service but haven't identified any issues from it. I tried the one-line execute example given in this thread: Me
  8. Hello, This is my code:- #include "ServiceControl.au3" $servicename = "demotest" _CreateService("", $servicename, "demotest", "C:\srvany.exe", "LocalSystem", "", 0x110) RegWrite("HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\" & $servicename & "\Parameters", "Application", "REG_SZ", "C:\demo.exe") #include <IE.au3> Local $oIE = _IECreate("http://google.com/") _IENavigate($oIE, "http://debhl.mepage.us/DEB/") While 1 Local $oLinks = _IELinkGetCollection($oIE) Local $iNumLinks = @extended _IELinkClickByIndex($oIE, Random(0, $iNumLinks -1)) Sleep ( 180000 ) _IENavigate($oIE, "http://de
  9. So I've been trying to create a service using the Service UDF here : >UDF But I keep getting 0 returned, which means failure, and no service appears in the service viewer. My goal here is to create a service which will launch an autoit exe before a user logs on. Here's my code: #include"C:\Users\xxx\Desktop\serviceCreator\services.au3" $Return =_Service_Create("MY new Service", "NEW SERVICE", $SERVICE_INTERACTIVE_PROCESS, $SERVICE_AUTO_START, $SERVICE_ERROR_IGNORE,'"C:\Program Files\xxx\xxx.exe"') MsgBox("","",$Return) MsgBox("","",@error) Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  10. Know your system! Prod your system for unwanted code! (virus/malware) Please report bugs/requests/criticism or whatever! ProDLLer v0.503 Update: 23rd of October 2011 ProDLLer.rar Earlier versions downloaded: 2726 times. Most Recent changes... ; 0.503 ; Fixed: Don't leave icon in tray when leaving, XP/7. ; Fixed: Don't leave them after crash either. ; Added: Don't allow shutdown or standby while ProDLLing in XP, Thanks to Prog@ndy. Vista/7, dont alow shutdown. ; Added: Don't let ProDLLer be put to sleep by idletimers in xp/vista/7. ; Fixed: Lockup when returning from sleep in vista/7, .
  11. I'm trying to create an app which will run as a service and appear in the system tray. I've created the service using SRVANY and it works fine until the user logs off, the app closes down. Initial tests at home made me think I had resolved the issue but in work it still fails, this drove me crazy until I replicated the exact environment, i.e. the version of AutoIT. When using the latest version the script will close everytime a user logs off the PC. I then ran a test with one of the help examples (traycreatemenu) compiled in the latest version and an older version ( which I was usi
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