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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, It's now working quite nice. See this post in the UDF forum Regards, Rudi. ------------ no need to read all the other lines ----------- this is a first script, to get NASA solar pictures to my local disk. Works quite okay, but it is very slow. 1.) Possibly there is a chance to speed it up? #include <Inet.au3> #include <Date.au3> $url = "http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/assets/img/browse/" $Start = "2016/01/01" $NextDate = $Start $RegExJpgName = '(.*?<a href="
  2. hello sirs, please help me i tried to create a function that read a folder files to 3d array e.g $array[n][0][0] = ctName $array[n][0][1] = ctFilePath $array[n][0][2] = crtsections number $array[n][m][0] = KeyName $array[n][m][1] = KeyVal $array[n][m][2] = keySectionName that the array when i put one file into the folder all things work fine but when i put more than one file the last file worked fine but the others only the first key is showing please can you help me to correct this problem here is the example with th
  3. Version build 2016-05-07


    Some Graphical Examples using GDI+ Vol. II (33 examples) This is the continuation of "Some Graphical Examples using GDI+ Vol. I". Have fun.
  4. As requested by @Lakes here: GDI and GDI+ versions of 3D Sinus Wave. GDI ≠ GDI+! GDI: ;coded by UEZ build 2017-01-18 #pragma compile(Icon, "c:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Icons\au3.ico") #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Au3Stripper=y #Au3Stripper_Parameters=/so /pe /rm #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_After=del /f /q "%scriptdir%\%scriptfile%_stripped.au3" #include <GuiConstantsEx.au3> #include <WinAPIGdi.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global $__f1, $__f2, $__f3, $__fY0, $__fZ0, $__fX1, $__fY1 Global $hGUI, $iFPS = 0, $iShowFPS = 0, $bExit,
  5. Here some useless graphical examples using GDI+, made for fun (my 1st GDI+ codes ): !Some examples may run slowly on WinXP machines (workaround in this thread)! Some examples using Hex() function need adjustment when running on AutoIt version otherwise colors are flashing (fixed versions in AiO package below)!!! #01 Flying Pearl Necklaces: Source code here (577 downloads previously)! Flying Pearl Necklaces.au3 #02 Flying Squares: Source code here (265 downloads previously)! Flying
  6. just for further fun Here is a Javascript version of the nice 3D sine wave posted from @UEZ This version uses this nice javascript library:(http://visjs.org/graph3d_examples.html). (All the 'dirty' work is done by the javascript library, so the whole credit goes of course to that library and not to me...) I've simply injected all the html/javascript stuff into a BrowserControl embedded into an AutoIt GUI. Have fun #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> Example() Exit Func Example() Local $oIE = ObjCreate("Shell.Explorer.2") ; Create a BrowserControl Local
  7. Hello, I need help with perspective graphics, I made orthographic 3D renderer, now I want to make it perspective: I have made functions that might help: - _3DGetPos($PosX,$PosY,$PosZ) (To get 3D position, output is array with X and Y positions) - _3DGetDistance($PosX,$PosY,$PosZ, [$CameraPosX, $CameraPosY, $CameraPosZ] ) (Gets distance between positions) - _DrawCubeSolidColor( $Color, $PosX, $PosY, $PosZ, $SizeX, $SizeY, $SizeZ ) (I rendered 4 cubes if you see in the picture) I tried to make things smaller if they are far with this in _3DGetPos(...): $Output[0] =
  8. Hi. You are a solar enthusiast? for my personal fun I wrote these two scripts. The first one is downloading all the JPG solar pictures, starting at a given date. the 2nd one will display them in an Autoit GUI, with an adjustable image difference for your right and left eye: "Stare through" your monitor, so that your left eye will focus the left image, your right eye the right image, then you will recognize the 3D effect. If you have difficulties to "match" the left / right image to your left / right eye, then ... decrease the GUI's size (PAGE-DN
  9. Some Graphical Examples using GDI+ Vol. II build 2016-05-07 (33 examples) This is the continuation of "Some Graphical Examples using GDI+ Vol. I" with currently 33 examples in "snippet style". For downloads and screenshots just visit the download section. All examples should properly run on Win7+ operating systems / tested on AutoIt v3.3.14.2! More examples will follow from time to time. Thanks to Eukalyptus! Please report any issues / feel free to post any comment. Have fun.
  10. Hi, Is there a way to make within AutoIt a 3D game or at least 3D Images? I think it'll look at the end with an Array Holding masses of Pictures which are being placed at the end. If this won't be possible anywayis there a 2D UDF? -Loves to ask
  11. S3d.au3 This UDF enables you to draw simple 3D graphics. Features: Simple and easy to useDoesn't require external libraries. You don't need OpenGL or DirectX. Available Functions: _S3d_SelectGraphic($hGraphic, $iWidth, $iHeight, $iSmooth = 2) _S3d_SelectPen($hPen) _S3d_SelectBrush($hBrush) _S3d_SelectFont($hFont) _S3d_SelectFormat($hFormat) _S3d_SetClipCount($iCount) _S3d_Dist($nPos1X = 0, $nPos1Y = 0, $nPos1Z = 0, $nPos2X = 0, $nPos2Y = 0, $nPos2Z = 0) _S3d_DistFromCamera($nPosX = 0, $nPosY = 0, $nPosZ = 0) _S3d_SetCamera($nCameraX, $nCameraY, $nCameraZ, $nTargetX, $nTargetY, $nTargetZ
  12. Hello, I originally started writing these functions in autoit, because of how easy it was to debug my code (the algorithms are actually implemented in php, though the same functionality could be used without conversion by using aucgi). My original intended purpose for these functions was to allow my web server to calculate if a player was between two points(inside a "region") in a game(minecraft). Currently my functions can do the following: Calculate the absolute distance between two points Calculate the volume between two points(to the nearest whole number) Calculate all points betwe
  13. Since struggling with writing some OpenGL stuff in autoit due to the fact of me being newish to the whole programming game and the fact that I really don't have a clue on how to write or use plugins, I thought I would share some of my code I have made that demonstrates using OpenGL with purely autoit and dll calls directly with opengl32 and glu32. I have made a start writing a GLConstants.au3 and GLFunctions.au3 files that I think should be a standard library by now in the Autoit Include folder. Any feedback would be nice Right clicking on the GUI moves the Camera around (while holding), w
  14. As the title how to detect 3D application? Thanks.
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