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  1. This is an small script to Control Android Devices by USB using adb, you can use it with phones with a Cracked Screen or not working Touch Screen. What it Does: - Show your Android Screen on your Desktop. - Allow you to Swipe or Tap on the screen. - Allow you to send BACK button event. - Allow you to send WakeUp event. - Allow you to move in List Menu using Swipe gestures or Mouse Wheel Forward or Backward. - Refresh Screen with Wheel Click(Wheel Down)(To update your device screen on your desktop view). - Allow you to unlock your Device with Pattern only 3 points pattern for
  2. Hi Guys, So with me working in my Virtual Machines in full screen, I often have my Host OS playing music. Now the issue I had was trying to control the Host OS without having to minimise the Guest OS. So I thought of this small program. I call it the Volume Control. It resides in the bottom right hand corner of your screen just above the system clock. I'm still working on getting the volume buttons to increase/decrease when you hold down the button. Currently, you will need to tap on the volume buttons numerous times to decrease/increase the volume. Any other improvements
  3. hello guys, please i need your help am trying to work with CreateWindowEx api, i created the window with it controls, also i setup the call back function i'am using WinMSGLoop to focus with the keyboard. here i have a problem, i hope that you can help me. on the controls i used the UDF that comme with the autoit, such as _GUIButton_Create, _GUIListBox_Create.... but i can't find a STATIC control UDF, for that i used this local $h_ssrvlbl = _WinAPI_CreateWindowEx(0, "STATIC", "الخادم", BitOr($WS_VISIBLE, $WS_CHILD, $WS_CLIPSIBLINGS, $WS_CLIPCHILDREN), 250, 10, 100, 20, $hWnd) as
  4. Hi dear This is the first include file I designed This work is especially directed to NVDA free screen reader users It contains a set of functions that enable you to control the program Such as forcing the program to read a custom text Force it to stop talking Find out if the program is running And show custom text in the Braille screen Available functions are _nvdaControllerClient_Load() to load the dll file _nvdaControllerClient_free() to UnLoad the dll file _nvdaControllerClient_SpeakText() to speak a custom text _nvdaControllerClient_brailleMessage() to show
  5. Here is the below code for handling pop-up when window is inactive ..but I don't know how to change sleep and when i run this script it runs sometimes and sometimes it stops . ControlSend("Policy Decisions -- Webpage Dialog","","Internet Explorer_Server1","{SPACE}") ControlSend("Policy Decisions -- Webpage Dialog","","Internet Explorer_Server1","{DOWN}") ControlSend("Policy Decisions -- Webpage Dialog","","Internet Explorer_Server1","{ENTER}") --- these 3 lines never worked while TAB lines works sometimes but not in accurate way I am new too AutoIt .. help me out why
  6. IE Embedded Control Versioning Use IE 9+ and HTML5 features inside a GUI This UDF allows the use of embedded IE controls which support IE versions greater than IE 7. By default, all embedded IE controls default to IE 7 compatibility mode (unless for some reason somebody has IE 6 installed!), so its not possible to use most of the HTML5 features available today. Fortunately, IE 9 and greater allow the use of HTML5, and the embedded IE control actually supports it. The problem is convincing Windows to let your program actually use those features! There are Registry branches that modify ho
  7. hello sirs, please i created a tool witch get the focused control in a window and play a audio file linked with this controls e.g buttons, checkBoxes, radios, comboboxes, and others i know that their is a function that give us the control focus but it return the classNN i want to get the class name to use it with a switch and because their are more than class e.g button tbutton timagebutton tnewButton... please can any one help me to get the class name not the classnn thanks in advance
  8. Hello my friends Can we create a single context menu on more than one item? For example, a context menu includes standardized options on more than one control, such as buttons or check boxes to Create a context menu on one item am using this function GUICtrlCreateContextMenu ($ HWND) How to link it with more than one element please? or if we can't do that, please give me a solution so i tried to add an context menus to all the controls but the script will be long, for that if their are any solutions i hope to give it to me thanks in advanced
  9. Is there a (simple) way to make your script using a picture-control to resize the gui? This would be useful for a transparant pop-up window with a custom made theme using picture controls: $Form = GUICreate('', 301, 173, 5, 5, $WS_POPUP, BitOR($WS_EX_LAYERED, $WS_EX_TOPMOST)) GUICtrlCreatePic(@scriptdir & "\resize_win.bmp", 0, 73, 20, 51) ; some api call or code telling the os to use this picture as a resize border GUICtrlSetResizing(-1, $GUI_DOCKLEFT+$GUI_DOCKTOP+$GUI_DOCKBOTTOM+$GUI_DOCKWIDTH+$GUI_DOCKHEIGHT) GUISetState(@SW_SHOW) While True if GUIGetM
  10. An application is there which is created using vc++,mostly mfc. DOn't know the details completely. WHen I try to automate the control clicks for testing the UI. THe below control is not detected. As you can see, during UI operations I can click the elements one by one. But all the elements is selected as a whole set, when I use the Windowinfo tool. How to click this using AutoIT.? Please suggest.
  11. I wrote a script a few months ago that was working at the time. When I tried it today it wouldn't retrieve any controls. The application successfully launches, but I cannot figure out how to retrieve the control from the window that is launched. I'm on a windows 10 machine using AutoIt v3.3.14.2. The only thing I can think of that has changed is windows updates? Code is below, any help is greatly appreciated. ; Notes: ; HandleError( handleToCheck, MsgToLogOnFailure, terminateAutoItOnFail ) : function that simply checks the handle and quits AutoIt if not present ; all of this wo
  12. Hi all, I am playing with _GUICtrlButton_Create function. How can i change this button's (or the entire form's) font ?. The in-built GUICtrlSetFont function is not working even when i convert the control handle to control ID with _WinAPI_GetDlgCtrlID ( ) function. Do i need to use CreateFont api finction and send WM_SETFONT message ? Or is there any other easy and safe ways to do this ?. Thanks in advance. Note : This window is created by CreateWindowEx function, not by GUICreate function.
  13. Hello all! I have had some issues reading text from different types of windows, occasionally, specifically with controlgettext. **Before I begin, I know there are better ways to do what I attempt in the example below. That's not the point of this post. The point is my issues with controlgettext. I am about to cite an example with an application you may be familiar with called SpeedFan (v4.52). My problem is not specific to speedfan, it is simply the most recent and easily reproducible example I can think of. So, the goal of the script below is to get a string of text containi
  14. Hi, I have created a bit of code to enable a script to find named controls on a userform, even though the MS CLASS description changes between machines. e.g. The CLASS "WindowsForms10.EDIT.app.0.24b689f_r14_ad1" for a text box on one PC is different on another. The below code, (a cut-down version of the code from jdelaney original post) loops through all the controls and finds the first one with the desired string in the control class name - in this case "EDIT". This name is then usable for setting the text using ControlSetText. #include <array.au3> WinActiv
  15. Just wanted to share my functions for managing a GUI with lots of controls and many screens. I personally feel that it is very efficient and keeps line count to a minimum. And if it's not, I'll learn a better solution! Note: There are some conditional veriables such as $changes and $cont that are modified by the main loop in this particular script; they are meant as an example, please don't try too hard to understand why they're used. *Usage* This allows you to re-state a handful of buttons in one line when doing slight GUI changes: ToggleCTRL($GUI_DISABLE, $dALO,
  16. A UDF with Extended Functions for Window Management Notes: Fixes WinGetClassList's barbaric returning of a @LF separated string instead of an array. Potential Uses: Automating applications that change their controls' handles/classes on each launch (e.g. half of Cisco's programs) Functions: _WinGetClassList _WinGetClassNNList _WindowGetHandleList _WindowGetHandleListFromPos Download: WindowEx.zip (v0.4) Changelog: 10/04/2016 (v0.4): _WinGetClassNNList Fixed : Not Returning an Index when using $2D_ARRAY
  17. Hi guys, Trying to map my mouse button 4 (I'm pretty sure it's 4 rather than 5, but I can experiment) to click the back button in a program (screenshot attached). In terms of positioning it sits in the middle of 3 screens if that makes a difference. I assume I can use something like (though I prob don't need the 1st two lines if using ControlClick?): WinActivate("ConnectWise v2016.4 (41139)", "Chrome Legacy Window") WinWaitActive("ConnectWise v2016.4 (41139)", "Chrome Legacy Window") ControlClick("ConnectWise v2016.4 (41139)",
  18. I turned to Autoit from AHK just because it support WinForm Application so well. The problem often haunts me that all the application in my job is WinForm. And it indeed help my work so much. Great thanks in advance. However, I can't get the ToolTip text in the application of my company. Specifically,now I want to get the information about some data, however the information is all displayed in the tooltip on the scatter diagram which is made of those data. Is there any advice ? Relative topics I have searched can't get any information about the winform tooltip...
  19. Hi, i'm not a very educated guy when it comes to dll calls.. can someone help me do this: DllCall("uxtheme.dll", "none", "SetThemeAppProperties", "int", false) for only one control?
  20. Hi All, I'm wanting to learn how to use ControlSend or ControlClick to be able to click a button when prompted, part of the problem is the button text changes. The button I want to click displays "NO (XX)" where XX is a countdown each second from 90 - image attached. I've not done Control based code before, so the below code may be wrong lol, but this is what I've got so far: While 1 If WinExists("System", "reboot") Then Local $hWnd = WinWait("System", "reboot", 5) Local $iPID = WinGetProcess($hWnd) ControlClick($hWnd, &q
  21. Hello there, after i updated to the newest version of Autoit, every GUI control (buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons, etc. ) that is currently focused has a dotted border (sorry, dont know the proper name) around it, and i don`t know how to disable it. I have tried setting exStyle of GUICreate to 0, that worked for one run and then it was back. I have tried setting style of GUICreate to 0, didn`t help at all. Am i missing something very obvious here? Please do help, it`s driving me crazy Thanks
  22. Hello guys, I have a problem here and needed your help. I need this script to be looping when pressed a button joystick, and then loose the button to perform a function in the case when pressed any button on the joystick enter the loop and when you release the button to appear the message. thank you. #Include <GUIConstants.au3> Local $Joystick, $coor, $h, $s, $msg Local $num = 0 $Joystick = _JoyInit() Dim $labels_text[8] = ['X', 'Y', 'Z', 'R', 'U', 'V', 'POV', 'Buttons'] Dim $labels_no = UBound
  23. I would like to choose a window from a list, gather all the controls on that window, then select a control from the resulting list and "highlight" it on the original window much like is done in either the AutoIT Info Tool or Yashied's Control Viewer. The issues that I am having are: Identifying when the ListView is clicked and what row is clickedThen highlighting the field on the original windowThe reason for this script is not just for visualizing the controls, but to help identify specific pixel positions and colors for controls that require ControlClick such as a list of CheckBoxes in a Lis
  24. Hello, I need some help with my gui, when I click on button 2 it call a MsgBox 2, but when I click on button 1 then button 2 it call a MsgBox 1. I tear appart my code to minimal function then the error occur again ... Here the script : The error : Run my script, click on "OUVRIR" then click on "View" and click on "GO" you get a message : "L'URL ne semble pas valide." Now close the view menu, click on "Add entry" , close this menu , click on "View" and click on "GO" you get another message : "Les mots de passe ================================= sont différents." This message must only appear w
  25. Hello, I need help, I have created couple small pictures(about 200) in one GUI, I need to move them fast about 1-5 pixels every picture somehow. There are only pictures in GUI, no other controls. I tried this, but it's too slow: Global Const $AC_SRC_ALPHA = 1 For $ii = 0 To $size For $iii = 0 To $size GUICtrlSetPos(_ArrayGet($data, $ii, $iii, 1), ControlGetPos($GUI, "", _ArrayGet($data, $ii, $iii, 1))[0] + 2, ControlGetPos($GUI, "", _ArrayGet($data, $ii, $iii, 1))[1] + 2) Next Next Func _ArrayGet(ByRef $aArray, $i1, $i2 = 0, $i3 = 0, $i4 = 0, $i5 = 0, $i6 = 0,
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