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Found 13 results

  1. This is an small script to Control Android Devices by USB using adb, you can use it with phones with a Cracked Screen or not working Touch Screen. What it Does: - Show your Android Screen on your Desktop. - Allow you to Swipe or Tap on the screen. - Allow you to send BACK button event. - Allow you to send WakeUp event. - Allow you to move in List Menu using Swipe gestures or Mouse Wheel Forward or Backward. - Refresh Screen with Wheel Click(Wheel Down)(To update your device screen on your desktop view). - Allow you to unlock your Device with Pattern only 3 points pattern for
  2. Hello Im wondering if using this https://ohtejera.github.io/ImperiusAutoIt/#started UDF can i make that I can control my windows application with phone? like for example click button Start on android phone and then something would be done in my windows app?
  3. I am a huge autoit fan and have written several graphical apps. I would love to get started building simple and complex android apps. I am hoping someone here can recommend a good platform to get started with. Preferably something that had an Autoit-like feel
  4. Hi there - creating a simple script to triger cctv software to turn on when my phone is not connected to home wifi. But having issues with my phone (samsung s7) not answering ping when sleeping (despite wifi set to work when sleep) - not sure the issue... and ideas? Alternatively was wondering about pinging the bluetooth address of the phone - anyway to get this working in autoit?
  5. Hi, I would like to share this simple project which aims to be a first approach in order to use AutoIt as scripting language for mobile automation (Android). This project is an ImperiusGeorge client for mobile test automation that support native Android apps. You can find more information at https://ohtejera.github.io/ImperiusAutoIt and here's the link to the project on Github: https://github.com/ohtejera/ImperiusAutoIt Best regards. Henry
  6. Hi All, I didn't know where to put this; my apologies if this is the wrong location. When you plug a Samsung mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) into the USB of a Windows PC, you can right-click the device in My Computer and select Properties. Here, it will show you the correct serial number of the device. Clearly Windows doesn't use adb to get the SN so I'm stuck at how to get the SN without adb and where the device doesn't have a drive letter assigned to it. When I last picked this up, I tried seemingly everything I could from wmi(?) and winmgmts(?) but either it's hidden cloa
  7. Hello all, First, I wish you a happy new year. I am building with autoit a substitution tool to sync my iTunes playlist with my android phone. I have managed reading the itunes lib, but now I am stuck at reading / writing on my android device. From all the searches I made, it is using MTP protocol. The Windows Explorer can read and write on the device. The device appears as a "portable device". Does anyone of you can direct me in some direction to keep investigate. Thanks in advance Gilles
  8. Hello, I found a couple of threads asking quite similar questions, but without finding a "straight" solution to Access the internal phone storage as well as the plugged in SD-Card. While the SD Card is quite an easy Job (shutdown phone, remove SD, plug into some Card Reader, Access it using a drive letter), the internal storage isn't accessible this way. Of course I *CAN* Access all the (regular visible) Content, when connected to a Windows box. But this way I cannot estimate, where all the space was eaten up. So I'd like to know, how to address
  9. Hi all - was wondering if the following is possible: I have a motion detecting ccrv software on PC (icam or similar) - there is a bottom that turn surveillance (motion detection) on and off. I can get autoit to automate the clicking on the button. I want my android phone to send a trigger every time it disconnect from the home network (i.e when I leave home) to tell autoit to turn on surveillance and when reconnecting to home network to trigger it to click off does any one have a suggestion how to go about achieving this?
  10. Connect Android phone > enable USB file transfer > go to My Computer, there's an icon, but no drive letter - this is normal. Open phone icon > go to Internal Storage > go to DCIM > copy all files and folders to computer. Now, I want a quick AutoIt script / windows batch to do this automatically. Get USB path with this - it works OK: #include <WinAPICom.au3> Global Const $sCLSID_PortableDeviceManager = "{0af10cec-2ecd-4b92-9581-34f6ae0637f3}" Global Const $sIID_IPortableDeviceManager = "{a1567595-4c2f-4574-a6fa-ecef917b9a40}" Glo
  11. I REALLY liked Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 10. But when the final list of hardware came out from Microsoft, alas my 6 month old phone was not included. Then only weeks later, Microsoft sold their Nokia handset division only day ago, it was time to stop suffering and get back to Android (NO - I do not own or use Apple Products). It was only after hours of searching that I found that there was NO EASY WAY to move SMS Messages off of Windows Phone 8.1 or 10 TO Android...UNBELIEVABLE!! So I wrote a quick and dirty way to get this done. Here are the steps **** - Your existing
  12. Hi everyone, This is my special pet project. It is an example of how u can use autoit to control external devices. this script is made to comunicate with the MAX335 chip using the SPI protocol via the LPT(printer) port the beauty of the MAX335 chip is that the Clock, Data_In and the Chip_Select pins can be directly connected to the LPT port without any external components, and the 12V and 5V directly from an ATX PC power suply. aditionaly i made a custom GUI with CommandFusion instaled on an Android Tablet that sends TCP commands to an Autoit TCP server that controls three dasy chai
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