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Found 9 results

  1. I have a problem with FileOpenDialog using long default filenames ... they always get truncated. For example: "A Long FileName.mpg" as a default would prompt as just "FileName.mpg" (but scrolling left will show it named correctly). Does anyone know of a fix for this please (I didn't spot it in a Forum search), or is it one for the bug tracker? #include <FileConstants.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Local Const $sMessage = "Hold down Ctrl or Shift to choose multiple files." Local $sFileOpenDialog = FileOpenDialog($sMessage, @WindowsDir & &q
  2. Hello all! I'm stuck at a seemingly simple part of my script. Using IE, I'm filling out a web form that involves clicking a "Browse" button and selecting a file. Once the file explorer dialog opens, however, I am unable to control it. I have a string, which is the name of the file I want, and I'm trying to insert it into the 'File name:' text box in the dialog (which already has focus), but it doesn't get inserted. I've tried ClipPut and Send. What's even more concerning is, when I close the dialog, the string is then pasted into the very next window that has focus, which is
  3. Hi, I'm trying to: -Select a file in a folder (to store it to an ini file) -Write the file on an ini -Copy files to the folder selected by the user instead of using FileOpenDialog then FileSelectFolder, I was wondering if it was possible to do the whole thing only with FileOpenDialog spliting the value returned in 2 variables. I got something like that for the first part (select a file and store it to an ini file) Local $message = "Select your executable" Local $pathk = FileOpenDialog($message, "C:" & "", "Select the e
  4. Hello guys, I'm working on this script: Case $BTN Global $URL = FileOpenDialog("IMPORT FILE", $DESKTOP, "ALL FORMAT (*)", 4) $DIR_DEST = "C:\DIR-WORK\list\IMPORT_DOC\" DirCreate($DIR_DEST) Local $LINE For $t = 1 To $URL[0] _FileReadToArray($URL[$t], $LINE) For $u = 1 To $LINE[0] FileCopy($URL[$u], $DIR_DEST) Next Next the selected files via OpenFileDialog must be copied to the folder $DIR_DEST.
  5. Why if I select only one file the array doesn't return the path?? And 4 multiple files return the row PATH? There is a mode to have in the same case signle or multiple selection the path included in the file name? THX #include <Array.au3> #include <File.au3> Local $spFile $mFile = FileOpenDialog("apri", @ScriptDir & "", "Images (*.iso)", 1 + 4 ) If @error Then ConsoleWrite("error") Else $spFile = StringSplit($mFile, "|") EndIf _ArrayDisplay($spFile)
  6. Hi there, There is something weird with FileSaveDialog. It takes approximately 8 seconds on my computer to return after clicking on OK. When compiling this exact code it looks faster but I still have this slow behaviour on another compiled software (LinuxLive USB Creator). $DEBUG_TIMER=TimerInit() $source_file = FileOpenDialog("Please choose an ISO image of LinuxLive CD", "", "ISO / IMG / ZIP (*.iso;*.img;*.zip)", 1,"") ConsoleWrite("It took "&Round(TimerDiff($DEBUG_TIMER)/1000,1)&" seconds to select ISO") Do you know what could cause this ? Thank you for your help PS : I'
  7. I'm having a strange issue with using FileOpenDialog to select a file. Everything works fine the first time you select a file. But if you change your mind (while the program is still running) and want to select a different file, nothing changes. The program is "stuck" with the first selection you made, and nothing you do will change that selection in the input box. I pulled the function below out of my program, and I had to modify it a bit to make it run on its own. But it's basically the same as the original. To see the problem in action, click on either of the two buttons that say, "Ch
  8. Hi guys i have a question, Can i exclude a extension from FileOpenDialog? Example i want to include all file ( *.*) except txt ( *.txt ) My solution for now is: $Exstension = StringRegExpReplace(@WorkingDir & "Test.txt", "^.*.", "") If $Exstension = "txt" Then MsgBox(0,0,"Error") Return EndIf But i like to make it unselectable in FileOpenDialog like the classic filter, but in an opposite way. Is possible? Thanks
  9. Greetings, wow, it's been a while since i've posted in here (4+ years). it's good to be back and to see that AutoIt is going on strong. Here's the behavior i'm trying to understand. background: I have a specific Autoit application that invokes a fileopendialog. The initdir parameter is set to @scriptdir. When running a single instance of the application, the fileopendialog behaves as expected. The fileopendialog window opens and the folder location is correctly set to the @scriptdir location (of that instance). When running a second or third instance (where the exes themsel
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