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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I wrote a benchmark script to measure variable declarations to find out whether you should focus more on static or global variables #cs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- AutoIt Version: #ce ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Region Pre-Setting Local $iTally1 = 0 Local $iTally2 = 0 Local $iTally3 = 0 Local $iTally4 = 0 Local $iTally5 = 0 Local $iTally6 = 0 Local $iTally7 = 0 Global $GLOBALCONST1 = 1 Global $GLOBALCONST2 = 1 Global $GLOBALCONST3 = 1 Global $G
  2. Hello, my question is based on topic about Nvda Screen reader development atThis Link Autoit GUI is totaly nice for blind users, because it's controls are mostly standart. But in cooperation with Screen Readers this guis are much slower than other guis. Do you have any idea about reason of this behaviour? Thanks a lot for any answer. Fenzik
  3. Hi gang, I'm in a bit of a pickle here, the gist of it is that i have one "main" file with ~200k lines, and literally hundreds of other files each ranging from 1k - 100k lines. I need to go through each of the "other" files and (separately) compare them to the "main" file, and save the differences between the two (no duplicates) The issue is that each comparison (especially if the "other" file has 50+ k lines) takes over a minute each... Is there anyway to cut this time down? As far as i know im using the most optimized array difference script Here's a rough mockup of the script im curren
  4. In my script i check a small area (say 20x20 pixels) with looped PixelGetColor. This has worked without any real problems for months and has taken about 20ms to complete. To test my script, I'm running Photoshop and activate different layers to show different photos. This has also worked great. After a GPU replace (to the better) a week ago it worked great the first few days, but now I've come to a dead end. This is the deal: I open my .psd file and runs my script - performance is ok I switch to layer 2 and runs my script - performance is ok I switch back to layer 1 and runs my script - pe
  5. Code snippet The aim is to enhance the performance of directory discovery part of a network drive, in particular when browsing a directory over a WAN or Cloud. I have noticed a significant (near to tenfold) performance profit by disabling Windows Explorer display pane ( Organize / layout / Details Pane ) Initially the key does not exist when the display pane is enabled (by default) In the example, I opted for deleting the key if $bDisableDetailsPane is set to true I have no clue what the other binary figures are meant for... WindowsExplorerSettings_DisableDetailsPane.au3 Greencan
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