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Found 3 results

  1. This is an small script to Control Android Devices by USB using adb, you can use it with phones with a Cracked Screen or not working Touch Screen. What it Does: - Show your Android Screen on your Desktop. - Allow you to Swipe or Tap on the screen. - Allow you to send BACK button event. - Allow you to send WakeUp event. - Allow you to move in List Menu using Swipe gestures or Mouse Wheel Forward or Backward. - Refresh Screen with Wheel Click(Wheel Down)(To update your device screen on your desktop view). - Allow you to unlock your Device with Pattern only 3 points pattern for now. What it does not: - Complex Unlock Pattern not supported yet I'm working on that. - Complex Swipe gesture not supported yet, only straight lines. - PC Keyboard to write SMS or Email not Supported yet, I'm working on that. - Volume UP or Down not supported yet I will add it soon. - No configuration interface or file yet, keys and actions are pre set on script code. I will change that. What it Requires: - In order to Compile the Script you need 3 files: adb.exe, AdbWinApi.dll, AdbWinUsbApi.dll - In order to use the script without these files or without compile it you need to copy that files to user Temp Dir, or windows Temp dir I mean @TempDir. Keys Used and Notes: - Left Click will tap on the screen. - Keep Left Click down, move the mouse and release it with perform a Swipe operation.(Mouse Drag = Swipe). - Right Click will go back. - Enter on the keyboard will send WakeUp event(Power Button) - Wheel Down will Refresh the screen on your desktop, also F5.(Take last pictures of your android device screen) IMPORTANT: There is an $scale variable on the script that scale down your Phone screenshot image to a good resolution to show on your Desktop, I use 1.5 of scale factor because my phone resolution is 480x800 and my Desktop Screen is 1366x768 and that scale factor is good enough for me.(I will calculate that in the future to make it automatic). IMPORTANT 2: If you feel is very slow feel free to decrease Sleep() values from 400 to 200, that will be faster but you will need to Refresh with Wheel Click after you perform certain actions. Thanks and Credits: UDFs\MouseControl.au3 Base on Low Level Mouse Hook by @_Kurt all credits to him. UDFs\GUICtrlPicPNG.au3 Based on PNG work around by @UEZ from the help file, All credits to him. Kind Regards Alien. AndroidControl.zip
  2. Hi, I would like to share this simple project which aims to be a first approach in order to use AutoIt as scripting language for mobile automation (Android). This project is an ImperiusGeorge client for mobile test automation that support native Android apps. You can find more information at https://ohtejera.github.io/ImperiusAutoIt and here's the link to the project on Github: https://github.com/ohtejera/ImperiusAutoIt Best regards. Henry
  3. Hello everyone, I've been working on an android tool which helps with some (basic) stuff in ADB and Fastboot. Features: Install adb and fastboot (downloads the setup n installs it) adb: Reboot: Device (normal), Recovery, Bootloader Install apps Fastboot Flash: kernel, Recovery Reboot Device(normal), Bootloader Well that's it for now... To be added: Maybe a tutorial how to flash roms? comment anything usefull and i'll try to add it Bugs: There's this weird bug which occurs as soon as you click adb/fastboot/install or close a newly opened GUI window. The script will pause and you won't be able to click anything anymore... you even have to close it via the icon bar in the lower right corner.. ( I would greatly appreciate any help on this as i currently am unable to find the reason for this to happen) That's it for the bugs as far as i know. Find any new bugs? glitches? comment below and i'll see what i can do any help with the code itself would also be appreciated as it's a bit messy right now =/ Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?m369j3xeyffmu51 This contains both the source and the program itself. source = ADB.au3 virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/nl/file/b5bc565da3f842d3b750b5d734b0fc5731ec0fb0fc9c1c9932f2634db4c4403b/analysis/1398722313/ dh.
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