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Found 3 results

  1. Hey AutoIT Community, Just wanted to know if there is a way I can #include all *.au3 files in my script without having to #include each individual .au3 file. For instance, currently I have a laundry list of #includes like this: #include <IE.au3> #include <Inet.au3> #include <AutoItConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <GDIPlus.au3> #include <GuiMenu.au3> [ECT...ECT...] Would there be a way I could include all of the files above or all .au3 file in a one liner? That way I do not have to burn up a bunch of lines of code for just my includes.... Your help is greatly appreciated...
  2. Just very simple but universal/usefull function to get all content of TreeView from external application. It's not optimized for speed and error testing is missing, it's just for very simple code ;-) #Include <String.au3> #Include <GuiTreeView.au3> ; "C:\Program Files (x86)\Resource Kit\oleview.exe" ; COM Library Objects --> ClassMoniker $sAll = _TreeView_GetAll('OLE/COM Object Viewer', '', 'SysTreeView322') FileDelete('treeview_get_all.txt') FileWrite('treeview_get_all.txt', $sAll) ;~ClipPut($sAll) Func _TreeView_GetAll($title, $text, $classNN, $expand = False, $indent = ' ', $bullet = '') ; $bullet = '- ' $sAll = '' $hWnd = ControlGetHandle($title, $text, $classNN) If $expand Then _GUICtrlTreeView_Expand($hWnd) ; Expand All $hItem = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetFirstItem($hWnd) While $hItem <> 0x00000000 $sItem = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetText($hWnd, $hItem) $level = _GUICtrlTreeView_Level($hWnd, $hItem) $sIndent = _StringRepeat($indent, $level) $sAll &= $sIndent & $bullet & $sItem & @CRLF $hItem = _GUICtrlTreeView_GetNext($hWnd, $hItem) WEnd Return $sAll EndFunc Hope it can help somebody ...
  3. Hello guys! I found function >_shellExecuteHidden but can somebody change it to absolutely everything programs runs hidden instead only the first? Thanks in advance!
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