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    • By willichan
      SQLite database of English words gleaned from free and open source dictionaries
      Current version contains my full dictionary, including all file types. 
      word word type soundex (using my Phonetic Algorythms UDF) word length definition indexed on the word field
    • By willichan
      Calculates various forms of soundex (English) including:
      SoundexNARA - soundex as prescribed by the U.S. National Archives & Records Administration (Census) SoundexNum - (old school) soundex with numbers only result LevenshteinDistance - Evaluates how many additions/subtractions/substitutions are needed to make the strings identical DamerauLevenshteinDistance - Same as LevenshteinDistance, but also accounts for transposed (switched & adjacent) characters
    • By TheAutomator
      Can someone please say me what i'm missing here?
      this little problem is driving me crazy!
      i feel so stupid that i have to ask this but why does this script thinks that "=" doesn't exist inside the dictionary?
      $regex = ObjCreate("VBScript.RegExp") $regex.Pattern = "=" $regex.Global = True $regex.IgnoreCase = True $test = ObjCreate("scripting.dictionary") $test.add("=", 2) $sentence = "=" Local $find = $regex.execute($sentence) for $part in $find msgbox(0,1,$part.Value) MsgBox(0,2,$part.Value = "=") MsgBox(0,3,$test.exists("=")) msgbox(0,4,$test.exists($part)) ;this should be true! next  
      Thanks for any help
    • By Digisoul
      I would like to know, how can I add any unknown word into Ms Word 2010's custom dictionary via Word COM Object?
      As we can do by selecting "Add to dictionary" option from context menu of Word.
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