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  1. Hello all. I recently saw a post where someone was asking to get an old poker logic script working and it inspired me to dust mine off and get it operational. I am happy to report I was able to do so (though please tell me if you spot any bugs). I am sure others could code this more efficiently - some of you regex monsters could probably do it with 1 line . That said, the attached pokerlogic.au3 script will evaluate any five or seven card hand and populate a text variable explaining what you have (i.e. "full house", "pair", etc). It will also create the points and kicker scores. With the
  2. From MiniMax to Machine Learning ... Tic Tac Toe is a good game for studying AI algorithm because it's simple! I use Tabular Q Learning to implement this game, Every time a game finished, it will use the Q function to update the score of each steps it played. Q(S,A) = Q(S,A) + α ∗ (γ ∗ maxaQ(S′,a) − Q(S,A)) S being the current state, A the current action, S′ the state after doing A, α being the learning rate, γ being the discount factor, and maxaQ(S′,a) the highest Q value of any move in the next state S′, i.e. the Q value of the best move in the following state.
  3. This is a Tic-Tac-Toe game i made for Fun. It Worked better than i thought it would but has one or two small bugs. I plan on adding a Human Vs. Computer Mode. Tell me what you think about it. Tic-Tac-Toe.rar
  4. ... Surfing the net my eye fell on a device called "Divoom". It reminded me of a little toy I liked to play when I went to kindergarten (more than 55 years ago... ), it was called "Chiodini colorati". So I made this little script to emulate it, ...maybe some kids will have fun playing with it. The attached zip file contains the script and also some "pixel art" files ready to be loaded. P.S. Thanks to @KaFu for it's _WinSetClientSize() function and to @InunoTaishou for it's CaptureWindow() function (references are in the script) #include <WinAPISysWin.au3> #i
  5. Version 1.2


    Hi, this is a Nonogram Game. It is compiled for windows in 32bit (64bit does not work as intended!), sourcecode in v3.3.14.5, icon and the required ini file with more than 100 puzzles. The Game has an built-in Editor, and can generate random playfields.
  6. After watching this movie (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPiDHXtM0VA) I wanted to try the test to see how much i could compete with that chimpanzee so i created this script. well, actually passing that test is a lot harder than it sounds. With the difficulty set to seven numbers and a display time of one second, I can only remember 2 or 3 numbers ... (what a disappointment) I can only do better if I reduce the slider to 5 numbers and increase the storage time to 2 seconds (the easyest level), a very poor performance. That chimpanzee is great. The script offers you a sequence of 10 rand
  7. Just something I made to auto-collect Gil from FFCC and to test out a new templating system for AutoIt. The templating system is a work in progress, but it is meant to be a companion to AutoIT, which automates creation of GUI, buttons, scripts, templates, etc. It also has built-in chat and group-collaboration, an asset management system and online library for resources. -snip-
  8. is it possible to make a wall chams in rainbow six siege using autoit scripts? tell me please and how .
  9. The rule against game automation is misguided and unhelpful for the following reasons. I am a developer, using AutoIt to automate testing for a game that I am developing. Singleplayer games can be mundane and sometimes cheating can be overlooked. Multiplayer games usually have anticheat against repetitive robotic actions anyways. People want to override the control schemes of games with bad customization. Eg. Axiom Verge, Fortnite (Crouching). Game automation is not always bad. If the user feels the need to automate a singleplayer game for boring or mundane task
  10. Hi guys, I just finished a Connect 4 game by using MiniMax with Alpha Beta Pruning. I haven't written a program for a long time, but writing an AI program is always funny! I have to learn how the algorithm works and try to optimize the code to run faster. Let's play and have fun! Oops, I lost the game ... Thanks guys! Download: Connect 4.zip
  11. This is a game that I'm developing for Slot machines I just finished translating it to English my original version is in Spanish so if I miss spelled or translated something wrongly please accept my apologies I just releasing the Compile version this time just the .exe file Because I'm saving the code for myself since the software was originally written for my business or if someone wants it they have to pay but not you you getting it for free here at Autoit . once you run the software for first time is going to ask you for a license and it wont work without it you can get an Access code
  12. Hi everybody! I've been studying Autoit not so long ago and today I want to share my game with you. Please check it out and tell me your opinion. Files in the archive: BG.jpg Mole.png Mole_Dead.png Shoot.wav Cursor.cur Game_Icon.iso Mole Shooter.au3 Mole Shooter.exe Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screanshot 2 Screanshot 3 Files: Mole Shooter.rar Created and tested: Windows XP SP3 Game Edition (x86) Autoit Version:
  13. This is my first release of Box2D for AutoIT. A very fun and exciting UDF to be bringing to you all. For those who don't know, Box2D is a physics engine (see http://box2d.org/). It simulates physical systems using rigid bodies and collision detection. It is arguably the most prevalent physics engine in existence, within popular physics-based games like Angry Birds using it, and is also at the core of other advanced physics engines such as Unity. For a quick demonstration of this UDF in action see the following YouTube video -> https://youtu.be/h5QH1O63Wik Or play "Angry Nerds
  14. Hi folks! First off, yeah this may be the lamest title. But it made you look anyway! Edit: Now updated! With step-counter, reset button and a few GUI-tweaks. (the step-counter is cheating! It's calculated in advance...) I recently thought a screenshot of a finished maze may be smart to show, instead of only my long story and code. o=path, x=wall. Here it is: I started making my own implementation of the A* pathing script in a larger project, inspired by Toady's work. (But made one from scratch myself anyway ) After the A* pathing scrip
  15. Hey guys! I need to find a way to wrap an autoit gui around a game. I am planning on making a custom gui overlay for interacting with my stream, which will allow me to run giveaways and stuff like that. But I need to find a way to force the steam games to run inside my autoit gui... I have the following code so far credit to those I took code from and modified to suite my needs "can't remember who u are pls post if i owe ty to u" If I select notepad and launch it then it works great! and the notepad window is wrapped inside my gui. However if I try it with teamfortress 2 it won't work...
  16. Hi, I don't know if it is possible but I am creating a little program to catalog my game collection. It would be awesome if my program could get the boxcover, developer info and game info with the titles I add. Does anyone know how to get me started?
  17. Here my 1st game ever. A try to remake of the arcade classical 2D game Asteroids® by Atari (1979). More information about Asteroids® here or here! Play online here Please don't link to file below directly from other websites! Downloads (2263 previously): AUTOITEROIDS v1.019 Build 2016-01-14.7z (use e.g. 7-Zip to extract archive) Only compiled version incl. needed files here: <4shared.com> or <MediaFire.com> LEGAL NOTICE: This game is an unoffical clone of the original Asteroids® game and is not endorsed by the registered trademark and copyright owners
  18. Version v1.0.1.9


    A remake of the arcade classical 2D game Asteroids® by Atari (1979). For more information visit AUTOITEROIDS topic. Keys: ctrl - shoot, up - thrust, left - turn left, right - turn right, space - hyper jump Game details: game is starting with 3 asteroids every 10.000 points increase of level (among other things amount of asteroids + 1) every 30.000 points extra live biggest asteroid = 20 points medium asteroid = 50 points smallest asteroid = 100 points big alien spaceship = 200 points small alien spaceship = 1000 point Br, UEZ PS: main code was written in 2
  19. Hi, Is there a way to make within AutoIt a 3D game or at least 3D Images? I think it'll look at the end with an Array Holding masses of Pictures which are being placed at the end. If this won't be possible anywayis there a 2D UDF? -Loves to ask
  20. Hi all, I got bored so I decided to rewrite Mike Singleton / Postern's excellent 1983 Spectrum game Snake Pit. It's a fairly faithful recreation with a couple of minor tweaks over the original. All the assets are embedded into the script so there are no extra files required. Credit to UEZ for the File to Base64 String functions and for _GDIPlus_ScaleImage and to Tom Vernooij for _ArrayRandom. The code is way to large for a code box so I'll just attach the file. Comments welcome but I probably won't be spending much time improving any of the multitude of inefficiencies. I'm not a prog
  21. Yes, another game. This one is a board game. Only three piece types, only nine rules. This is very easy to learn. Very hard to master. Illustration of Game in progress: If you like Chess you will like this. Enjoy Version 1.03 The 'Set' option has been removed, making a play only two clicks. In-game player prodding has been added. Some bitmaps have been corrected. Version 1.04 Resignation option added. Movement Hints added. GUI to set game options added. Sound off option added. Bitmaps have changed. Reinstall Images\ or things won't quite look correct. IX v1.04 files
  22. Reflex 2.05 is a thorough reworking of This version of the Video game adds mouse and joystick support greatly adding to ease and enjoyment of play. A few new shapes are added as well as a couple of animations and complete overhaul of the displays. Screen Caps For Images, Sounds and Instructions click here The script follows below. Reflex.au3
  23. Remember when you were a kid (if you are as ancient as I) and there were these cheap plastic puzzles of sliding squares that you were suppose to get in the right order? Well this is that Enjoy Version 1.01 Cosmetic and Platform changes Plastic Sliding Puzzle.au3
  24. I have a board game I created and recently turned into script. It is currently two player on the same computer. I would like to make it two players over the internet. But I have no idea what to start researching. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  25. Hy all.. I made a game in autoit, a puzzle game. All you need to do is to find the correct buttons. Every button have number indicators. Number indicators for each button indicate how many of button's adjacent buttons are correct buttons, excluding diagonals and itself.(e.g. 0 means all buttons adjacent to that button are incorrect) You need to find 4 green buttons. If you click on a wrong button, that button is turning to red and wrong count is +1. If wrong count is 2 you lose the game. Game.exe PuzzleGame.exe Source main.au3 Sugestion and critics are welcome Version
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