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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, dears. First I apologise to you for the stupid question I'm going to ask. is the default style for Windows created using AutoIt a dialog box style? I decided to ask this question Because I am using a screen reader If i open any program that is designed using autoit, the screen reader read for example, test dialog but If i open any other program, for example goldwave, it read goldwav only without a word dialog Is there a solution to this The code i used to create the window is: $hGUI = GUICreate(str("title"), 500, 420, -1, -1, BitOr($WS_MAXIMIZEBOX, $WS_MINIMIZEBO
  2. This UDF allows to create pseudo TreeViewTab control (tabs as TreeView). Useful for Settings dialog. Notes: Example: Download: TreeViewTab_1.2.zip TreeViewTab_1.1.zip Changelog:
  3. Hi all. I am creating an app that runs a program with the admin privileges using the shellexecute's run as verb, but what my problem is, that no matter what I use to launch the program, it doesn't quite work like the run dialog would (certain programs don't get found, etc.). I've tried using the explorer.exe and passing the program to it, that is unreliable and opens documents folder sometimes instead, I've tried using the @comspec /c and that works better, but still some of the programs aren't being found that would be with the run dialog e.g., if I do @comspec /c diskpart it won't find it, I
  4. Could anyone tell me the best way to sort my champion list as soon as i move one from the right list to the left list. At this point i tried to work with the array.au3 without succes. Here is my code. Global $sbselectform, $sbtargetlist, $sbtemplist1, $sbtemplist2 = "", $sbtemplist3, $sbtemplist2r, $sbaddbtn, $sbrembtn, $sbresetbtn, $sbokbtn, $sbmsg, $sbsourcelist, $sbsourcelistr, $sbchamplabel, $sbbanlabel $sbsourcelist = 'Aatrox|Ahri|Akali|Alistar|Amumu|Anivia|Annie|Ashe|Blitzcrank|Brand|Caitlyn|Cassiopeia|Cho''Gath|Corki|Darius|Diana|Dr. Mundo|Draven|Elise|Evelynn|Ezreal|Fiddlesticks|Fio
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