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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I found a couple of threads asking quite similar questions, but without finding a "straight" solution to Access the internal phone storage as well as the plugged in SD-Card. While the SD Card is quite an easy Job (shutdown phone, remove SD, plug into some Card Reader, Access it using a drive letter), the internal storage isn't accessible this way. Of course I *CAN* Access all the (regular visible) Content, when connected to a Windows box. But this way I cannot estimate, where all the space was eaten up. So I'd like to know, how to address the "root" Folder of the internal storage of my Android Phone to get it's subfolders and files. Going through the whole Folder tree recursively isn't my Problem, it's just howto address the very first Folder and then to read all files (with sizes) and names of the subfolders. Regards, Rudi.
  2. Hi AutoIT Forum. I have some problems with the XML DOM Wrapper. This is my XML for example: <i> <name>INAME1 <iserver>iserver</iserver> <username>username</username> <password>password</password> <sserver>sserver</sserver> </name> <name>INAME2 <iserver>iserver</iserver> <username>username</username> <password>password</password> <sserver>sserver</sserver> </name> <name>INAME3 <iserver>iserver</iserver> <username>username</username> <password>password</password> <sserver>sserver</sserver> </name> </i> I want to get the path of <name>INAME2. How can i do that? I want to write and read at this path....
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