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  1. Hello, once more I have to see, that my knowledge about XML is too poor, even to use this existing XML UDF If it should be a better approach to make use of StringRegEx, or maybe a totally different approach, any suggestions will be mostly appreciated. I downloaded the ZIP XML_1.1.1.13 and tried to get how to use it from the sample AU3 files included in that ZIP file, well, I don't really get it😵 What I want to do: My mobile phone's backup contain all the contacts in an XML file. This is an example of such a file, backupinfo.xml, shortened to show
  2. I was asking @eltorro serveral times for any support for XML DOM wrapper (COM) - with no success So I took matters into my hands ..... I want to present XMLWrapperEx.au3 - BETA Version Want to join to the project ? Here is some description: ; #INDEX# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title .........: XMLWrapperEx.au3 ; AutoIt Version : ; Language ......: English ; Description ...: Functions to use for reading and writing XML using msxml. ; Remark
  3. Dear all, i am unable to open a xml file to excel in the "xml table format" Please help me out in where i am missing Local $strFileToOpen = _WinAPI_OpenFileDlg('Select xml file', @WorkingDir, 'All Files(*.*)', 1, '', '', BitOR($OFN_PATHMUSTEXIST, $OFN_FILEMUSTEXIST, $OFN_HIDEREADONLY)) Global $xlXmlLoadImportToList = 2 ; Places the contents of the XML data file in an XML table $oExcel = _Excel_Open() $oWorkbook1=$oExcel.Workbooks.OpenXML($strFileToOpen, "", $xlXmlLoadImportToList) If $strFileToOpen <> False Then     Loc
  4. Hello , I've the following problem and hope somebody can push me in the right direction or have a good example on how to do it. The problem is :I want to search / select / change /check a XML setting in a XML file. The example XML file is as following : <Configuration> <Categories> <Category Name="default"> <SubCategories> <SubCategory Name="defaultsettings"> <Settings> <Setting Name="machinename" TypeName="System.String" Value="defaultname"
  5. I have been using the XML UDF successfully for sometime. I am now tring to add in error handling for some bad XML files I run into. $oXmlDoc = _XML_CreateDOMDocument(Default) _XML_Load($oXmlDoc,$sFileXML) ;<== ENTER XML FILE PATH HERE If @error Then ; ConsoleWrite(StringFormat("_XML_load error - @error = %s", @error) & @CRLF) ; ConsoleWrite("-" & $sFileXML & @CRLF) Exit -1 EndIf ConsoleWrite("-" & $sFileXML & @CRLF) ;If no specified nodes exist, log error and exit If Not _XML_No
  6. I was searching the forum too find a way to read XML files. There are many options (also very old options), but my question is which is the best for now and which is the best for my problem? I have a XML file like this: <Data> <Values> <Info>Information value 1</Info> <Info>Information value 2</Info> </Values> <Other>Other information</Other> </Data>What I want to have is a function where you can basically call the function 'getValue' or 'getValues' with the path to the value(s) e.g. getValue('Dat
  7. Skeletor


    Hi All, This is purely an XML Language question. I need to understand how I can add a value/element in between another XML element. Code below shows the XML file. The info tag has the elements already inserted. <Configuration xmlns="http://schemas.datacontract.org/2004/07/Modules.Reporting.DataContracts.LineItems" xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <GenConf> <Info>ID, Site, Name , Site_ID</Info> </GenConf> </Configuration> Now, I want to add a value from a node group into this code. Somethi
  8. I am trying to read an XML file that looks like the following. I am particularly interested in the ParameterNames and ParameterValues I was able to read a simplier XML file using $oXML.load("DataForwardSettings.xml") Local $oInfos = $oXML.selectnodes("//Database") ; or //Info or //Data//Info or //Values/Info but have not been able to read <?xml version="1.0"?> <Entities> <Entity RecordType="TrendData"> <Property Name="AlarmLimitsSetNumber" IsReadOnly="False" ValueType="
  9. I want to generating a XML file (test.xml) like as follow: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="GBK"?> <!DOCTYPE SCHEMA SYSTEM "HGWSPZJK.dtd"> ;I can not generate this line <SCHEMA CRC="HGWSPZ201808_9131011571786229XM_CRC.XML" SSSQ="201808" CHSNAME="HGWSDKQD" NAME="HGWSPZ"> <TAXPAYER CJRMC="sigmagroup" CJRDM="9131011571786229XM" CJLX="DKZK" RECORDCOUNT="411" SBRQ="2018-08-31" NSRMC="sigmagroup" SWSBH="9131011571786229XM"> <Records> <Record BZ="" JKKADM="2244" JKKAMC="shanghai" SE="5907.82" TFRQ="2018-08-23" FPHM="224420181000752586
  10. try it for make flyers old games xml + Gdi, i belive many sources had lost AIT-ADRLIST.au3
  11. Hello guys, This XML things are driving me crazy... Please let me know how can I use the _XMLGetAttrib function... I've tried every possible way that I've read on the forum and I cannot succeed reading an attribute. The XML looks like bellow: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <BATCH attr1= "aaa" attr2="bbb" attr3="ccc"> <Node1 attr1="aaa" attr2="bbb" attr3="ccc" attr4="ddd" attr5="" attr6="eee" attr7="fff" attr8="ggg"/> <Node2 attr1="aaa" attr2="" attr3="" attr4="ddd"/> <Node3 attr1="" a
  12. (GOOGLE TRANSLATOR) Sorry: / Sorry, there is no new difficulty to organize my reading system, I need an XLM file like that, which is the problem with 30 thousand lines, is this, I need to find the value "Difficulty" and "live" and tell the program what's with the "default =" yes "" not <dipvalue>, can anyone have an example of how I wanted to do this? An example is enough to do this. example.au3 #include <Array.au3> #include "XML.au3" _Example() Func _Example() Local $oXML = _XML_CreateDOMDocument(Default) Local $sXML_Content =@ScriptDir &
  13. Can anyone assist with creating/modify/delete XML Nodes/Child Nodes? Have a document for example: <ConfigData> <parameter> <name>Setting One</name> <value>10</value> </parameter> <parameter> <name>IPAddress</name> <value></value> </parameter> <parameter> <name>Setting One</name> <value>200</value> </parameter> <parameter> <name>Setting Three</name> <value>300</value> </parameter> </
  14. Hi. I'm trying to write a xml. Here is my code: #include <_XMLDomWrapper.au3> #include <Date.au3> Global $g_sXMLFileName Global $g_sDestPath = @DesktopDir & "\" Global $g_sReturnedBID = "A10829" _makeXML() _AddXML(1, "A10829_Thomas/wav/T001.wav") _AddXML(2, "A10829_Thomas/wav/T002.wav") Exit Func _makeXML() Local $sXMLtime = StringReplace(StringReplace(StringReplace(_NowCalc()," ","_"),":","-"),"/","-") ; in yyyy-mm-dd_hh-mm-ss $g_sXMLFileName = $g_sDestPa
  15. I need help to read in a loop the DVD id child and subchild. Thx Example... DVD001 - PAL - EN,FR,DE,ES,IT and filter the right title & descri language. I tried with $oXML.SelectSingleNode but without success <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <datafile xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="mydvd.xsd"> <dvd name="My dvd title"> <id>DVD001</id> <region>PAL</region> <
  16. Version


    I was asking @eltorro serveral times for any support for XML DOM wrapper (COM) - with no success So I took matters into my hands ..... I want to present _XMLDomWrapperEx.au3 - BETA Version Want to join to the project ? Here is some description: ; #INDEX# ======================================================================================================================= ; Title .........: _XMLDomWrapperEx.au3 ; AutoIt Version : ; Language ......: English ; Description ...: Functions to use for reading and writing XML using ms
  17. Hi Guys, Since I'm able to get a Dell equipment warranty status thanks to my API key, I'm using an UDF to extract data from an XML file and get the end date. > Thing is, when using InetGet, the original file is in JSON format and the UDF is not working anymore, even if I download the file with the xml extension. Therefore, and when I manually download the page with Chrome, I have a proper XML file where the UDF is working fine. Here's my code: I even tried to convert the json to xml > https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/185717-js-json-to-xml/ I took a l
  18. Alright, this is going to be a rather long explanation so bear with me. What I am trying to to is build a GUI program that, in the end, will look like this: The middle Frame is for displaying a desktop icon and the right frame is for displaying a selected image. The XML file I am using looks like this: <list> <item id="1"> <ico>Path\to\icon1<\ico> <img>Path\to\image1<\img> <exe>Path\to\program1<\exe> <label>UserDefinedLabel1<\label> <\item> <item id="2">
  19. Any internal xml API to parse and edit XML files in AutoIT?
  20. This is a Wrapper for Pugixml, made with C++ by me and uses the version 1.2. Description pugixml is a light-weight C++ XML processing library. It consists of a DOM-like interface with rich traversal/modification capabilities, an extremely fast XML parser which constructs the DOM tree from an XML file/buffer. pugixml enables very fast, convenient and memory-efficient XML document processing. However, since pugixml has a DOM parser, it can't process XML documents that do not fit in memory; also the parser is a non-validating one, so if you need DTD or XML Schema validation, the library is not f
  21. Today I was working on some Webservices UDF. As a result I get this kind of data: I was searching here: http://www.htmlhelp.com/reference/html40/entities/special.html http://www.html-entities.org/ http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_entities.asp But finally I made this: #include <IE.au3> _Example() Func _Example() Local $sHTML = _ '&lt;root&gt;&#xD;&lt;Data&gt;&#xD;&lt;Type&gt;F&lt;/Type&gt;&#xD;&lt;/Data&gt;&#xD;&lt;/root&gt;' MsgBox(0, 'TEST', _HTML_DecodeEnt
  22. What i am trying to do is compare date of destination and source, and if source file is newer than destination it copies the file to source. Just posting a sample code of what i am trying to achieve #include <Date.au3> ; Include Date constants #include <File.au3> #include <iNet.au3> #include <_XMLDomWrapper.au3> Global $xml1, $xml1monthday, $xml1year, $xml1format, $xml2, $xml2monthday, $xml2year, $xml2format, $xmldate ; Runs the XmlDate() function to determine the age of the Xml file ;=========================================================
  23. Update : Version Optimized whole code, added redim step var. Hi, I had to create Excel files for my needs, but I wondered how to do it because xlsx files are not raw editable; so I searched for a way do it. Excel can open multiple files type, and the XML is a good way to do it so here it is. It creates an Excel XML file, with which you will be able to : -Create Rows -Create Cells and set it's color -Set column width -Set global text horizontal align -Set XML author -Set XML creation date -Set XML compagny And of course you can easily add features. Here is an example :
  24. I have created an app that allows me to save server names as field values and other information associated with their nodes. (example below) <Servers> <ServerInfo> <Server_Name>MyServerName</Server_Name> <User>user_name</User> <Password>0x8534C1E508D4CF29AC17</Password> </ServerInfo> </Servers I am trying to use "_XMLNodeExists" from "_XMLDOMWrapper.au3" to search for existing server entries by field value. (Sorry if my XML terms are not quite right) I didn't quite follow how to search and I am not sure if
  25. I'm trying to use Sendspace API for download and upload, until now i only have learned to get token, login and get session key. My next step is upload a file. But i have no idea how to do this part. ; try to upload something ; Specify the reguest to upload.getInfo: Local $hRequest = _WinHttpOpenRequest($hConnect, Default, "/rest/?method=upload.getinfo&session_key=" & $SessonKey & "&speed_limit=0") ; Send request Local $handle = _WinHttpSendRequest($hRequest) ; Wait for the response Local $WaitRS = _WinHttpReceiveResponse($hRequest) ; Read Data
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