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Found 17 results

  1. Hi. If I embedd a compiled autoit script into my new script, is there a possibility to pass some data from the compiled embedded exe to my script? I know it's possible with an ini or txt-file. But is there something without creating a file? I plan to return an array or an unformatted string of datas with delimiters inside. Any ideas? Regards, Conrad
  2. I don't have any experience compiling AutoIt scripts or know of any best practices regarding said scripts so I was wondering, what are some of the options for passing data to complied scripts? Here's an example of what I mean by "option": Writing data to a text file, then running a script which reads the data from that text file. Thanks! I apologize if this topic is a little lackluster
  3. Currently, I'm working on a program that will display Dialog boxes with either Yes or No. For each dialog, I reward the user with X amount of Credits. I'm hoping to output the amount of credits to a cell in a column (there will be 20 different columns). It will only post to a row that is equal to today's date (first column). If no row exists yet with the current date, it will start a new row. Any suggestions? Thank you
  4. Needed a way to store global temporary & permanent information and came up with this. This is inspired by NodeJS's store and store2 packages, as well as W3 specs' localStorage and sessionStorage, offering multiple ways of usage. This is not related to any browser's storage, nor will allow you to access or modify browsers storage - although this is possible and not a hard task, this is not what this UDF is intended to do. This UDF offers functions for temporary storage (that gets cleaned up once the application is shutdown) that is kept on memory using ScriptingDictionary, as
  5. in need the path/text present int above shown input box to be copied or retrieved into a variable .. how can i do that? Thanks
  6. Good morning I'm working on a little project, and I was wondering if there's a way ( sure there is ) to insert data to a ComboBox control everytime the user insert some text in the ComboBox which is not in the ComboBox data. I'll try to explain with an example: - Form with some data ( ComboBox is empty ); - User prompt something in the ComboBox: if what the user prompts is not in the ComboBox values ( at the moment empty ), then insert the value in the ComboBox values, in order to have, next time the user prompts the form, the value that he entered. More pratical example:
  7. Good morning community! I am working on a script which read from a text file ( .txt ) and should import all the content in a SQLite3 DB, in order to execute some queries that should be difficult to execute on a text file. So, I was looking for something very very fast, because the file could be very large ( I don't know exaclty how much can became big, but I know a lot of rows, it's a log file ... ) I found the "Import method", but I don't know If I can implement it in a query ( @jchd, it's your turn! ) Do you know some methods that I can implement in my script to have a very very
  8. Hello, I have searched and searched the web for an answer on how to get data from a webpage and paste it into a notepad document. The problem is I need to access a website that is not on the internet but yet only on our local network so the IP will be "192.168.125.xxx" This site only displays a few things but what I need to do is pull two parts of information that are located in a table. looking at this as an excel point of view this would be cells B2 and C2. These cells hold two numbers that say 850 Watts and 3 Watts, but they change all the time. If I do a page "inspect elem
  9. For a model railway project only. Using multiple rfid readers. These readers have no PID or VID or serial numbers. Only difference is the hub/port number allocated. Using Win7 32 bit. The only information I need to obtain from the HID devices is: hub/port number last string transmitted. (14 character string of the rfid tag number) timestamp of the latest reading. The tag data will be moved to excel immediately after received by usb ready for the next read. Timestamp and data would be overwritten by next set of data. the GUI would have single line for each reader (by
  10. $Combo1 = GUICtrlCreateCombo("", 72, 96, 113, 25) GUICtrlSetData(-1, "Test1|Test2") $1 = GUICtrlRead($combo1) So if someone selected Test 1 on the GUI, what value is $1? How about if they selected Test 2?
  11. Hey I made this to convert data to PHP's serialize() function return format. This is for those who, somewhy [?], can't use JSON, for example. Just two simple functions: Serialize() and Unserialize(). Data may be all accepted types in PHP (array, float, int, string), except objects. Examples (included in package): #include 'serialize.au3' Dim $otherArray[4] = ["hai", "halo", "apa", "kabar"] Dim $aArray[7] = ['test', 'lol', 'cool', 'amazing', 123, $otherArray, 2.50] $sSerialized = Serialize($aArray) MsgBox(
  12. Version 1.0.0


    UDF for serializing and unserializing data. Serializing is converting any data to an easily storable format (you can convert an array to a string to save in a database, then convert it back to array).
  13. You get a full set of results in the webpage - as intended. (The search form part of the code works fine) then you do a _IEloadWait after the _IEAction form Submit. But nothing changes in the AutoIt HTML. Ok - Found Solution. I mean this must be a common problem. Use _IEAttach("Title page") That will wait for the results properly. And you can now access them in code.
  14. This probably has a simple solution, but I cannot figure it out. First here is the code: #include #include #include #include #Region ### START Koda GUI section ### Form= $Form1 = GUICreate("", 234, 58, 192, 124) $FIRST = GUICtrlCreateLabel("First", 8, 16, 23, 17) $SECOND = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Second", 104, 15, 41, 17) $1st=GUICtrlCreateInput("", 36, 12, 57, 21) $2nd=GUICtrlCreateInput("", 150, 12, 57, 21) GUISetState(@SW_SHOW) #EndRegion ### END Koda GUI section ### $FIRST1=GUICtrlRead($1st) $SECOND2=GUICtrlRead($2nd) if $FIRST1<>"" Then $SECOND2=$FIRST1+$SECOND2 EndIf While 1 $nM
  15. how would I go about saving user selection (a radio button) as a variable that says what the radio button said? and im carrying this across multiple au3 files.. a run step1, then i tell it Run(C:\\...) step2.. and i need to carry the radio button data all the way to step 3. anyone help?
  16. Hi, I have worked on a project for a friend and it needed to retreive some data in UDP packets, it was a challenge because I didn't know anything about that packets, and after few days of work I have managed to do what I wanted. The hardest part was to set a very strict filter for the cpu usage and for the script optimisation, so here is one : ;use filters with _PcapStartCapture ;retreive only tcp packets containing AABBCCDD, at the start of 8 and with a length of 4; like the StringMid func. tcp[8:4] == 0xAABBCCDD ;8th byte from the beginning of the tcp DATA, 4bytes length; always include th
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