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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, Some functions of my script are running slowly. Very slow. What is the reason? My Code: <snip>
  2. Hello, my question is based on topic about Nvda Screen reader development atThis Link Autoit GUI is totaly nice for blind users, because it's controls are mostly standart. But in cooperation with Screen Readers this guis are much slower than other guis. Do you have any idea about reason of this behaviour? Thanks a lot for any answer. Fenzik
  3. I have created a Gui with a number of GUICtrlCreateButton() When I click on them with the mouse, the response by my script is very slow (1-2 secs), but if I navigate the buttons using the arrow keys and activate them with the Enter key, the response is fairly instant. Has anyone else seen this, and perhaps solved it? Dave
  4. Hi there, There is something weird with FileSaveDialog. It takes approximately 8 seconds on my computer to return after clicking on OK. When compiling this exact code it looks faster but I still have this slow behaviour on another compiled software (LinuxLive USB Creator). $DEBUG_TIMER=TimerInit() $source_file = FileOpenDialog("Please choose an ISO image of LinuxLive CD", "", "ISO / IMG / ZIP (*.iso;*.img;*.zip)", 1,"") ConsoleWrite("It took "&Round(TimerDiff($DEBUG_TIMER)/1000,1)&" seconds to select ISO") Do you know what could cause this ? Thank you for your help PS : I'm still looking for AutoIT devs to help me on LinuxLive USB Creator. If interested, please contact me.
  5. Even when you use the timeout parameter Ping() takes a minimum of ~500 ms on IP adresses without any device. $iTimer = TimerInit() For $iX = 1 To 10 Ping("", 100) Next ConsoleWrite(Round(TimerDiff($iTimer) / 10) & " ms average" & @LF) Can anything be done to shorten this other than running multiple processes/threads? Note that Windows own ping.exe is not any faster. $iTimer = TimerInit() For $iX = 1 To 10 RunWait("ping -n 1 -w 100") Next ConsoleWrite(Round(TimerDiff($iTimer) / 10) & " ms average" & @LF)