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About This File

..so I have to help someone and remember how to get the session ID,
then remember how to shadow. All from a command prompt. Not cool.

So I wrote this,

Is coded for Windows in English. May work in other languages too.
( as long as "qwinsta" runs, this should work )
 It now calls wtsapi32.dll

For this to work as intended, uncheck "noPrompt", or make the changes
 to the group policy, only if you know what you are doing.
( I will not aid anyone on how what, as I'm not qualified )

This is for when all works as you wish, but have to use the
 command line to shadow a user ( and everyone is in a hurry ).
This gives you a list of users to just click to help the
user on a remote session, by guiding them ( view ) or
interacting with the desktop ( control ).

I do not advise to change anything on your system, nor to use this,
but if you find it useful, then, it is a very practical utility.

  I did not post in the examples forum as is not an example worth posting.
  It grabs the text out of qwinsta Calls wtsapi32.dll
 and runs mstsc. Not a noteworthy example.

What's New in Version 0.2021.3.12


added: optional "report client's ping"

What's New in Version 0.2021.3.11
added: "Disregard SelfSession" as it may be incorrect under certain conditions.

What's New in Version 0.2021.3.5
fixed: crash on XP/2003

What's New in Version 0.2021.3.4
Added: TaskScheduler menu ( OnLogin or OnDemand )

What's New in Version 0.2021.3.3
Added: "close to tray" ( Pressing "control key", will close regardless of "Close to tray" ).
Added: "/Tray" to start in the tray
Added: "/IPCusername" in case you need to use a specific IPC name
Added: If you put a "RdpShadow.ico" in the same folder, it'll use that icon.

What's New in Version 0.2021.3.2
New GUI/UI/UX ( requested by @Gideonx90x ). Does the same but has custom info., if you need it.
This version can be translated to other languages via a global INI file. ( that if you translate, do share the file ;) )
( I'll leave both versions here for download for now )

What's New in Version 0.2020.5.13
Added Hide/Show users in a global INI settings file
    ( @AppDataCommonDir & "\Ly\RdpShadow\RdpShadow.ini" ).

What's New in Version 0.2019.3.15
Ditched the need for qwinsta.exe.
It now uses the code from https://www.autoitscript.com/forum/topic/198186-listusersessions/

What's New in Version 0.2019.3.3
Added "Close to tray". ( Pressing "control key", will close regardless of "Close to tray" ).
 Right-click to exit from the tray. Double click to reload/restore.
Removed "requireAdministrator". If you are and admin ok, else, "RunAs" will ask for admin rights.
 When you run it a second time, it will reload, without asking for rights again

What's New in Version 0.2018.12.10
Added an INI file to save the selected settings ( it's annoying when the script does not remember the settings )

What's New in Version 0.2018.12.6
Added support for Server 2003

What's New in Version 0.2018.12.5
Removed "English only" limitation as the fields may land on the same positions for other languages too.


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    • By argumentum
      I use RDP a lot, and is not uncommon to run another session again, closing the prior connection, when minimized.
      The solution?, see if the window exists. If it does, restore it, else, run it.
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      edit :
      error at reuse connection :
      (51) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.: $oRDP.Connect() $oRDP^ ERROR >Exit code: 1 Time: 13.73  
    • By Piotr_Hodl
      Hi guys,
      My post is more architecture related than the actual autoit script.
      Currently I have a java tool that makes a connection to a azure Windows VM using WINRM.
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      The script runs perfectly when I have a RDP session maximized/opened. If I minimize the RDP window some commands do not work, as for example the Send command.
      I do understand that it has to do with the window not being active, even though the script is executed remotely.
      My goal is to be able to run the autoit scripts with no limitations, like I was running in my local machine.
      One important thing, all the flow is being triggered from a linux machine with no GUI. So that is why, I am using a jar file to start the winrm connection.
      So to sum up:
      starting server: centos with no GUI
      remote server: azure win 10
      goal: from starting server, launch autoit script that is on remote server
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