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Found 8 results

  1. Needed a way to store global temporary & permanent information and came up with this. This is inspired by NodeJS's store and store2 packages, as well as W3 specs' localStorage and sessionStorage, offering multiple ways of usage. This is not related to any browser's storage, nor will allow you to access or modify browsers storage - although this is possible and not a hard task, this is not what this UDF is intended to do. This UDF offers functions for temporary storage (that gets cleaned up once the application is shutdown) that is kept on memory using ScriptingDictionary, as
  2. This UDF allows to create pseudo TreeViewTab control (tabs as TreeView). Useful for Settings dialog. Notes: Example: Download: TreeViewTab_1.2.zip TreeViewTab_1.1.zip Changelog:
  3. Hi, I'm trying to automate the process of configuring the three McAfee settings seen in the image I've attached (Host IPS, Network IPS and Firewall). Clicking one of them toggles the setting and closes the menu. I want them all OFF. This script will be used on different computers so the settings might be have different initial setups. This is my first time using AutoIt and I have very limited coding experience--mostly MATLAB. Please excuse any lack of knowledge or terminology. So far my code is able to 1. Find the visible McAfee icon in the system tray. 2. Click the ic
  4. Is there any way to change chrome settings from Auto-it. I would like to change back and forth, between "Allow Site to show POP-ups" and "Do not Allow Site to show POP-up"?
  5. I have searched and searched but cannot find where these are stored. I have scripts to install printers and can even set on as a default. I have it running silent as well. What I need to be able to do is to set the printer to not print out 2 sided and when it is a color printer have it set to print black and white by default. Currently I have tried rewriting the driver with manufacture utilities but this causes the driver to no longer be signed. Also, it is acting up in the 32bit OSs. If I can just use the standard drivers from the manufacturer and set the defaults as noted above I would be
  6. Everytime I open a code I have to change the identation settings (ctrl+shift+i)... How can I make my settings last forever?
  7. I could not find a User account script on these forums that was satisfactory, a On/Off setting is quite useless if it cant be configured, so i wrote this up. Should work on both x64 and x86 compiled scripts. Windows7 and Vista. Functions: Example: Script:
  8. Hey guys, can i change the mouse speed via AutoIt? I want to make a nice little GUI where all necessary settings, that have to be done while clicking through different windows UIs, can be done easily in one window. First of all i want to change the mouse speed... Is there any Function or DLL call or RegEdit able to do that? i'd appreciate your help
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