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Found 25 results

  1. IE Embedded Control Versioning Use IE 9+ and HTML5 features inside a GUI This UDF allows the use of embedded IE controls which support IE versions greater than IE 7. By default, all embedded IE controls default to IE 7 compatibility mode (unless for some reason somebody has IE 6 installed!), so its not possible to use most of the HTML5 features available today. Fortunately, IE 9 and greater allow the use of HTML5, and the embedded IE control actually supports it. The problem is convincing Windows to let your program actually use those features! There are Registry branches that modify ho
  2. Hi, for a script of mine, I wish to keep a time frame on till how the program will work.. basically, I want the program to read the date and if the read date < 'a particular date', the program continues, else it exit. I don't want to read the time from the computer as the program can be fooled by resetting the pc time. is there a way to read time from internet - so that the user cannot fool the program by date reset? thanks
  3. I have an aws cloud machine where I kept all the build process to create some set of zip files and uploading them to OneDrive. Once it is completed, I have another local machine in our environment which is a acting as a local share server also. Is there anyway to notify this machine(without public IP) to start downloading these files. I have written an AutoIT exe to download these files and copy them to respective locations.But don't know how to notify this from the remote machine. Any suggestion??
  4. Good evening guys, i'm having a problem, not about the code (i'm only thinking about it at the moment) but about the way i can do it. I have a webpage (photo N.1) it has some elements in it. I need only the table (photo N.2), looking at the code and with _IEFunctions i can easy find the table but how i can i "copy" it? As i said it's really easy to found with a script but what should i do then? Copy the source? And how can i display it to the user? In my head i'd like to display it inside a GUI, is that possible? Thanks in advance Edit: Posted 2 ti
  5. How can i add sleep command using internet speed. If my internet speed is 40-50Kbps then sleep for 5 seconds, If my internet speed is 30-40Kbps then sleep for 4 seconds, If my internet speed is 20-30Kbps then sleep for 3 seconds. *Sleep command used bitween my costom script, Example, RunWait("rasdial /disconnect", "", @SW_HIDE) ; Stop connect from start Sleep(5000) RunWait("rasdial Internet", "", @SW_HIDE) ; Connect again
  6. Please Somebody Help me i am trying to create new script but, i don't know how to create it. I am Creating script like this : ; My script here [First Script] Check the internet connection, if internet connected then ; My Script here [Second Script] If internet not connected, wait for connect, after connected run my second script If Control id/windows/title matched do nothing and end/exit autoit script If Control id/windows/title not matched repeat my first and second script again until control id/windows/tittle not matched match with : >>>> Window <<<
  7. How can i stop/pause my internet connection for only 7 seconds, after 7 seconds automaticaly resume my internet. Please give me scripte
  8. i am trying to figure out how a server can connect to a client Over the internet. In this is script. The client connects to the server on the same machine (localhost) and executes the commands from the client. How can I change that instead communicating over localhost to communicate over the internet with tcp ipaddress and a port. What i actually need help of is 1. The server will open a port and listen to communication from a No-ip address 2. I input the no-ip address and correct port in the client side, and when i click on connect, it connects to the server
  9. I've learned so much from the AutoIt community and figured it is about time I start giving something back. I am open sourcing all my software and Complete Internet Repair is the first program I am releasing. Complete Internet Repair will give you a free option to attempt to repair everything internet related. With any repair utility, you will need to remember only two golden rules. Firstly; don't try to repair something that is not broken, you might break it. Secondly; Comnplete Internet Repair cannot repair it all, we are not like the all-seeing and all-knowing Oracle, we cannot ant
  10. I want an AutoIT script to be able to open a given page, but also be able to check the HTTP status of the page and print out the status code in a message box. Looking through some of the documentation, I've found how to open a page in Internet Explorer and keep it as an object by doing this: $IE = _IECreate($google_url) ^^^ but how would I find the HTTP status 200 from here?
  11. I've written a bot that is loading down pictures from a website. Basically, it opens the website, saves the picture via context menu, and hits a button for loading the next pic. Unfortunately, the pics and my internet connection aren't always the same and it takes longer to load at times. Right now I've got a sleep(3000) in my code, but it isn't very efficient. I waste time if it loads faster than 3000ms, and the program fails if it takes more than 3000ms. So I wanted to make a function that waits until the picture has loaded, and then saves it. I don't know if that causes any problems
  12. I was needing to check all my connected networks and check if there is internet connection. so I wrote this function. #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3> #include <Array.au3> Global $NLM_ENUM_NETWORK_CONNECTED = 0x01 ;~ Global $NLM_ENUM_NETWORK_DISCONNECTED = 0x02 ;~ Global $NLM_ENUM_NETWORK_ALL = 0x03 Global Enum $eName, $eIsConectedtoInternet Local $aNetworks = GetNetWorks() If @extended Then For $i = 0 To @extended - 1 ConsoleWrite("NetWork Name: " & $aNetworks[$i][$eName] & "| IsConectedToInternet: " & $aNetworks[$i]
  13. Hello all, i need a script to complete surveys for me... something like this: open firefox go to specified URL wait till loaded fill forms submit wait till loaded check new URL repeat Could someone please suggest me the best way to do this?
  14. Internet Shortcut Sanitizer With the newest Firefox and IE browsers, there's a bit of an issue with Internet Shortcuts created, which have been traditionally saved in a .URL file on Windows (an INI-structured file). Firefox now adds Icon information to the file which points it at a location within %localappdata%MozillaProfiles. This to me is annoying and unnecessary. While it may reflect the favicon of a website, its got a few problems: When the cache is cleared or the bookmark is moved to another computer or put on a fresh install, that icon isn't there anymore. These shortcuts contai
  15. Hi I making a small tool that create wifi Hotspot use netsh cmd All command is ok But only sharing option that i dont know how to control That list all network for choice one network to share Then set properties Sharing I find any infomation about 2hour but i cant find anything I thinking about control click but it will not right for all windows version Please. Help me! Have you some ideas?
  16. So lets say I have the link : "autoitscript.com/forum/" How can I find if its HTTP or HTTPS secured or maybe other protocol ? I would prefer via the _IE UDFs if possible... Thanks in advance !
  17. So my problem was to download files from temporary links. If you consider Combofix, an util to clean Windows from malware, it's a program updated daily and I want always the last version. But the download link is temporary and always changing, and I don't trust other sites static links. I developed a system to download a list of links, the main idea is to have the list of links in the page and after I go parsing the list to found the correct temporary links. It's dirty but it's working. This is a "lite" version for the forum.: #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **
  18. Is it possible to use a different IP proxy before manipulating a web application or a web browser? If it is, then how can I achieve that? If not, then what is the alternative just to use a different IP proxy before web application manipulation? Thanks in advanced..
  19. How to set a value to the "Join the discussion…" textarea and then simulate a left mouse click of the "Post as {USERNAME}" button on the Disqus thread in my blog? Here is the URL of my blog: http://professionalserver.tk/php/wp/hello-world/ If my blog got slow, just wait a while before contributing to this topic! But before you can see the "Post as {USERNAME}" button on the comment system in that blog, you must first manually sign in with Disqus!
  20. Hello, I was looking around the net for a simple protable program to test whether you have an internet connection.. in short i couldnt find what i wanted so i wrote one. After looking on the forum i found some code snippets from others who had started to this kind of thing, but no completed project. Credits: Autoit Team / Autoit Program! ISN AutoIt Studio - '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Post: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Autoitsnippet: http://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_Snippets#IsInternetConnected Function (by Guiness): '?do=em
  21. I'm trying to create two sides; A client side and a server side. I've got each one to work and send data from the client to the server, but if two clients are sending data at the same time. I would like to be able to get both and not just have one send while the other one gets ignored. Is there anyway I can implement a buffer so that when one connection gets done the other then starts receiving from the second client? Here is my code. ~Client Side~ TCPStartup() HotKeySet("{Esc}", "Quit") Local $ip, $port, $data, $connect $ip = "*servers IP address here*" $port = 21230 $connect = TC
  22. Right now the fastest way I can mine someone's database is by making hundreds of individual executable that all do there on INETGET TCP Request, obviously this take up a lot of processing and RAM resources. Anyone know of a way I can make more requests for pages faster\more efficiently? My scripts that I run look something like this... ;A setprate script makes a txt file with part of a URL to go to #include <File.au3> #include <Array.au3> $htmlstore = @DesktopCommonDir & "\HTMLstore\" $FileList = _FileListToArray($htmlstore) For $count = 2 To $FileList[0] + 1 If FileExists
  23. Hello AU3Forum, I have a Internet Explorer window opened( I thinks its somehow a control class in IE,but anyway ) and I need to retrieve or take all the links from that page. How can I do this ??
  24. When running the following code, line 3 causes $script_browser to no longer be an Internet Explorer object, which you can see in the error messages caused by lines 5 & 7. #include <IE.au3> $script_browser = _IECreate() _IENavigate($script_browser, @ScriptDir& "\step1.html") Sleep(2500) _IENavigate($script_browser, @ScriptDir& "\step2.html") Sleep(2500) _IENavigate($script_browser, @ScriptDir& "\step3.html") --> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IENavigate, $_IEStatus_InvalidObjectType --> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IENavigate, $_IEStatus_InvalidObjec
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