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Found 19 results

  1. This script will make it so you can press Alt + "+" in Windows Explorer to select all files with the current file extension. This is something that I wanted for a long time and it should be a feature in Windows, but it's not. The only way to get close is to use the search thing (but then it shows the results excluding everything else) or to group by that type, but I don't want it grouped. You can press Alt + Enter right after to open properties on those files or you can press delete to delete only files of that type. You need the "Automating Windows Explorer" pack here: https://www.a
  2. Hi All, Trying to open windows explorer to a WebDav location and it's not working quite how I want, on the computers it is setup as a "network location" (as opposed to a "mapped drive", and this unfortunately can't be changed), the "Data" WebDav folder sits directly under "This PC" if that's an easier way to get to it. any suggestions as to what I can correct to get the 2nd example to work? ; This works, but I'm trying to avoid this as users normally see the URL style in the 2nd example below $folderToOpen = "\\mycompany.sharepoint.com@SSL\DavWWWRoot\Data" Run("E
  3. IE Embedded Control Versioning Use IE 9+ and HTML5 features inside a GUI This UDF allows the use of embedded IE controls which support IE versions greater than IE 7. By default, all embedded IE controls default to IE 7 compatibility mode (unless for some reason somebody has IE 6 installed!), so its not possible to use most of the HTML5 features available today. Fortunately, IE 9 and greater allow the use of HTML5, and the embedded IE control actually supports it. The problem is convincing Windows to let your program actually use those features! There are Registry branches that modify ho
  4. Good evening guys, i'm having a problem, not about the code (i'm only thinking about it at the moment) but about the way i can do it. I have a webpage (photo N.1) it has some elements in it. I need only the table (photo N.2), looking at the code and with _IEFunctions i can easy find the table but how i can i "copy" it? As i said it's really easy to found with a script but what should i do then? Copy the source? And how can i display it to the user? In my head i'd like to display it inside a GUI, is that possible? Thanks in advance Edit: Posted 2 ti
  5. I want to listen for certain windows events like window open/closed. After reading the help I think I need to use ObjCreate('shell.application') and ObjEvent with that object to create/register a listener. The problem is I don't know what interface or events (i.e. the specific event names) are available for the listener. I tried searching MSDN but it is a labyrinth and I'm not that familiar with the programming frameworks/models used by Windows, and all the examples seem to refer to compiled code using .NET or some other api. Can any1 point me in the right direction? Also is using COM obj
  6. I want an AutoIT script to be able to open a given page, but also be able to check the HTTP status of the page and print out the status code in a message box. Looking through some of the documentation, I've found how to open a page in Internet Explorer and keep it as an object by doing this: $IE = _IECreate($google_url) ^^^ but how would I find the HTTP status 200 from here?
  7. Hi My new Win10 PC has decided that I am not allowed to create OpenOffice text or spreadsheet documents, but some other stuff I never use. I would like advice on how to customize the "New" context(?) menu in the Windows Explorer "New" submenu. I attach a screenshot. Essentially, how do I customize that item?
  8. Hello, i have a file containing a list of card names i want to send to internet explorer page. while sending it misses characters in the middle of the sent text. i decided to do a test to be sure and automate the process to detect the error, so i send the text to explorer, copy it from explorer, save it in a file then read that file and compare it to the original list using stringinstr. here's a video of the error. Link Edit: you might want to turn down the sound ^ is it a known issue? what can i do to resolve this issue? using windows 10, US keyboard.
  9. How can I start the Window SHell Explorer after closing it with this: Run('TASKKILL /F /PID ' & ProcessExists('explorer.exe'))
  10. How can I open a specific driver with Autoit, in my case I have an usb which has the driver letter of f.
  11. Hi there, I am planning to make script for hide/show folders in windows explorer. This is the pseudo code 1. User selectes a folder in windows explorer 2. In the right click context menu, he can see an option named "Hide this folder" 3. If he chooses that option, then my script starts working 4. First, it will collect the full path and name of the folder. 5. Then it will change the file attrib with the FileSetAttrib() function. I don't know how to do the step 4. Please help. Thanks in advance
  12. LAST VERSION - 1.3 28-Jan-15 Unlike >this, here is a fully ready UDF library. The library allows you to create TreeView (TV) Explorer controls that displays a tree of files and folders for the specified root folder with the specified parameters. TV Explorer controls is self-contained GUI controls that do not require you any further doing. Note that TVExplorer UDF requires >WinAPIEx UDF version 3.3 or later. To create TV Explorer control, just call the _GUICtrlTVExplorer_Create() function. And that's it. If you want to be notified about events such as the changing selection, the beginni
  13. Hello everyone! I'm working on a GUI that has 2 explorer windows embedded inside of it. Eventually I'm going to put 4 explorer windows inside of the GUI since it's convenient to have 1 program opened with 4 explorer windows embedded inside it, than having 4 seperate explorer windows opened. Anyway, I ran into some space problems. I'm trying to remove the icons/toolbar that appears on top of the explorer windows since they take up so much space. Here's a pic of what I mean: Here's my code: #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> #include <WinA
  14. Hi guys, found on the Internet code to reload explorer.exe, the code works as expected, but the error takes:Error parsing function call Run("explorer.exe",Call(ProcessClose("explorer.exe"))) How to hide error or fix this? Thanks in advance!
  15. Is it possible to use a different IP proxy before manipulating a web application or a web browser? If it is, then how can I achieve that? If not, then what is the alternative just to use a different IP proxy before web application manipulation? Thanks in advanced..
  16. How to set a value to the "Join the discussion…" textarea and then simulate a left mouse click of the "Post as {USERNAME}" button on the Disqus thread in my blog? Here is the URL of my blog: http://professionalserver.tk/php/wp/hello-world/ If my blog got slow, just wait a while before contributing to this topic! But before you can see the "Post as {USERNAME}" button on the comment system in that blog, you must first manually sign in with Disqus!
  17. Hi! I have a question: - Why the hell would an application crash when I launch it from windows explorer, and works all fine when I launch it from command prompt????? More details: - It's an app that uses a DLL written in pure C of mine - The app also runs well when launched from SciTE (think it's a problem with the stdout...) - The module concerned in the crash is msvcrt.dll - All parts of the dll (event external libraries) are compiled using the same GCC (no any .NET sh*t) - Not only with AutoIt, even if I try to use this DLL with FreeBasic, I have the same crash - Befor, the DLL wa
  18. Hello AU3Forum, I have a Internet Explorer window opened( I thinks its somehow a control class in IE,but anyway ) and I need to retrieve or take all the links from that page. How can I do this ??
  19. When running the following code, line 3 causes $script_browser to no longer be an Internet Explorer object, which you can see in the error messages caused by lines 5 & 7. #include <IE.au3> $script_browser = _IECreate() _IENavigate($script_browser, @ScriptDir& "\step1.html") Sleep(2500) _IENavigate($script_browser, @ScriptDir& "\step2.html") Sleep(2500) _IENavigate($script_browser, @ScriptDir& "\step3.html") --> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IENavigate, $_IEStatus_InvalidObjectType --> IE.au3 V2.4-0 Error from function _IENavigate, $_IEStatus_InvalidObjec
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