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; #INDEX# =======================================================================================================================
; Title .........: UDF for "Debenu Quick PDF Library"
; AutoIt Version :
; Language ......: English
; Description ...: A collection of functions for Debenu Quick PDF Library
; Author(s) .....: mLipok
; Modified ......:
; ===============================================================================================================================

Release note:


    *    Added: many code descriptions
    *    Added: enums $__eQPDF_ERROR_* for error checking
    *    Added: error checking (each function should return @error @extended and ReturnValues )
    *    Added: New function __QPDF_ObjIsValid()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_CreateObjectFromStream()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_Display()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_Display_PDFFile()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_FolderExtractText()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_GetInformation()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_GetInformationEx_Lite()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_GetPageMetricsToString()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_MergeFiles_Lite()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_Page_2in1()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_Page_2in1_File()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_PrintFromStream()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_ReplaceFonts_in_File()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_Rotate_Lite()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_RotateFileLeft_Lite()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_RotateFileRight_Lite()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_SaveAndOpen()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_StringInPDFFile()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_StringInPDFStrem()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_TextToHtml()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_TXT_to_PDF()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_TXT_to_PDF_Lite()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_TXTFile_to_PDFFile()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_UDF_ErrorDescription()
    *    Added: New function _QPDF_Html_Font_BackgroundColor()
    *    Added: New function _Matrix_Create()
    *    Added: New function _Matrix_Move()
    *    Added: New function _Matrix_Rotate()
    *    Added: New function _Matrix_Skew()
    *    Added: New function _Matrix_Zoom()
    *    Added: in _QPDF_A4toA5() Function added $oQP.NormalizePage(0)
    *    Added: in _QPDF_DrawText_Lite() Function added $oQP.NormalizePage(0)
    *    Added: _QPDF_ExtractTextFromFile() return values @Extended = $iTotalPages
    *    Added: in _QPDF_PrintPDFFile addded new parameter >>> $sPrinterName
    *    Added: __QPDF_NewLibraryPath_Commercial

    *    Changed: __QPDF_NewLibraryPath_Commercial() is now Internal Function
    *    Changed: __QPDF_UnlockKey() now have only one parameter
    *    Changed: _QPDF_CreateObject() rewriten to give complet Error Checking
    *    Changed: _QPDF_CreateObjectAndUnlock() rewriten to give complet Error Checking
    *    Changed: _QPDF_SetLicenseKey() rewriten to give complet Error Checking
    *    Changed: _QPDF_ExtractTextFromStream() use _QPDF_ExtractAllText()
    *    Renamed: $__fNotification_QPDF to $__bNotification_QPDF
    *    Removed: parameter $sLicenseKey from __QPDF_UnlockKey() function - is not needed as unlock is only for Commercial and License key is checked befor this function is called

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *    Removed: parameters $sPDF_Password from _QPDF_ExtractAllText() function
    *    Changed: $__eQPDF_ERROR_DebenuLicense >> $__eQPDF_ERROR_INVALIDLICENSEKEY
    *    Changed: _QPDF_ExtractTextFromFile(.. , $iExtractOptions --> default is 7 previously 8
    *    Changed: _QPDF_NewLibraryPath_Commercial($sDLL_FileFullPath) now have only ONE parameter
    *    Changed: _QPDF_RotateFile_Lite($sPDF_FileFullPath[, $iPageRotation = 0]) now have only ONE parameter



Erratum v0.7:

in examples there is:

; or just copy "c:\Program Files (x86)\Debenu\PDF Viewer SDK\TRIAL_LICENSE_KEY.TXT" to @ScriptDir & '\TRIAL_LICENSE_KEY.TXT'

but it should be:

; or just copy "c:\Program Files (x86)\Debenu\PDF Library\TRIAL_LICENSE_KEY.TXT" to @ScriptDir & '\TRIAL_LICENSE_KEY.TXT'



Forum link:



What's New in Version 0.8



    v0.8 alpha-1
    *    Added: Function:  _QPDF_Arrow() - mLipok
    *    Added: ENUMS: $QPDF_EXT_ - mLipok
    *    Added: ENUMS: $QPDF_RET_DEFAULT = 0, $QPDF_RET_FAILURE = -1 - mLipok
    *    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *    Changed: ENUMS:  $__EQPDF_RETURN_ >> $QPDF_RET_ - mLipok
    *    Changed: ENUMS:  $__eQPDF_ERROR_ >> $QPDF_ERR_ - mLipok
    *    Changed: ENUMS:  $QPDF_ERR_ALL_IS_OK >> $QPDF_ERR_OK - mLipok
    *    Renamed: Function: __QPDF_ObjIsValid >> __QPDF_IsValidObject - mLipok
    *    Changed: ENUMS:  $QPDF_RET_  changed concept - ERRORS are < 0 - mLipok
    *            but if you want to check I function return with Succesc you must chceck
    *    Removed: ENUM: $QPDF_RET_OBJCREATE_ERROR - mLipok
    v0.8 alpha-2
    *    Added: support for QPDFLibrary 12.11 - now is default - mLipok
    v0.8 alpha-3
    *    New: Function: _QPDF_PageEnumerator - mLipok
    *    New: Function: _QPDF_Example_ExtractImages - mLipok
    *    Added: support for   DebenuPDFLibraryCPAX1211.dll  - mLipok
    *    Changed: Function: _QPDF_Page_2in1_File - on succes return $sSAVE_FileFullPath - mLipok
    *     Added: support for DebenuPDFLibraryAX1212.dll - Now this is default setting - mLipok
    *    Added: #Au3Stripper_Ignore_Funcs=_QPDF_Shutdown - mLipok
    *    Changed: Refactored (If Then Else EndIf + Return) in many funciton - mLipok


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