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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I'm not sure why my code suddenly breakage as previously this function was okay. But I do the re-test I found that my password field saved the input with added 3 for each character input. Example the input saved supposed "12345678901234567890" but it become "1323334353637383930313233343536373839303". This is my code; $input_password = GUICtrlCreateInput($a_password, 175, 165, 150, 18, $ES_PASSWORD) GUICtrlSetLimit($input_password,-1, 20) Local $hPW = GUICtrlGetHandle($input_password) Local $hToolTip2 = _GUIToolTip_Create(0) ; default style tooltip _GUIToolTip_AddTool($
  2. I'm trying to assign a faint text in the background to an input field that disappears after the input has started. This should have a certain color such as gray.
  3. NEW VERSION: 17 Jun 2013 Ever wondered how to avoid input being so painful? You can type a lot of errors in a GUICtrlCreateInput, for example alphanumeric where you want only numbers and decimals, typing 10 characters where you only want 9, etc. Input masks can make your life easier and Validation can be as simple as this: GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Input Decimal(8,2)", 10, 110, 200, 15) $MyInput = GUICtrlCreateInput("",210,110,110,20) _Inputmask_add($MyInput, $iIM_INTEGER, 0, "", 8, 2) It requires only one additional line per input The UDFexample script demonstrates 13 dynamic input valid
  4. Hello Guys this is my gui and i need the numeric value typed in the highlighted inputbox. if this value is greater than 1 i need to perform some operations \ Here is the summary about that field which i got from wininfo tool i tried writing the code as shown below.. but the msgbox is popping up empty value..when the same code is pasted under some button action i am able to access the value present in the field..but when placed alone as written in the attached script i am unable to fetch it... here i am using the valu present in the field can you
  5. in need the path/text present int above shown input box to be copied or retrieved into a variable .. how can i do that? Thanks
  6. I am having difficulties getting updated results from GUICtrlCreateInput. I wrote a small script to demonstrate what I am trying to do. This script reads a text file into an array and displays the Name and Number from the text file. The user can check a name and change the number, and the results are displayed in _ArrayDisplay. Only the Checked names are displayed in their original position. This is necessary for future plumbing. The problem with this script is the original number is returned, not the changed number. I cannot figure out how to get the updated number to be dis
  7. Global $l = GUICtrlCreateInput("3", 16, 48, 25, 22, $ES_NUMBER) Global $p = GUICtrlCreateInput("3", 56, 48, 25, 22, $ES_NUMBER) $go = GUICtrlCreateButton("Start", 136, 48, 83, 25) Global $m = GUICtrlCreateInput("1", 96, 48, 25, 22, $ES_NUMBER) Case $go $l = Number(GUICtrlRead($l)) $p = Number(GUICtrlRead($p)) $m = Number(GUICtrlRead($m)) Then I say consolewrite: ConsoleWrite(" l: " & $l & " p: " & $p & " m: " & $m & @LF); And first time when I hit Start ($go) button it giv
  8. Hi all, I have the following snippet of code that sort of works but isn’t doing exactly what I want. expand popup #include <GuiConstants.au3> Global $gGUIWidth = 250 Global $gGUIHeight = 150 Initial() Func Initial()    ; Create the initial GUI    $BaseGUI = GUICreate("", $gGUIWidth, $gGUIHeight, -1, -1, -1, $WS_EX_TOPMOST + $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW)    GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $BaseGUI)    ; Create a field for entering the current value    GUICtrlCreateLabel("Current Value:",  10, 10) &nb
  9. As the title states, is there a way to detect which inputbox is "selected" like: if IsSelectedForWritingEtc($MyInputBox) then xxxx i was searching some without success, all my results were like how to read or and write to a inputbox. /T
  10. I'm creating a small MsgBox-style GUI window for a login, and I'm giving my $Username input box the default text "DOMAIN\Username". When I run it, the default text is highlighted as expected, but it'd be nicer if I could highlight only the username portion. I realize I could use multiple input fields, but I'd rather not. I'm currently accomplishing this by: GUISetState(@SW_SHOW) Send("{END}+{LEFT 8}")and that technically works, but I was wondering if there was a "right" way to do this.
  11. Function Reference _GUICtrlInputCueBanner.au3 Creates a cuebanner/placehold (background comment) in the control using Call Back! Sintax: _GuiCtrlInput_SetCueBanner( iCtrlID, "sText", iFrontColor, iBackColor ) _GuiCtrlInput_UnSetCueBanner( iCtrlID ) Supports: ; GUICtrlCreateInput() function! Downloads: Version: 0.9b _GUICtrlInputCueBanner_(RedirectLink).html (Previous downloads: 31) Note: Functions renamed, see fixes below! Works on Windows XP! Usage example is included! Sample: Fixes: Regards, João Carlos.
  12. I have 2 input boxes and no matter which box I move first the entire text is being selected on creation and I would like to prevent it.; Search for record #. Global $inpFindRec = GUICtrlCreateInput("Record#", 406,10, 75, 21) ; Label record # to search for. GUICtrlSetColor($inpFindRec, 0xCACACA) Global $hImgFindRec = GUICtrlCreatePic(@ScriptDir & '\Images\FindUp.bmp', 481, 10, 26, 21) ; Image search record #. ; Search for record data. Global $inpSearchRec = GUICtrlCreateInput("Search", 510,10, 127, 21) GUICtrlSetColor($inpSearchRec, 0xCACACA) Global $hImgSearchRec = GUICtrlCreatePic(@Scri
  13. So I have tested a bit of code that allows me to store login and password information and use it later on to login. See Code below Func LoginInfo() Local $User, $Password Local $btn, $msg Global $Usr, $Pwd GUICreate(" User Name and Password for ESQ", 320, 120, @DesktopWidth / 2 - 160, @DesktopHeight / 2 - 45, -1) $User = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 10, 5, 300, 20) $Password = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 10, 35, 300, 20,0x0020) $btn = GUICtrlCreateButton("Ok", 40, 75, 60, 20) GUISetState() $msg = 0 While $msg <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE $msg = GUIGetMsg() Select
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