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Found 4 results

  1. I have below screen when I launch the application. By default the first radio button is checked. I want to select the second radio button as highlighted. And when it is selected, the textbox highlighted will be enabled and we need to enter the license details. To do that, I tried to get the control id with windo info tool , but I am getting the second section(Concurrent Licenses) completely as "Button" class with ID 12.But not that radiobutton ID. Even I tried with that as below. $hwd =WinWaitActivate("erwin Data Modeler Licensing","Acquire concurrent u") ControlCommand($hwd,"","[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:12]","Check") But not working. Any suggestions please.
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if it is possible to read a radio button off a GUI running by another program? Someone created these Outlook emails that when open appear to be in a GUI format. I could easily come up with a way of navigating these fields by using tab inputs, and then copying specific fields that I need. However there is a spot on the form that has 4 choices of radio buttons, asking for what the status of the task is, and I have no idea how to store which one of these was pressed. End game is to be able to go through thousands of these forms, take input from specific fields from this GUI form in outlook and copy into cells in an excel spreadsheet. I believe I could create a script to do everything I need, if I could just obtain the value from which radio button was pressed. Any advice on how to obtain which radio button was press in this outlook form would be appreciated. Thanks, If I knew VBA better Outlook might have its own functions for figuring this out. Example: In this example I'd want to be able to know that the 2nd or Assigned radio button was selected. Only 1 button is able to be selected at a time. I'm assuming the way to do this would be to tab through the form get to the first box and then run some command to check if pressed then if no, keep checking till I find which of the 4 were pressed.
  3. Please get me started on this. I desire to create a grid like ui e.g = rows 6, columns 24 that should fit comfortably within the size of my screen i would like each cell to be a radio button kind of ui element the purpose of making this ui is to help remembering notes of guitar songs. ( for solo notes only not chords ) my idea is that as i read guitar tabs i click on each corresponding radio button such that if i click 4 radio buttons in series - the neck should show last 3 radio buttons as selected ie. when i click first radio - it should get selected when second - 1st and 2nd should show selected when third - 1st, 2nd and 3rd should show selected when 4th - 2nd , 3rd and 4th should show selected. regards, sumit
  4. how would I go about saving user selection (a radio button) as a variable that says what the radio button said? and im carrying this across multiple au3 files.. a run step1, then i tell it Run(C:\\...) step2.. and i need to carry the radio button data all the way to step 3. anyone help?
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