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Found 8 results

  1. Today, I will share my work with image search in inactive windows (windows that run in the background) with tolerances (variations). After a long time of searching and using image search UDF on the internet. I combined all of that with my experienced and created a UDF name HandleImgSearch. I have embedded the .dll file in this script so it doesn't need any external files, just include it and run. However, this UDF have a feature that will make it run slower is $MaxImg variable, this variable will allow you to return multiple positions of a finding image. Some highlights: V
  2. Hey, I know the title sounds weird, but i couldn't find better words for it... I finally managed to have a working image search (yes yes i know image search is evil :p). I noticed that even if the script is compiled, the images have to be in my script folder. But i don't want that the images i'm searching for on the screen can be viewed, edited etc by every user. Is there a way to... uhm... put them in a file like .rar, but one that can't be easily opened? 🤔 Edit: Now that i think of .rar, maybe using a .rar which is protected by a password... Can autoit s
  3. Hi guys, Some functions of my script are running slowly. Very slow. What is the reason? My Code: <snip>
  4. Howdy, I've gone through a lot of au3 forums, and I once had a working Imagesearch script that I got from here. However, and i'm just totally not sure how but my imagesearch scripts aren't working anymore. I'm not new to au3 but i'm not the most experienced with it's syntax/commands. Anyways, I've looked over the big threads involving imagesearch. Does anyone have a working Imagesearch x64 for win10 that is currently working as of the date with the post. Dll's and what not is fine, just when I tell the script to run, I want to be able to find the image on the screen! Can't find a
  5. Func dg_get_images() $x1=0 $y1=0 ;MsgBox(0,"start","start") do $result = _ImageSearch("C:\Users\Server\Desktop\my project\image.png",1,$x1,$y1,0) until $result = 1; if $result=1 Then MouseMove($x1,$y1,3) MouseClick("left", $x1,$y1, 1) WinWait("[Title:TightVNC File Transfer]", "", 10) EndIf this code works when i search the image, but when i change the location of the desktop icon it can't find the desktop icon anymore. i wanna try image search area. but i don't know how to use it b
  6. Hello. I've been working with Imagesearch library lately and it did a good work, although I moved to a new PC and didn't copy the old files with me so I downloaded the Imagesearch from the following post hoping that it will work. It doesn't though. First time I when I use (run as subscript to my code) the Imagesearch.au3, Scite finds errors (missing spaces). Ctrl+T (scite tidy) fixes these missing spaces but the script returns the following error on every run after: _ImageSearch('search.bmp', 0, $x, $y, 0) outputs "C:\Users\Knuckles\Desktop\AutoIt\include\ImageSearch.au3
  7. Why is it giving me and error when i do the ImageSearch, The bmp is in the same location as the Script so why is it doing this? Error Below $result = _ImageSearch('gift.bmp',1,$x,$y,100) $result = _ImageSearch('gift.bmp',1,^ ERRORScript Below #include <ImageSearch.au3> HotKeySet("{ENTER}","start") While 1 Sleep(1) WEnd Func start() While 1 $result = _ImageSearch('gift.bmp',1,$x,$y,100) If $result = 1 Then MouseClick("Left",$x,$y,1,10) EndIf WEnd EndFunc
  8. description: search image in desktop / picture. not require dll. include: myImageSearch.au3 #include-once #include <ScreenCapture.au3> ; #INDEX# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title .........: myImageSearch ; AutoIt Version: ; Script Version: 1.0 (31.10.2011) ; Language: English, Polski. ; Description: Search image. ; =============================================================================================================================== ; #CURRENT# ==============
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