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  1. The following function successfully connects to and uploads a local text file named user.dat I have checked the data being written to the text file when it is created locally using a MsgBox and it appears exactly how it should be written to the file. If I comment out the FileDelete and go and open the file locally it is as expected. However when I download the file from the FTP server and open it up the text that should be at the end of the file is missing. With each subsequent run more characters are missing. I added the Sleep(5000) in case the function was closing the FTP conn
  2. I have a smartphone and I use it to access my email. However, when composing an email on it I have a problem. My list of phone contacts on the phone is very different from my list of email contacts in my Thunderbird desktop app. I use my Gmail address book to store primarily phone contacts, and I use Thunderbird for my list of email contacts. I wanted a way to get my Thunderbird contact list onto my smartphone to be able to compose emails to addresses in that list. Here's my solution. I wrote a script to export my Thunderbird Personal Address Book to a csv file. It then reads that file a
  3. Hi all. Today I would like to introduce the beginning of the UDF. How to get started: http://winscp.net/eng/docs/library http://winscp.net/eng/docs/library_install Original readme_automation.txt: now I have only one function (standard FTP on standard port) to show the future possibilities: Local $oErrorHandler = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error", "_ErrFunc") Const Enum _ $__eWSCP_SO_Protocol_Sftp, _ $__eWSCP_SO_Protocol_Scp, _ $__eWSCP_SO_Protocol_Ftp Const Enum _ $__eWSCP_TO_TransferMode_Binary, _ $__eWSCP_TO_TransferMode_Ascii, _ $__eWSCP_TO_TransferMode_Automatic Examp
  4. Hello, This is my first post. So I’ve worked on a script for a while and I’m planning to publish it but the problem is that it connects to an FTP server at some point, and as you probably know FTP credentials are easily captured by a MITM attack or Wireshark (not sure if Wireshark does). So I thought if i can detect data capturing in the user’s network the script would stop. Any idea?. If there’s another workaround I’m happy to hear it.
  5. Hello, I am attempting to pull a list of the directory structure from a public FTP where no username or password is required i.e: ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/ Now I have looked all over the place and have failed find anything to accomplish, and if I found some, and the documentation is rather bleak for example; it does show something I am looking for, but there is no ftp.au3, and the usage and examples of what i want to do seems to elude me on this and it may not even apply to what I am trying to accomplish? I want to avoid using things with Internet explorer , and
  6. Hi, Ones(some times twice) a month I get an e-mail with zip file, which has price updates from a supplier. I have to upload the file to an FTP to get it processed. When uploading the file, it will get "timestamped" with the time and date at which time the file was uploaded. Normally this is fine, because I mostly upload the file the same day. Sometimes it may take 1 or 2 days before I can upload the file. For historical purpose, I would like to have the file timestamped with the original date. I have tried using: _FTP_Command ( $hFTPSession, "MFCT YYYYMMDDHHMMSS path
  7. As for now I was using such kind of snippet: Local $aFTP_FileList = _FTP_ListToArray($hFTPSession, 2) For $iFTPFileSize_idx = 1 To $aFTP_FileList[0] ConsoleWrite('Pobieram informacje o pliku:' & $aFTP_FileList[$iFTPFileSize_idx] ) $iWielkoscPliku = _FTP_FileGetSize($hFTPSession, $aFTP_FileList[$iFTPFileSize_idx]) ConsoleWrite($iFTPFileSize_idx & ' : ' & $aFTP_FileList[$iFTPFileSize_idx] & ' rozmiar=' & $iWielkoscPliku) Sleep(200) Next But from some time my clients start buying cheap WD MyCloud NAS, and my problems starts. O
  8. Hello, i need help in deleting files from a server. The function "_FTP_DirDelete" only deletes a directory when its empty. I need to delete a non empty directory. I also can not delete the files in this directory first, because the files are PAG and DIR files in a .DAV directory and FTPEx.au3 doesnt like a directory starting with a ".". Any ideas? Thx, Sally
  9. Hi, I have written a small script to read a file from an FTP server and check its contents. This can be re-run by the press of a button, however, if the file is deleted from the ftp server between runs (with the .exe still live), the file is still "read" and written locally, which then passes the check. If I run it initially without the file, it correctly fails and pops up my error message, but if the file is then added, it then seemingly gets cached (or similar) so that the app then always reports a success. The below code snippet is just the function run w
  10. Hi, I'm trying to download a file from a secure site that doesn't allow ftp. I've been trying to use FTPS but I can't find anything about FTPS (or FTP over SSL) except one reference that was a few years ago. So I'm wondering if things have changed. I've trawled through WinHttp and FF but can't find anything. If anyone has some good ideas I'd love to hear from you. here is one example of what I tried, and it seemed to work at first but then there was no response at the end:( #include <string.au3> #include <inet.au3> #include <guiconstants.au3> #include <winhttp.au3>
  11. I have used this code for a long time, but for a week or 2 it stopped working? Connection is ok, the put create the file on server if I delete it on the FTP server, but the file is empty and after 30 secondees the function return 0 I have tested on 2 machines, Filezilla FTP client have no issue to the server. Firewall is disabled under test. If $writeFTP = True Then $Open=_FTPOpen('MyFTP Control') $Conn=_FTPConnect($Open, $destinationServer, $destinationUsername, $destinationPass) MsgBox(0,"start","start") $Ftpp=_FtpPutFile($Conn, $filePath&$name&
  12. In documentation for: #include <FTPEx.au3> _FTP_Connect ( $hInternetSession, $sServerName, $sUsername, $sPassword [, $iPassive = 0 [, $iServerPort = 0 [, $iService = $INTERNET_SERVICE_FTP [, $iFlags = 0 [, $fuContext = 0]]]]] ) There are two parameters for Passive: My question is: What is a difference beetwen using : $iPassive = 1 and $iFlags = $INTERNET_FLAG_PASSIVE Regards, mLipok
  13. Screenshot program that can upload/FTP to website/storage with hotkey. Features GUI to display programmable keys. Set the hotkeys with this function to use, and display hotkeys. ; hotkey_set() Parameters: ; ----------------------------------------------------------- ; $aHotkey -                The array hotkeys are stored in. This function sets the values of this array[hotkey_id][$hotkey_data] ; $dHotkey_id -             The enum for this hotkey index ; $sHotkey_des
  14. Hi, I'm looking to create a script which will download all *.txt files from a remote FTP server. Once downloaded, delete all *.txt files. Can this be achieved using AutoIt ?
  15. Hi folks, I'm using the udf #include <FTPEx.au3> to "download" some files from our zOS (MVS) system via autoit FTP with _FTP_FileGet. The FileGet works, but the codepage is wrong. Special German chars like öäüß are not transfered correctly. Any idea how to set the codepage? Swichting between binary or ascii doesn't solve the problem. Using the ftp command in a cmd.exe window it works like this : quote site sbd=(IBM-273,iso8859-1) Thanks Mega
  16. Hi, how to get full error reporting if FTP failed? tried _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage() func but That didn't help at all. the information was returned by _WinAPI_GetLastErrorMessage() can't help me! _FTP_Open, return Success: a handle, Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero _FTP_Connect, return Success: an handle to connected session. Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero. _FTP_DirCreate, return Success: 1. Failure: 0. _FTP_FilePut, return Success: 1. Failure: 0 and sets the @error flag to non-zero. Any help would b
  17. Hi All, I need some help, I am writing a script that FTPs some files and then outputs the results, but I am unable to figure out how to output the file name on line 58. Here is the code (modified to exclude personal information): #include <FTPEx.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <WinAPIFiles.au3> #include <Inet.au3> #include <Debug.au3> #include <File.au3> #include <Array.au3> Local $Server = 'ftp.com' Local $Username = 'user' Local $Password = 'password' Local $Lo
  18. Hi All, I am trying to write a script that FTPs multiple files to the same destination using the same FTP session. The script takes the source files, places them on the FTP server, the files should be FTP'd and then moved into the SENT folder in the original location. I seem to have got everything working except when i try to FTP multiple files, if i put a specific file name under $LocalFile & $RemoteFile under FTP_FilePut then the script works, can anyone tell me where I am going wrong please? I've visited other forums and input an array for the $LocalFile which seems to work, as if
  19. I have inputted correct code for FTP but I get nothing on my server. #include <FTPEx.au3> Local $sServer = 'ftpserver' Local $sUsername = 'username' Local $sPass = 'pass' Local $hOpen = _FTP_Open('MyFTP Control') Local $hConn = _FTP_Connect($hOpen, $sServer, $sUsername, $sPass) _FTP_FilePut ( $hConn, @ScriptDir & '\FTP.au3' , '/FTP.au3' ,0 ,0 )How can it be wrong? My server is can use port default 0(20) and can use Filezilla to upload on that. I have researched on this forum but still cannot fix this. Thank you for your atte
  20. I have started using this UDF SFTPEx.au3 to download a bunch of files from a remote server to local. First, Great job with the UDF and this really works! awesome work Lupo73... Second, there is no timestamps on the listed files when I use the function _SFTP_ListToArrayEx. Screenshots attached Third, Is the _SFTP_ProgressDownload function still Work in Progress? I am using the version 1.0 beta 9 using _ArrayDisplay function using Filezilla Can the developers please help me with these questions?
  21. I'm using ftp functions but the modification time always have 0 seconds. Is it how it should work? I checked in FileZilla and it returns seconds.
  22. Hi All, Here is a little GUI I built a while back to learn how to use INI files to store information ( variables ) between opening and closing certain programs. I just recently pulled it back out and cleaned it up and debugged it, if you find any bugs please kill them. The FTP connection part was just so it would have purpose... To cut down on clutter there are no labels, hover mouse over to see what things are. cya, Bill
  23. Hi, i have problem to get all files from server in list, it say in help file that u can get data from current session but it wont work #RequireAdmin #include <ButtonConstants.au3> #include <ComboConstants.au3> #include <EditConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <StaticConstants.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <GUIListBox.au3> #include <GUIListView.au3> #include <FTPEx.au3> #include <Array.au3> #Region ### START Koda GUI section ### $GUI = GUICreate("FTP tool", 754, 613, 691, 157)
  24. Hi, i have problem with connection on ftp with example script i get message all time "ERROR = -1", but in filezilla or other ftp client i connect normally with same data ? And what this _FTP_Open('') means, i can write what i want in ? like this is my connection name or something from server ? thanks in advance #include <FTPEx.au3> #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> Local $sServer = '*********' Local $sUsername = '**********' Local $sPass = '*********' Local $hOpen = _FTP_Open('MyFTP Control') Local $hConn = _FTP_Connect($hOpen, $sServer, $sU
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