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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have a problem that I already had in the past and I didn't find any solution on this forum. Whenever I activate my VPN, I cannot use my internet connection anymore through scripts. For example, without VPN when I do : Ping("www.google.com") it works properly. With VPN ON when I do : Ping("www.google.com") I have @error = 2. I do have an internet connection though because if I manually launch google chrome i can go on google. Same error when I try to do calls with "WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1" => $oHTTP.Send() doesn't respond. It looks like autoit isn't a
  2. Hi there - creating a simple script to triger cctv software to turn on when my phone is not connected to home wifi. But having issues with my phone (samsung s7) not answering ping when sleeping (despite wifi set to work when sleep) - not sure the issue... and ideas? Alternatively was wondering about pinging the bluetooth address of the phone - anyway to get this working in autoit?
  3. The file is now at I added a WOL, tidy up, and moved the file to the uploads section of the forum. Suggestions are always mostly welcomed
  4. Version 0.2020.5.18


    In the ZIP is the code and the compiled script. This is yet another ping the LAN utility. Is quite fast, as gathering the info. is forked. The Save Note, saves a note for the given MAC ( you may find it handy ) The Save MACs, saves the listview to an INI file that can be later use for the WakeOnLAN Right click will bring a context menu to do stuff. DClick will refresh the Ping. That's it. Comes in handy to have in the USB toolbox
  5. I needed a function to ping many computers, and get the results of the pings in an array so to manage it easily in a script. Searching in the forum I found some interesting sw with a nice graphical interface, but not a generic function that simply return an array. a very powerful pinger I found is >nPing by Manadar, but it is designed as a command line tool, so I decided to use the entire engine of nPing adapting it a bit, so that it can be used as an udf. This code is a first attempt (beta) and it can be used to: Ping all computers (IP addresses) belonging to the (local) LAN just c
  6. Hello everyone ! While writing a sample of code to test ping to my internet box, I got stuck.. While the code is Pinging with let say.. 5000ms of timeout, I need to update a progress bar from 0 to 5000 ms at the same time but I don't know how could I do this.. Is there a way or something that could get around the pause of the ping like in InetGet -> InetGetInfo?
  7. i want a script that "on the beginning of the program it pings to check if there is internet connectivity. if there is internet connectivity then it executes my code else if there is no internet it waits at background to detected internet connectivity then executes my code." Is this possible
  8. Hello, Is there a way, preferably natively within AutoIt, to replicate: ping -i 2 <nearby_IP> The ping() function only has an option to set the timeout, but I want to set the TTL to 2 instead. Thanks, tk1
  9. I want to check whether machine is up or not after we poweron a VM. So to check that, I am using ping. With the below command, when we run it, it will capture the value success or not with the errorlevel. ping -n 1 sinra09-lod11 >nul: 2>nul: so we can track the return code back using below. echo %errorlevel% So it is able to return the 1 when it is failure and 0 when it is success. But when I convert the above commands to AutoIT, the return code is always giving 0 even on failure. MsgBox(0,pingCheck("sinra09-lod11"),"sinra09-lod11
  10. Here are 4 small function that I use for a tool in my job to launch several ping simultaneously. It also offers the possibility to run in background - _Multiping - _MultiPingCancel - _MultipingGetInfo - _MultiPingGetResult _Multiping requires the use of the #pragma compile(AutoItExecuteAllowed, True) directive. #pragma compile(AutoItExecuteAllowed, True) #include <ProcessConstants.au3> #include <WinAPI.au3> #include <WinAPIProc.au3> ; #EXAMPLE# ================================================================================================
  11. I have a rather strange issue on some machines. If I attempt to use the inbuilt PING function, no ICMP packet is sent out. Ping("internal.fqdn.com") is returning "Host Unreachable" If I ping using the command prompt, it's all fine. Using wireshark I can see that it hasn't even attempted an ICMP request. I can see it has looked up DNS to check for the correct IP address (I can see reply packet returns 10 different IP address as round robin - which is expected), but then it simply doesn't send the request. Any ideas?
  12. We seem to be having some connectivity problems with a hosted application vendor. Doing a "ping -t" to the vendor's host reveals that we are dropping packets here and there. I was asked if I could write a script that could run and log these dropped packets. i put together the code below and initially it was logging a lot of dropped packets - too many really, so I put in Google.com and was still getting a lot of dropped packets. I figured that maybe I was ping flooding and so I added in a Sleep between pings. Now if I run my logger with a ping it running at the same time the command promp
  13. Hello, I was looking around the net for a simple protable program to test whether you have an internet connection.. in short i couldnt find what i wanted so i wrote one. After looking on the forum i found some code snippets from others who had started to this kind of thing, but no completed project. Credits: Autoit Team / Autoit Program! ISN AutoIt Studio - '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Post: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Autoitsnippet: http://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_Snippets#IsInternetConnected Function (by Guiness): '?do=em
  14. I am trying to get a ping to continuously run until it the pings reply then show a msgbox that it is online. When I run this it just sits "idle" and does not seem to be doing anything Here is what I have Func _local2() Local $PID = ping("") If $PID = 0 Then Do ping("") Until $PID = 1 Msgbox(0, "", "Online") Else EndIf EndFunc Thanks Grimm
  15. I have a customer that is complaining that a program, known to us to work, will not send out reports via e-mail. Now this site has Routers locked down tighter then you can imagine because they had been cracked before. I wrote a simple program that logs internet connectivity and connectivity on the local network, and if anyone of the 5 points returns an error, a log is created listing the 5 IPs, the failure and the responce time of the sucessful pings. Now for this site that is locked down, I'm not getting an error log. So I did a test ping and the DOS prompt responded with a destination host u
  16. Even when you use the timeout parameter Ping() takes a minimum of ~500 ms on IP adresses without any device. $iTimer = TimerInit() For $iX = 1 To 10 Ping("", 100) Next ConsoleWrite(Round(TimerDiff($iTimer) / 10) & " ms average" & @LF) Can anything be done to shorten this other than running multiple processes/threads? Note that Windows own ping.exe is not any faster. $iTimer = TimerInit() For $iX = 1 To 10 RunWait("ping -n 1 -w 100") Next ConsoleWrite(Round(TimerDiff($iTimer) / 10) & " ms average" & @LF)
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