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    I started working on this program in the summer of 2008 then I stopped cause I faced some problems I couldn't overcome back then. Now that I've practiced more and have become a better scripter/programmer I'm releasing the program to the public to get some opinions. I know it's not a new concept but it's the first program I started besides some small stuff I did just for practice! I won't post the source code yet because it's still under construction, although I'm sure I've posted early stages of the code with bugs in the past in some topic... What I wanted was a simple, small, serverless
  2. Hi guysssss, have you ever heard of STUN?! No? When you are under a NAT and you try to connect to an online server, you make the request using an internal port and your local IP. But when your request arrives to the router, it uses its own port list and it enstablishes the connection to the final server using a different port (which has a different port number, but it is associated to your internal port) and the public (external) IP. So, the server responds to your request using the couple external IP\port assigned by the router. Well, STUN is a protocol that permits you to
  3. I've a problem with receiving data on my PC by TCP and UDP. I can send data to another computer, but can't receive it. I'm not shure where is the problem (on PC or on "another comupers") This is client code: ;TCP client TCPStartup() $socket = TCPConnect("", 7777) ;try to connect to server and save number of socket If $socket = -1 Then ;if $socket = -1 then error MsgBox(16, "Error:", "Can't connect to server") EndIf $sendedBytes = TCPSend($socket, "nothing here :)") ;send message to connected socket If $sendedBytes
  4. Network Interface Info, Statistics, and Traffic (incl. IP, TCP, UDP and ICMP) This is an example of getting and displaying Network Interface Information, Statistics and Traffic. Previously this was just a means to getting Network statistics (specifically IP, TCP, UDP, and ICMP), but now it includes Internet Interface information, as well as Interface-specific statistics. Since this UDF can be used in different ways, let me cover Statistics first: Network Statistics Information Stats example output To retrieve Statistics information, you can call one of the four _Network_xxxxStati
  5. Hi I have an idea of creating a parental filter (freeware) , which will be protecting children from navigating to adult websites. I want to ask, what is your opinion, how to do it best way? How to catch the traffic from the very beginning? For example if a user is starting IE or Firefox, or if he has some alternate BLABLA-browser - how can I catch the url before actual navigation to website, so that my script could first check if the website is ok, and then if it decides that the website is not ok, just block connection to this IP. Looking forward to your opinions, Great
  6. Hi all, Im hoping some could help me out. I'm using an IM client that sends messages via UDP. I was wondering is there a way I could make a button with a pre canned message to send to all online users automatically E.g "about to get coffee place your oder" send to all online Saves sending to one person at a time. Cheers Shaggy Edit :::: After looking into it more, there are scripts on the forum that do the job i need all i have to do edit them to my needs Thanks anyways
  7. Is there any way using autoit to write a small script that can check if ports 5060-5069 are open?
  8. Hi, Recently I upgraded my AutoIt and since then this script has caused problems. Func MonitorOpenVPNTunnel ($UDPLogReceiver) If $UDPLogReceiver[0] <> 0 Then $received = UDPRecv($UDPLogReceiver,16000) If @error And (@error <> 10040) Then InternalErrorMsgBox("UDPRecv",@error) Could any experienced user of UDP tell me if there is some change in the UDPRecv function that could explain an error coming up as soon as I run the compiled program. This is the code that makes the $UDPLogReceiver $UDPLogPort = Random(20000,65535,1)
  9. I am looking into measuring the ammount of traffic on UDP port 69. I have no need for the packets or their contents, I just wanna know how much traffic is happening at the UDP 69 port (for TFTP Server connection). Can anyone point me in the right direction? AutoIT has so many integrated tools for TCP, but few for UDP. Thanks
  10. I noticed that when "spamming" data to the server via TCP (no delay between each send function), the server gets the data all wrong. (this didn't only happen to me in AutoIt) So I tried doing the same thing with a UDP connection and the data came out fine. Here's 2 examples of server-client scripts that spam an "abc" string to the server, which then displays the string in a tooltip. TCP server TCP client UDP server UDP client Result in the TCP server: Result in the UDP server: Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Why do I get "secured" data in the UDP conne
  11. Hi, I have worked on a project for a friend and it needed to retreive some data in UDP packets, it was a challenge because I didn't know anything about that packets, and after few days of work I have managed to do what I wanted. The hardest part was to set a very strict filter for the cpu usage and for the script optimisation, so here is one : ;use filters with _PcapStartCapture ;retreive only tcp packets containing AABBCCDD, at the start of 8 and with a length of 4; like the StringMid func. tcp[8:4] == 0xAABBCCDD ;8th byte from the beginning of the tcp DATA, 4bytes length; always include th
  12. I've seen this for a while now but I never really got around to doing anything... It seems UDPRecv has a 100ms delay if nothing is recieved (which is to be expected), but it totally ignores the value set in the TCPTimeout option. I'm not sure if that is intended or if it is a bug so I figured I'd ask here before throwing it up on the trac so I knew what to file it as. I know "TCPTimeout" implies that it's only for TCP, but other things seem to use TCP and UDP interchangably in their names (TCPStartup/UDPStartup, etc) so I figured it could have just been accidentally left un-implemented in t
  13. im trying to setup a simple crash detector. my software will send an int every few seconds via udp socket autoit3 should run in loop and trip on failed transmition. i tried doing it like so but am getting a brain freeze. ; Start The UDP Services ;============================================== UDPStartup() ; Register the cleanup function. OnAutoItExitRegister("Cleanup") ; Bind to a SOCKET ;============================================== $socket = UDPBind("", 65532) If @error <> 0 Then Exit While 1 $data="" $data = UDPRecv($socket, 50) $msg="stop" ;my software send sa "3
  14. hello guys i really need help in this first at all sorry about my english my request is : i want my script to checkout if my PC is connected with Specific network protocol the script should work like this app http://www.wireshark.org/faq.html#q1.1 but i want my script only to checkout if my PC connected with these sites by any app http://www.no-ip.com http://dyn.com/dns/ and Display a message box telling me with which one my PC was connected i hope you understand this
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