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Found 6 results

  1. IE Embedded Control Versioning Use IE 9+ and HTML5 features inside a GUI This UDF allows the use of embedded IE controls which support IE versions greater than IE 7. By default, all embedded IE controls default to IE 7 compatibility mode (unless for some reason somebody has IE 6 installed!), so its not possible to use most of the HTML5 features available today. Fortunately, IE 9 and greater allow the use of HTML5, and the embedded IE control actually supports it. The problem is convincing Windows to let your program actually use those features! There are Registry branches that modify ho
  2. Yet another IE UDF, but this time I "covered all angels" to make it as close to "embedded" as possible, the biggest inspiration came from Dale Anyway, one of the issues with the other "snipplets\UDF's" is that $WS_POPUP style will cause other Windows to overlap, even though you clicked on the GUI's "Embedded window". see picture: This issue is solved, but there is an option to disable it, if the user want One more small issue with others IE Embedded UDF's is that implementation should not be so much different than the original implementation was. I am not ranting, I am just
  3. Right so IE9 breaks AutoIt scripts... and the Devs are working on it and the Beta may fix things. Mean time the best 'work around' solution offered from my research of the forum is to set IE9 into an older and compatible mode for AutoIt (F12 and then select the option). Problem is I can't seem to find a UDF for setting the Browser Mode to 'IE8' and while I can set the Document Mode to IE8 (via sending Alt+8) this doesn't fix the problem of running AutoIt IE scripts. I've tried the UDF code offered at this posting however both sets of code offered does not seem to work. After spending an a
  4. OK so i have a script i run for work that helps to automate some webtools we use. been using it for a couple years now. well i got a new computer and had to upgrade IE to IE9 . the script mostly works but has some issues it would seem that _IEDocInsertHTML() no longer works . not sure if there's something i can do to help this or if there's new security and IE can't be modified by an outside process. the au3 hasent been updated since 06 so i have the latest version. _IEBodyReadText() also seems to be acting up and not providing the text as it was. anyone encounter these prob
  5. When I try simple code like #include <IE.au3> $oIE = _IECreate("http://sourceforge.net", 0, 0) It fails to hide. Any ideas?
  6. I added to a thread about these IE9 problems in the Developer Chat forum but I haven't had any replies so I am posting it here since this seems to be the more official way to get help. Problems with using the Internet Explorer UDF (ie.au3) with IE9 have been posted elsewhere but in essence, some functions like clicking on a button weren't / aren't working under IE9. I am running under Win7 64 bit and I have broken scripts that won't run because of this. I tried compatibility mode (and a couple of functions that were posted to switch to other modes); I tried using the latest ie.au3 version; an
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