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Found 16 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am working on a project which requires reading a few values from Excel, the catch is that I need it to be very fast... unfortunatley I found out that read operations using the supplied Excel UDF are very slow, more than 150 ms for each operation on average Here is my testing setup that I made: #include <Excel.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Global $iTotalTime = 0 Test() Func Test() Local $oExcel = _Excel_Open() Local $oBook = _Excel_BookAttach("Test.xlsx", "FileName", $oExcel) Local $sSheet = "Sheet1"
  2. hi guys how is possible set a speed of all function _Ie ??
  3. Hello AutoIt community I run into speed problem in my script wich i cant solve myself, problem is with decoding texture loop - for better explanation, you need extract from file pallete (16x 16 RGB color) and picture data (224 * 128 byte), then use correct color for your picture data.... nothing extra hard and also texture is quite small 224*256 it is for my car model viewer/later maybe editor GranTurismo 2 from Playstation 1, so its old dataformat and i cant understand why AutoIt take so long to decode texture when good old Playstation almost 2,5 decades old can do that nearly immed
  4. Hi all, I was pondering over a question with regards to the speeds of reading something and did not see this kind of question in a forum search. The question: What is (technically) faster? Multiple reads from the same 3d array cell, or only once make a 'temp' variable from that cell and read the value from this? I don't know if either has any real impact at all anyway, but just wanted to ask anyway. :-) There may be a difference if the value holds an integer or a string (or something else) but in my case, is a simple integer. To hopefully clarify with a small
  5. Searching inside the forum, I don't succeed to get any explanation about a strange (for me !) phenomena: Using AutoIt, I have coded a "cortex of neurons Simulator" for which I handle several neurons activity (Action Potential and Postsynaptic Potential) which take a long time, about 20 ms per neuron to be processed. This is why I need a global loop running about 1s for a global cortex of 50 neurons. But when I move the mouse (in any direction, like rotating above the GUI) the speed of the loop increase significantly : around x8 times more ... ! This happens only if the GUI has t
  6. Hey I've these two functions to do a base64 conversation , Is there any way to compare the exact speed of both of them ? Func _Base64Encode($input) $input = Binary($input) Local $struct = DllStructCreate("byte[" & BinaryLen($input) & "]") DllStructSetData($struct, 1, $input) Local $strc = DllStructCreate("int") Local $a_Call = DllCall("Crypt32.dll", "int", "CryptBinaryToString", _ "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($struct), _ "int", DllStructGetSi
  7. Hi guys, I wonder if there is a speed meter gauge in AutoIT - did someone managed to create one without the need of excel, only using the AutoIT graphics? There is a great example (attached) from @GreenCan here in the excel's related gauge, but I can't use excel since it's not installed on the machine I need to run the AutoIT exe script on. Thanks!
  8. Hi gang, I'm in a bit of a pickle here, the gist of it is that i have one "main" file with ~200k lines, and literally hundreds of other files each ranging from 1k - 100k lines. I need to go through each of the "other" files and (separately) compare them to the "main" file, and save the differences between the two (no duplicates) The issue is that each comparison (especially if the "other" file has 50+ k lines) takes over a minute each... Is there anyway to cut this time down? As far as i know im using the most optimized array difference script Here's a rough mockup of the script im curren
  9. Hi, anyone got some experience with the _NetInfo_GetUploadSpeed() from the NetInfo UDF. Been fiddeling with it for a day now. and i keep getting a return: 1 or return 2, never get my upload in kb/s. This is the little bit of my script i got: $s_CountryCode = "NL" $Upload_Speed = _NetInfo_GetUploadSpeed() MsgBox(4096, "Test", $Upload_Speed)What am I not seeing here...
  10. Hi, I am trying to create a script wich checks my hardware and my internet information. The hardware part is done and I got my external IP-check working but I have searched far and wide but not came up wich an example for an internet speed check. Can any one help me. Below you will find my script: #include <ButtonConstants.au3> #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <Inet.au3> #include <WinAPIReg.au3> #include <Security.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include "NavInfo.au3"
  11. Continuation of topic started I have been testing various times and configurations after reading the tips given and things are a bit better, though now a new issue has come up - after installing the latest version of AutoIt ( _SQLite_Startup() is taking a LOT of time to load. Odd thing is, it is not consistent (I hate that....) - though times vary from 5 seconds (which is 'long', IMHO) to OVER 60 seconds! ConsoleWrite("various states disabled/hidden " & Round(TimerDiff($timer) / 1000, 2) & ' sec' & @crlf) ; ************************************ read from / update
  12. Version 1.0


    This will shutdown the pc whenever the download speed goes under the specified nÂș of KB/s. Should you find any issues, please report to me.
  13. This script takes a total of ~6 seconds for me, each test taking ~1 sec: Global $wnd=WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]") Global $total_time Global $result $n1 = 60000 $start_time = TimerInit() For $i = 1 To $n1 PixelGetColor(1, 1) Next $time1=int(TimerDiff($start_time)) $total_time += $time1 $result &= "1. PixelGetColor: same screen pixel, omitting handle parameter: " & $time1 & " ms" & @LF Sleep(30) $start_time = TimerInit() For $x = 0 To 299 For $y = 0 To 199 PixelGetColor($x, $y) Next Next $time1=int(TimerDiff($start_time)) $total_time += $time1 $result &= "2. Pixe
  14. In my script i check a small area (say 20x20 pixels) with looped PixelGetColor. This has worked without any real problems for months and has taken about 20ms to complete. To test my script, I'm running Photoshop and activate different layers to show different photos. This has also worked great. After a GPU replace (to the better) a week ago it worked great the first few days, but now I've come to a dead end. This is the deal: I open my .psd file and runs my script - performance is ok I switch to layer 2 and runs my script - performance is ok I switch back to layer 1 and runs my script - pe
  15. Recently I found myself needing to "Uniqueify" large arrays of data. Not happy with the speed I decided to check out how _ArrayUnique worked and if it could be improved. Below is my overhauled version of _ArrayUnique. "Uniqueify" An array of 500 random numbers (average of 5 results) Old: 274.597787502462 New: 240.237994573652 "Uniqueify" An array of 1000 random numbers (average of 5 results) Old: 1070.06629280595 New: 920.537746095923 Still not fast but faster Changed ALL Dim's to Local's From the help file: "You should use Local or Global, instead of Dim, to explicitly st
  16. Hey guys, can i change the mouse speed via AutoIt? I want to make a nice little GUI where all necessary settings, that have to be done while clicking through different windows UIs, can be done easily in one window. First of all i want to change the mouse speed... Is there any Function or DLL call or RegEdit able to do that? i'd appreciate your help
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