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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, i want to search several directories for files with the largest numbers behind them (Like "video123") . They dont have a datatype. But there are also files with longer names and datatypes in these folders (Like "video778.mp4"). Is it possible to filter the _FileListToArray Syntax from to smth. like Here is my Code #include <ButtonConstants.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <array.au3> #include <File.au3> $filedir = @ScriptDir & "\" _checkfile() Func _checkfile()
  2. Hi, I'm looking to create a script which will download all *.txt files from a remote FTP server. Once downloaded, delete all *.txt files. Can this be achieved using AutoIt ?
  3. Hi, How to create Wildcards to search for a Filename and also for a String within a File and within the own script.
  4. In a folder with some files that have no extension (for example the hosts file in C:\Windows\System32\driversetc), FileListToArrayRec does not return the same thing than _FileListToArray if I use *.* as filter : _FileListToArray("C:\Windows\System32\driversetc", "*") : returns all files _FileListToArray("C:\Windows\System32\driversetc", "*.*") : returns all files _FileListToArrayRec("C:\Windows\System32\driversetc", "*") : returns all files _FileListToArrayRec("C:\Windows\System32\driversetc", "*.*") : returns only files with extensions It seems logic that FileListToArrayRec
  5. WildcardMatch an Fast Filename Pattern Match (UDF) Machine Code Version (x32 and x64) Repeat the word from an C/C++ Writer { Introduction Simple wild card matching with ? and * is something that we use in our every day work just when opening a command prompt and using DIR and DEL. But how can this be done correctly in your program? OK, you can use regular expressions, and I recommend this when you already use a bunch of Boost, tr1 or STL stuff in your code. But sometimes, I like it easy and simple without tons of library code in the background. And because I saw a lot of wrong and
  6. So im making a script that organizes TV shows. i have figured most of it out but im trying to find the portion of the title that contains the Season number and Episode number. (ie S01E13) is there and easy way to search for the "S" and "E" in a string with any 2 random numbers in between them and after the "E"? here is what i tried just as a very wild guess: Func FindSeasonEpisode($FileName) $result = StringInStr($FileName, "S**E**") ConsoleWrite($result & @CRLF) EndFunc
  7. Here is a small section of my script. What I am trying to accomplish is that I am finding these files by using wildcards in fileexists(). Is there any possible way to get the filename based off of wildcards if only one file matches the criteria? Something like filegetname("1*.bkf") that returns the full file name. I would like this script to be able to stringtrimleft($string,1) the filename, so that I can change the first portion of file name. File name example: "0 01-31-13 16.01.20 full System Backup.bkf" would change to: "1 01-31-13 16.01.20 full System Backup.bkf" For $z = 5 to "0" Ste
  8. Hi guys, i need you help, again I have a folder that changes everytime the name. Basically is: test-test-123456789 The name test-test is equal everytime, the number 123456789 changes. The problem is this: i have to use cmd for build a file in this directory. It's a simple script to avoid the MAX_LENGHT of cmd ( max 256 character limit ) The directory is: @workingdir & "\test-test-123456789\build\test.sln This is the script: $var1 = "cd Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319" $var2 = $var3 = @WorkingDir & $var2 & "\build\test.sln" Run(@ComSpec) Send(".cd C:\") Se
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