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  1. I have a GUI that contains a treeview and what I am trying to do is to get the context menu to only show when an item is right clicked. Currently, as it's assigned to the treeview, the context menu activates whenever the treeview is clicked. Rather than keep enabling\disabling the menu items I am in need of a way limit the menus popup. One of the options on the menu will open another GUI and disable the parent, for this reason, I cannot do much in the WM_NOTIFY portion as it hangs the program and I don't want to hang around blocking the messages. The other option is to create a menu
  2. Hi, I have developed Java maven based framework and integrated AutoIt in it. I am automated a desktop application. During automation, I am facing below issue. Can someone please guide me? 1. I am unable to select a menu option from a nested tree view: Example- TreeTitle1 TreeTitle1.1 TreeOption ToSelect In above case, TreeTitle1 is a folder in which TreeTitle2 is another folder and the TreeOptionToSelect is the one i want to select. I tried below command: AutoItX autoIt = new AutoItX(); autoIt.controlTreeViewExpand(pagetitle,"",treec
  3. Hi people, I'm trying to dynamically populate a TreeView based on a script from Water that I modified for my needs. but I can't figured it out how to make it work. Here what I have in case anyone can help me, thanks in advance: #include <array.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiTreeView.au3> Local $aTV1[14][3] = [ _ ['1', 'Text 1', -1], _ ;-1 idicates it's an index item ['2', 'Text 2',-1], _ ['3', 'Text 3',-1], _ ['1-1', 'Text 1-1',0], _ ['1-2', 'Text 1-2
  4. good morning this is the first post here in the autoit forums i hope that you can help me in my problem i have a JSON encoded it a map of my forums where i want to make a treeview that have the same type of map e.g a system (as category) windows (as sub category) software (as an child item in the windows category) ..... i don't know how to do that so, i know that i can do that using the json functions but i need your help about how we can do it as the type that i told you by the way i need to put the sub info for each item in an array that give me the ability to man
  5. Hello, I am having great difficulty with something I would have thought to be fairly easy. I have an array containing (military) organization strings, similar to this: 42nd Battalion Company A 1st Platoon 1st Squad 2nd Squad 3rd Squad 2nd Platoon ...1st, 2nd, 3rd Squad 3rd Platoon ...1st, 2nd, 3rd Squad Company B ...etc... I also have an associated array that contains the 'hierarchy' information associated with each string..."0", "1","2", etc ...therefore using example above the "0" would associa
  6. Hello, i stuck again, Im using this function to create a treeview from root dir. ;https://autoit.de/index.php?thread/86082-treeview-root-verbergen/&postID=691139#post691139 #include <File.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $sPath = @ScriptDir Global $hGui = GUICreate('TreeView-Example', 400, 600) Global $idTreeView = GUICtrlCreateTreeView(10, 10, 380, 580, Default, $WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE) GUISetState() _CreatePath($sPath, $idTreeView) Do Until GUIGetMsg() = -3 Func _CreatePath($sPath, $idParent) Local $aFolder, $aFiles, $idItem
  7. Hello, im searching like 6 hours and i didnt found the right solution. Im trying to build a treeview from a directory and its subfolders etc. This function give me right treeview, but i cant color each item seperated. #include <GuiTreeView.au3> $hGui = GUICreate("Demo1", 600, 400) $hTreeView = _GUICtrlTreeView_Create($hGui, 10, 10, 580, 380) GUISetState() _GUICtrlTreeView_BeginUpdate($hTreeView) ListFiles_ToTreeView(@ScriptDir, 0) _GUICtrlTreeView_EndUpdate($hTreeView) Do Until GUIGetMsg() = -3 Func ListFiles_ToTreeView($sSourceFolder, $hItem
  8. Hi Community, I have a problem with the usage of _GUICtrlTreeView_AddChild and setting different item text colors (and different background colors), separately for the TreeView levels. I use the UDF GUITreeViewEx.au3 of 'Melba23' and I renamed the functions to increase my understanding about the content. I already talked to him about his UDF to respect his rights and intellectual property. I read many forum threads, I tried many ways to get it, but it's seems to be impossible in the way that I use the UDF. Question: How can I set different item text colors, separately for the TreeView
  9. Hello, I am struggling in merging GUITreeViewEx, Shelltristate and enhancing to handle a third state that means : some items under are selected. I have difficulties handling expand order and key Space (especially when node is collapsed). Here the zip with UDF and and example. The problem I might need some advice to handle : 1- When load Treeview, have a correct settings of the checkbox for a tristate tree 2 - Handle keyboard used for walking in tree Chicken is checked and Steak is unchecked When walking with arrow to Meat, it gets unchecked 3
  10. Hello, I just bumped into this problem with _GUICtrlTreeView_Sort. Just used doc example and comment out the child creation #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiTreeView.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Example() Func Example() Local $aidItem[10], $iX = 9, $iY = 29, $idTreeView Local $iStyle = BitOR($TVS_EDITLABELS, $TVS_HASBUTTONS, $TVS_HASLINES, $TVS_LINESATROOT, $TVS_DISABLEDRAGDROP, $TVS_SHOWSELALWAYS) GUICreate("TreeView Sort", 400, 300) $idTreeView = GUICtrlCreateTre
  11. This UDF allows to create pseudo TreeViewTab control (tabs as TreeView). Useful for Settings dialog. Notes: Example: Download: TreeViewTab_1.2.zip TreeViewTab_1.1.zip Changelog:
  12. Hi everyone. Im creating a GUI for an application. Im usinga treeview item and i want to add some information to the side of the treeview based on what cilditem you are pressing. For the moment i have a "get info" button that works. But that means that you have to select your child in the treeview, and then press a button to gte the info. I want the info to be visable as soon as you select it. With uther controls you can just add it to the loop but it doesnt seem to work with tyhe UDF version of the treeview control. Is there anything I can do? #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #
  13. I can't explain easily what i want to do, so i made a picture: What i want to do is to specify a treeview item, and then be able to move it right to be a child of the previous item, or left to do the opposite (make a child into a sibling). I also want to move and child items of the target with it, like in the bottom half of the above image depicts. However I didn't see any functions in the help file to move items around. All i want is a button that when pressed, makes the selected item and any of selected item's children move one layer to the right / left. Does anyone know how? Ed
  14. Hey, i'm building a "Jump To" registry key function and trying to get access to the regedit treeview control like this: #include <GUIConstants.au3> #include <GuiTreeView.au3> #include <TreeViewConstants.au3> #include <SendMessage.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> Global $h_item ShellExecute("regedit.exe") ;~ Local $pid = ProcessExists("regedit.exe") ;~ If $pid Then ;~ $h_tree = WinHandFromPID($pid, "[CLASS:RegEdit_RegEdit]") ;~ WinActivate("[CLASS:RegEdit_RegEdit]", "") ;~ EndIf WinWaitAc
  15. Just very simple but universal/usefull function to get all content of TreeView from external application. It's not optimized for speed and error testing is missing, it's just for very simple code ;-) #Include <String.au3> #Include <GuiTreeView.au3> ; "C:\Program Files (x86)\Resource Kit\oleview.exe" ; COM Library Objects --> ClassMoniker $sAll = _TreeView_GetAll('OLE/COM Object Viewer', '', 'SysTreeView322') FileDelete('treeview_get_all.txt') FileWrite('treeview_get_all.txt', $sAll) ;~ClipPut($sAll) Func _TreeView_GetAll($title, $text, $classNN, $expand = False, $indent =
  16. I've been having some problems adding a icon from a .dll into a treeview, Does the function _GUICtrlTreeView_SetIcon only allow you to use Shell icons or am i doing something wrong? My main script is way to large to post up so I've created a short example to illustrate my problem the resource file is attatched #include <GUITreeView.au3> #include <TreeViewConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstants.au3> Global $GUITree, $hTree $hGUI = GUICreate("Example", 500, 500, -1, -1) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Add Item Type ( 1 - 22 )", 220, 20) $hCombo = GUICtrlCreateCombo("", 220, 40, 50
  17. So I am trying to create a file tree structure Using _FileListToArrayRec with GuiCtrlCreateTreeView. But i have some problems with levels of directorys. In my mind there is nothing wrong with my logic, but obviously it is, since i dont get the output i want Here is a printscreen of the outcome, the array is sorted so it feels like it should be pretty easy, but its not Here is the working code #include <File.au3> #include <Array.au3> #include <GUITreeview.au3> #include <WINapiSHELLEX.au3> Local $hGI = GUICreate("test", 500,5
  18. This UDF can be used to make a Treeview and/or Listview able to browse Files. If you like it, please leave me a comment, also if you have any suggestions to make it better or if you found bugs. FileExplorerTreeAndListview_source.zip
  19. Hi, i am trying to create a FileManager, now i know there are better programs out there to do it, but i think its fun to try and learn nu things. Now i am getting stuck in my code i created a button to select a driver/folder after that i put's in the driver/folder contant in the TreeView, but when i select something and click on my button copy. It returns a 0 instead of something else, when i add a value to the TreeView with: GuiCtrlCreateTreeViewItem and i select that one, then my copy button works. Hope you guys can help me find out/point in the right direction where i am going wrong
  20. Ok, so I feel as though I am programming myself into a corner here. The code is a mess currently (but it runs) First problem: my _ScreenOffset() is basically being call in line: 189 once. This takes one of my many listviews and establishes its position relative to the client. I then use $aLV_Offset in the message loop on the $GUI_EVENT_MOUSEMOVE in an if statement. This was the only way I could figure out how to make an imaginary boundary to capture the listview I was dragging from. (any advice here would be much appreciated) Fixed Second related issue: If the user drags the whole
  21. LAST VERSION - 1.3 28-Jan-15 Unlike >this, here is a fully ready UDF library. The library allows you to create TreeView (TV) Explorer controls that displays a tree of files and folders for the specified root folder with the specified parameters. TV Explorer controls is self-contained GUI controls that do not require you any further doing. Note that TVExplorer UDF requires >WinAPIEx UDF version 3.3 or later. To create TV Explorer control, just call the _GUICtrlTVExplorer_Create() function. And that's it. If you want to be notified about events such as the changing selection, the beginni
  22. I started with a really good TreeView example from this forum and I'm incorporating it into my program. I've run into a problem correctly creating the items in the tree. I've tried several loops to achieve the desired outcome without success. I've attached a zip file containing the .au3 files and images of the incorrect/correct output. The Data array in the script is just for testing. The Treeview items need to be created dynamically. Thanks in advance for the help TreeviewEX1.zip
  23. Hi. How can I know when an item from the treeview has been checked using WM_NOTIFY function ? Items are created with _GUICtrlTreeView_Add().
  24. Hi, I recently discovered the "neoSearch" program ( '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> ) and I saw it's GUI Design that is very beautyful, and I want to make a listing control like his ( I screenshoted to observe it's design ) : as you can see, that list, enlists many files and folders, but in a spaced beautyful way. How can I do that in autoit ?? He coded it in AUtoit but I can't find a dime on how to reach this design EDIT: And yes, I searched in his old posted source code, and can't determine how he managed to create that list !! Can't find any GUICtrlCreateList func
  25. Hi there I am getting a strange issue occuring with treeview. The below code creates a three level treeview. Each top level item has subitems, so all the top level items should have a "+" before them, allowing them to be expanded. However, what is happening is that the last top level item is not showing a plus sign, until it is clicked once - then the plus sign appears. Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening? Func _Populate_System_Treeview() local $iNumberSystems,$iCount,$iFields,$tempRecord,$tv1,$tv2,$tv3 $sSQL="Select * from tbl_systems;" If Not _EzMYSql_Que
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